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  1. @Alfa2Evora not sure if you’ve had them fitted yet mate, and apologies for the negative comment if you already habe, but I’d avoid the PSS if you can. I’ve had them on a couple of cars, they grip reasonably well at first, but go ‘off’ very shortly after. On both cars, I’ve replaced them WELL before the tread expired as there was just no grip left. In my mind, the PS4 would possibly be a better tyre. As I understand the PS4 and PS4S are the next generation over the PSS (is PS4S replaced PSS).
  2. That’s the one. Haven’t seen it around before.
  3. Nice one mate, I saw a black Evora S parked just outside the ‘exotics’ entry gate also.
  4. Thanks for this mate, I might do some fiddling. Do you happen to know if this was for 18/19 or 19/20 wheels?
  5. DBG


    No probs if not easily accessible, but do you have a reference for this? Absolutely love it if true
  6. DBG

    Your thoughts...

    Agreed, I’d leave as is.
  7. 100% agreed mate, done a few 1-2000k+ trips and it is ridiculously comfortable, just eats up the miles. Most cars this comfortable, don’t offer anywhere near the same amount of feel and driver involvement.
  8. Yep, mine have been 29 front indicated with no warning. That said, they do read quite a few PSI below the actual at the wheel.
  9. Ok, thanks mate. That’s pretty similar to the 18/19s. Good to know. I have the Michelin PS4-S.
  10. Morning all, Having upgraded from 18/19s a while ago, I have just been using the same recommended tyre pressures. Is anytime able to advise the factory recommended pressures (front and rear) for the 19/20 setup? I can’t seem to locate the info anywhere online and it’s not listed in my manual. Thanks ben
  11. Hasn’t been a problem in my ten+ years of Lotus ownership. I’ve generally done the intermediate services myself and then taken it to Sydney for the major stuff. It is a pain when life gets busy (3hrs each way), but I’ve mostly used the time while the car is getting serviced to explore the city a little more, so it’s kinda nice. I have a diagnostic reader (which I hope also works on the Evora) and a very well trusted local (non-Lotus) mechanic if needed. The Sydney dealer (SSC) has also been excellent (even driving the car half way on on occasion and trailering it up on another as they were local supporting a track day), so that helps. I’ve also never bought new, so warranty work hasn’t been an issue.
  12. Bit different (especially when considering population), but there isn’t a Lotus dealer in the Aussie capital either. I drive 300k to Sydney for major services.
  13. Good stuff. Personally I'm not much of a fan of 'fake' carbon fiber. Also not so keen on blacking out the bonnet hatch, but everyone is different. Best of luck with the chat with the wrap shop mate, let us know how you go.
  14. Not sure what colour your car is, but I def prefer the matt look against the red. I plasti-dipped mine myself to make sure I liked it (I like the red roof). If I ever remove the sills and splitter to have them wrapped, I'll definitely pick a matt finish like the dip. Not sure a matt roof would look great though.
  15. Removed mine this arvo. Was WAAAAY easier than it was when I tried in winter (38 here today), but still a bitch of a job. Blisters on my fingers from pulling (it's strong stuff and stuck in well after 8 years)! Unfortunately left a few patches of sticky residue which actually took longer to remove than the 3M. Tried eucalyptus oil, goo remover, metho etc, but found WD40 to be the best. Paint is as new now! No more crazed, marked PPF. Will give it a good polish and wax tomorrow.
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