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  1. It may just be the pic, but you should easily be able to get over that if you approach at an angle and get one front wheel up on the road first.
  2. DBG

    EVORA Weight

    I’d imagine bigger wheels and tyres could add 15-20kg, supercharger and associated pipe work etc (what, 20-30kg?), is the exhaust a different weight given it has an actuator etc, beefier suspension components add some weight (sway bars etc)? Fluids might weigh more (more oil etc for coolers)? Diffuser is bigger (but plastic). Prob all adds up I guess.
  3. I replaced mine with a custom aluminum one and had the thread drilled as deep as possible in order to have the knob sit lower
  4. When pulling out of the childcare center with my daughter this week, a guy had his wife stop the car on the side of the road and he ran across in front of me with his phone up asking if he could take a photo. He said LOTUS, cool I thought it was a Ferrari. What’s she got, a V12?
  5. My wife is 5ft 1in and needs a pillow to reach the pedals
  6. Had my 2010 for over 2 years now. Only issues is this same throttle position thing. Happened when I first bought it (I cleaned the contacts and it didn’t happen again for another two years) and once again more recently - Cleaned connector and ok so far. Hopefully yours is solved now for good - appreciate the info re the manufacturing defect. I must say I haven’t looked at mine very closely.
  7. DBG

    Stick or Twist?

    I’m with you re the S1 interior. Would giving your Sport Racer more power solve the problem? There are quite a few SC upgrade options I believe - maybe the TVS1900 used by SSC here or BOE?
  8. Having had many sets of both on multiple cars, the PS4-S is a massive step up from the PSS IMO. We currently have PSS on one car and PS4-S almost on the wear limiter on another (identical cars) and even the near worn PS4S offer a huge amount more grip in both wet and dry.
  9. They’re definitely good in the wet (noting we don’t have snow etc here though). I was actually wondering whether to go the other way for the next set (semi-slick), but prob overkill for a road going touring car (had them in my Elises and loved them).
  10. They’re great in my experience (we have them on three cars). Best all rounder and a huge improvement on the PSS which they replaced. I believe they are also fitted to late (non-track focused) Evora’s by Lotus.
  11. Haha yep, focus is the lovely sweeping body shape rather than the wheels
  12. I’ve fitted a bunch of different coloured wheels to a bunch of different cars, but I reckon black wheels work nicely with the other black accents. Each to their own - that’s how we get variety in life!
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