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  1. If you have the space, why not get a hot hatch also? I used to commute in my Elise for years, but the Aussie sun was killing it all day every day so I bought a hot hatch to do most of the commute and used the Elise for fun. I do the same with the Evora.
  2. Seems most comments have been covered here. I’m also in love with my NA, perfect amount of power to be able to have fun on the street IMO. We have carried our daughter around in it (and done plenty of road trips) since she was forward facing. She absolutely LOVES it, although the purring engine behind her often puts her to sleep pretty quickly. There is not heaps of space, but it’s easily doable if your wife isn’t too tall. Just make sure you test fit a couple of seats to pick the best fit.
  3. That’s cool. Ben Collins was the Stig wasn’t he?
  4. I run my 19/20 on 30/34psi. No probs.
  5. DBG

    Stick or Twist?

    Thanks for the comparison mate
  6. Thanks for the summary. Great to hear no major issues over 100k
  7. Agreed, I’ve sold all of my Lotus for more than I paid originally. Even owned the last one for 8 years and more than doubled the Kms.
  8. Yep, my Launch Edition still smells of leather. I sat in a couple of brand new 410s at the dealer recently, they had a very strong glue smell. Hopefully they would fade over time.
  9. It may just be the pic, but you should easily be able to get over that if you approach at an angle and get one front wheel up on the road first.
  10. DBG

    EVORA Weight

    I’d imagine bigger wheels and tyres could add 15-20kg, supercharger and associated pipe work etc (what, 20-30kg?), is the exhaust a different weight given it has an actuator etc, beefier suspension components add some weight (sway bars etc)? Fluids might weigh more (more oil etc for coolers)? Diffuser is bigger (but plastic). Prob all adds up I guess.
  11. I replaced mine with a custom aluminum one and had the thread drilled as deep as possible in order to have the knob sit lower
  12. When pulling out of the childcare center with my daughter this week, a guy had his wife stop the car on the side of the road and he ran across in front of me with his phone up asking if he could take a photo. He said LOTUS, cool I thought it was a Ferrari. What’s she got, a V12?
  13. My wife is 5ft 1in and needs a pillow to reach the pedals
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