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  1. Is the LSD noticeable when driving on the road - Id' imagine on the track it would be but always wondered if it's worth it for just a road car?
  2. I was looking for a chrome orange S but when I was ready to buy there were none available. I wanted a bright colour so opted for a solar yellow which was available. Think I now prefer it to orange with the changes I have made to it. They really suit carbon fibre and the "black pack" which is a great contrast to yellow. Good luck Dave, they are amazing to drive and look at.
  3. Thanks Bruss, they look identical to the OEM shape so hopefully will fit ok. Do you guys usually jack the car up to replace the bolts and then re-torque when back on the ground or just replace all bolts with the car on the ground one at a time?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I am going to ditch the security bolts and go for a new full set of standard ones. The current bolts are rusting so could do with replacing them anyway. I have purchased these:
  5. The Locknut key for my 2011 Evora S has a hairline crack in it so will need replaced - can the key be purchased seperately or will I need to go for a new security set with new 4 new bolts and the key? Thanks
  6. I am confused 🙂 When i start my car (2011 evora s with stock exhaust) I always press the sport mode button after a few seconds and I can instantly hear the exhaust get louder as the valve opens. This is on idle at around 900 rpm. Does the 2bular operate in a different way from the stock exhaust? I have a valved 2bular on order so would be good to know what is normal behaviour when I get it fitted.
  7. To apply this fix, does the headlight need to be heated up to separate it?
  8. Will try that, I have pulled the inside A pillar trim back before to run a cable so will have a look in there. Thanks
  9. After a heavy rainfall there is water ingress inside my car. The lower A pillar trim is damp as per the photo which shows the location. The water is then making it's way behind the dash onto the passenger carpet. I have removed the exterior plastic A pillar trim and resealed where the windscreen meets the A pillar but this hasn't fixed the problem (the original seal looked ok as well). I've also checked the window seals and can't see a problem there. Has anyone had water ingress in this location? I'm very perplexed about how the water is getting in. Many thanks!
  10. Thanks again Chad, I think you are 100% correct. I got under the back of the car over the weekend and with some difficulty took a video on my phone of where the downpipe meets the 3rd cat and it does seem to be same orientation as the Evora S flange design.
  11. Hi Chad, Many thanks for your reply, that is very helpful. It actually looks like the orientation on my second photo.
  12. I'm ordering a new exhaust system for my 2011 Evora S. I need to confirm what variation my car has of the 2 bolt flange at the downpipe flexy. It seems there are 2 orientations as per the attached photos. It looks like I need to remove the under tray to see the flange - is that the case or is there an easier way access/see it. My silencer is definitely the MY11 s/charger version (A132S0154F) so from Deroure (link below) it looks like I should have the angled bolt flange (left picture) but want to confirm for sure so that the order is correct. Many thanks for any advice.
  13. That' great Jonny, VE.11 looks to be the answer! Thanks very much for your help and advice 😀
  14. Thanks the reply Jonny. That does work for hiding the cable at the top of the panel but there's no way to get the cable tucked away at the bottom where it meets the dash without removing all of it.
  15. I thought this would be easy but I'm struggling to remove the interior A post trim (to hide a wire for a mic for my new stereo). I'm using trim removal tools and applying considerable force and the A post trim is just flexing rather than popping out. I don't want to "gorilla" it in case it gets damaged. Would be grateful for any advice from someone who has done this before. Many thanks!
  16. That's awesome! I'm planning on placing an order with 2bular next month. Just to confirm is the valved exhaust open louder than the non valved?
  17. Haven't yet decided on that - might wait until my first £100 fine or warning for a missing front number plate 😁 Thanks Andy, it turned out even better than I expected it to.
  18. Some pics of my Evora S with GTC bumper painted and fitted. The fitment is great and I love the difference it has made to my car - so much more aggressive looking. Many thanks to @YvoTuk from for supplying (great comms and the delivery packaging and protection was amazing!).
  19. Thanks for that plenty, it's pretty labour intensive then once the hours for the removal and re-install are included as well. Would you mind disclosing the cost quoted for the job? It would be good to have an idea if I ever need to get it done. PM if you prefer not to make it public.
  20. Do you know how many hours labour is required for the repair?
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