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  1. He’s not very lane friendly, and the front number plate location looks ridiculous IMO, but otherwise a good little vid from a dealer.
  2. DBG

    Evora Le Vs S IPS

    Well I’m definitely no expert, but a quick google shows both gearboxes get to 60mph in one shift and ratios are pretty similar. I’m not claiming 0-60 is the perfect measure, but shift times do play a factor (as demonstrated by modern DSG gearboxes vs manual).
  3. DBG

    Evora Le Vs S IPS

    Not sure if that’s correct... Also, to the Op. You’d be doing pretty well to notice the 0.3s 0-60 difference between the two cars you’re considering on the street.
  4. DBG

    Evora Le Vs S IPS

    Everyone is different, but I’d go the manual in a heartbeat. Love my NA, more than enough power to have fun on the street.
  5. Sounds just like mine did before I sprayed the grommet. Try a different lubricant.
  6. Agreed re the tyres against black wheels, but it’s easily fixed with tyre shine.
  7. Just thought I’d follow up on this thread also. In a similar position to Brendan and, although it took a while for the replacement to come, Transforged posted me a brand new set of the new Eclipse lights to Australia with no cost to me. Pretty impressed. The new lights are night and day better than the original in quality and finish. They are also much brighter and plug and play. Love the new style too. Although hard to take pics of, I’ve included a couple below:
  8. Thanks mate, this is on my to do list also. Could I ask how long it took to remove?
  9. DBG

    EVORA Weight

    I was thinking Alfa 4C also. I’d like to know what one of them actually weighs. There was so much talk about weight and the lightweight carbon tub when it was released, but all quoted figures were completely dry. Edit: Curiosity got the better of me. Quick (not in depth) google showed 940 as quoted and a couple of former weight results around 1094kg. 150kg in a (supposedly) sub tonne car makes Lotus look pretty good.
  10. Wheels colour is really personal preference, but I’m a big fan of satin black against ardent red.
  11. DBG

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yep, Peugeot 308 GTi (wife’s car). Sublime handling and fantastic ride. On par, if not more compliant than my 2010 Evora. Also 200kw, 6 speed manual, 1200kg, 380mm Alcon Rotors.
  12. Found it. They used my wife’s car as a ‘mule’ too:
  13. Yep, I’d go the 4S, especially on a road car that never sees the track. Wet grip will be much improved also. Recent annual tyre test in an Aussie car mag resulted in the PS4S coming out on top (of quite a large field).
  14. I fitted a custom aluminium one from WC latheworks in the US. Awesome service, we’ll priced and quality product.
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