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  1. It's very easy to go down the rabbit hole of looking to find the perfect car. In reality, it's just down to budget. I've "only" got a V6S but I've loved modifying it over the time I've owned it... part of the fun for me. Manufacturers are always held back by rules and regs, so I always prefer aftermarket for components as I never believe a manufacturer's OEM stuff is quite as good as what's being engineered by independent companies that have a true passion to create exciting products. A 380 with various upgrades from Komo-tec etc would be a much more fun route than buying a 410 and keeping it standard, but it just depends on what floats your boat.
  2. Noted for the future. Somebody has recommended an Antigravity battery option. These sound great so far as the battery shuts off when it detects it’s low. Ideal for me when I forget the dash cams are plugged in as you can hit a remote and it all fires back up again.
  3. Thanks, it looks like cheap costs you dear with these things then. I was just hoping there might be a good balance out there of cost vs weight saving.
  4. Thanks, with that thread being a couple of years old though, I was hoping for some advances since then. That fire image sure doesn’t appeal though 😬😬
  5. I’ve got a V6S and I’m looking at replacing the standard, heavy Bosch battery. I’d love a liteblox option but the cost would prohibit some other mods with my current budget. I’ve seen brands such as Powerlite and Braille. Are these still a worthwhile option? I don’t think I’m running anything too heavily on the electrical system, but I do have a habit of leaving my dash cams plugged in which kill the current battery from time to time. A trickle charge later and it’s fine, but I’m thinking this would be bad news for anything Lithium to run it so low 😬. Any tips or recommendations for cheaper but still reliable options would be good. Also any links to brackets, although I can possibly get one made up. Finally, does anybody know the minimum cold cranking amps I need for the V6S?
  6. Can anyone tell me if there is an option to upgrade the front Anti-Roll Bar on a V6 S? I see there are parts available for the Cup models (A703C0001F) on Deroure; it suggests that it's compatible with the V6S but is there anyone here that's done the upgrade? I'll also be upgrading the rear, but the front is the one I'm mostly struggling to find info on. Thanks
  7. 💯 I couldn’t believe none of them tested it. Your help was invaluable Kristof, thank you very, very much. I owe you a drink if you’re ever in the UK.
  8. UPDATE: Sincere apologies for not updating the thread. The car issues have basically taken over my life whilst I tried to get them resolved in time for Spain; ironically, that may now not happen due to the new government advice 🤦‍♂️ As stated above, the issue, in the end, turned out to be the replacement solenoid that I bought. I admittedly know very little about the workings of a car sadly, and therefore rely upon garages to tell me what this issue is. However two Lotus garages and an Auto electrician could not source the fault; this was purely because they tested everything but the new part I ordered. I only realised this after the fact, but in my day to day life of IT repairs, I would have tested everything personally. I was at a loss and called my regular mechanic, but he told me he would be busy until around tuesday/wednesday of the next week. With the impending trip looming, I couldn't really wait that long. In the end, I called around several local Auto Electricians to find someone else, and one got back to me. He recommended a guy around 1 mile from my house and when I arrived, he tested all three solenoids that I had in my possession and told me "they're all f********" lol. In the back of his garage, he had a solenoid lying around from a Vauxhall Vivaro van. We fitted it, and the limp mode disappeared as soon as I'd cleared the codes. The car let me rev all the way to the red line and cruise control stayed on etc. It was so obvious in the end, I just had no idea the other mechanics hadn't tested the new part!
  9. Thank you so much! update: the new solenoid appears to be faulty!
  10. Thank you. This is way beyond me, but hopefully not a garage.
  11. Yes correct, the solenoid that's melted was just on its own for many months, with the Larini running off a Bluetooth module and secondary solenoid (a Ford solenoid which came with it actually). Reinstalling either solenoid gives the same code. If I clear the codes with my OBD reader, all goes back to normal until I hit higher RPMs, when it all goes back in to either pending or limp mode, with the P2170 code showing again.
  12. This is what was recommended to me by a friend... I spoke to a mechanic and he said they're all pretty much the same.
  13. Yes it's Pierberg, but it's been in the car since new I believe. I know literally nothing about cars and electrics, but the auto electrician said 5V is a good thing.
  14. Sorry for the confusion. Fuse 7 was fine, it was fuse R20 that looks to have blown, but that makes sense as the Compressor clutch had failed.
  15. I'm hoping for some advice here as I've got a massive problem going on with my car, and I need it to be rectified urgently as I'm going to Spain next week. Details of the car... Exige V6 S IPS (2016) Alias23 pipe fitted September 2019 Larini Clubsport backbox fitted May 2019 with extra bluetooth valve control (for manual operation of the valve) The air conditioning compressor is currently not working but I have no idea when this stopped. The condenser was replaced last year but I haven't used it since as we've not really had the weather. This was found by JCT Leeds around 10 days ago, and at the same time, they noticed my supercharger belt was cracked. On Sunday, I was heading down to a bodyshop and sat on cruise control at 72mph. The car had been behaving fine up until this point, when out of nowhere, the cruise switched itself off and hitting the button wouldn't make it come back on. So I pulled over, turned the car off, and then back on, and the engine management light appeared on the dash. I was considering turning around but instead, carried on, now in limp mode to the body shop. The car was drivable but obviously limiting the power and revs. It's still got overtaking power like this, but obviously nothing like what it should have. On the way home, I spoke to a member on here and he thought it could be the Alias23 pipe making things run lean. The next day, I received an OBD reader and it gave me the following errors> P2170 - Exhaust pressure regulator vent solenoid control circuit low P2170 - Exhaust pressure regulator vent solenoid control circuit high The car needed a replacement supercharger belt so I'd already arranged for this to be replaced at a garage near Harrogate on Tuesday. It went in to the shop, and I asked him to also look at the reason for the engine light. He found the solenoid had melted, but this solenoid was the one originally on the car, and not the one attached with bluetooth to the Larini. It was left there but the vacuum pipes were placed on the secondary solenoid attached to the Larini Bluetooth control valve module. On further inspection, I think it's melted, but it could also be some kind of resin/glue (photos attached). We tried replacing the solenoid with a brand new part, but it made no difference. The codes were still showing and so was the engine light. This morning, I spoke to a garage who were able to fit me in for a Lotus 20/20 diagnosis. Whilst there, they found the main air con fuse to have blown. When they replaced this fuse, apparently all the error codes disappeared, so it looked like we were on to something. The engine light had deactivated and now the cruise control would switch on. Unfortunately though, on driving home, I had to accelerate, and as soon as the car had hit around 4000RPM, the engine light came back on and the car was again in limp mode. This is of course around the point where the car would normally try to open the exhaust valve to release the gases/pressure etc. When I got home, I called an auto electrician over to my house, and he spent a couple of hours on the car. He re-wired the steering column valve switch in case that was a source of the issues, he swapped around the bluetooth solenoid with the brand new solenoid I purchased this week, he checked the connectors for power (there were some signs of water ingress but they were still showing 5V, he checked the ECU for any water leakage and saw no signs. Later on, I looked at fuse 7 and found that to be intact as well. The only other things I could think of were the rear number plate lights I recently changed to LEDs, so I changed these back to standard bulbs and it made no difference (really clutching at straws here), and then I do remember driving back from JCT after they diagnosed the air con, when suddenly a very strong burning smell entered the cabin. I pulled off at a junction but by the time I'd come to a stop, the smell had disappeared, so I assumed it was a car nearby etc. So that's several technicians and myself flummoxed. I don't know if the solenoid is truly the root cause, or if the air conditioning is playing a part, as the garage today said they once had a car that came in with an air con fault, and it also affected the cruise control. Today's garage has a compressor in stock that they can fit to the air con. The rest of the system is holding gas without any vacuum pressure loss, but they were unable to fit it in today. I'm thinking of going down this route as it's a possible cause, but it's also an expensive exercise. I've tried to give as much as info as I can think you'll need, but if you have any ideas at all, please throw them in to the hat. I'm pulling my hair out with this one. The car is back in limp mode currently, and will not go past around 4/5000RPM. Its drivable to a garage, but other than that, it won't be leaving my driveway. IMG_0964.HEIC IMG_0966.HEIC IMG_0965.HEIC IMG_0916.HEIC
  16. Yep, that’s what people do; all too often in a negative manner. Porsche got pretty good marketing mileage out of the Pink Pig.
  17. Personally I think it’s going to look great. If you want something to stand out, there’s not really many other options. Other than something like rose gold or chrome, but then they’d be a wrap, and to me, wraps always look cr*p. George’s car is far more than just a car to him. It’s a calling card, and as a result, making it stand out is no bad thing at all. Plus who is anybody else to judge when it’s not their car in the first place 🤷‍♂️😊
  18. Sorry my email notifications were going to junk and I was also away. Definitely up for some drives, and have linked up with a few other people on WhatsApp with Lotus's too.
  19. Looks awesome... love the wheels!
  20. Thanks... I don't think Bristol council will have liked my parking position for it lol
  21. Thanks Martin, I'm already enjoying it immensely 🙂 I am near Manchester Dunc. I'll be taking great care on the car, don't worry... it's a lot of fun and more smiles per mile than anything else I've owned. I'll have a look at that event for sure!
  22. Purchased from Howards Lotus in Weston-Super-Mare, and Johnathan, the salesman was fantastic. Very accommodating and knowledgable. On the way back up to Manchester we made a few stops, and I'm nothing but impressed with the car. Can't wait to take it on some runs, hopefully meeting some of you along the way.
  23. Ah that's a shame. I wasn't all that impressed with the driving going on tbh, although it's 10 times better than I could do.
  24. I read the comments and apparently it has 400bhp! It looks like the gearing is way too short on the Lotus, and It just bounces off the limiter from half way down the straight.
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