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  1. DBG


    I have a 182 Cup also. They’re no 205 GTi IMO, but a heap of fun for the coin
  2. DBG

    TLF GT430 Club

    December 9th will be a good day
  3. DBG

    Bit of T-cut?

    Nice to see the airbag cover hasn’t lifted.
  4. I love the interior of my Launch edition. Literally every surface of the interior is covered by leather with lovely visible double stitching - even the footwells! The buttons are all brushed aluminum, the steering wheel is magnesium, it has an elbow rest also covered in leather with a beautiful exposed aluminum hinge, good sized door pockets also covered in leather, aluminium door pull handles plus soft mood lighting highlighting the dash shape when the doors are opened at night. My only complaint is the design of the airbag cover. It just doesn’t cope with the Aussie sun. It seems a good chunk of the things people complain about these days have been introduced with the newer models - higher seating position, weird ignition sequence, plastic buttons etc. I kind of hope the next Lotus isn’t too mainstream, I like the uniqueness. Appealing to the masses is sure to dilute the driving involvement.
  5. I keep mine here. You could get a smaller remote for your current door opener to fit here if yours doesn’t. Just used bluetack to keep it there.
  6. Yes, the S1s have homelink buttons built into the car from factory. Problem is, it doesn’t work with any garage door openers in Australia. Great idea though.
  7. Appreciate all the advice. Sorted now, thread can be closed.
  8. Is anyone able to confirm whether I can get to the middle bolt on the adjustable support rail with the nut under the front badge undone? It doesn’t look like it, but I might give this a go rather than removing the whole clam. Appreciate any advice as to the simplest method of accessing this bolt!
  9. Awesome Mick, they’re the coilovers that I’m considering! Had Nitrons on my Elise and they were fantastic, definitely no where near as compliant on the Elise as the Evora Bilstein though. Be interested to hear how the adjustment goes if you get to this. Cheers Ben
  10. Relevant section from service notes below: Access from either side (you can see the loose bolt on the access panel in each pic, just can’t get to the centre one)!
  11. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone is possibly able to assist with a panel gap adjustment question. I have pulled the headlights out of my Evora to clean them up a bit, but also to make some minor adjustments to the front panel fitment. The alignment between the bumper and the front clam isn’t bad (the join below the front nose badge), but it could be better (the clam sits a little higher than the bumper). As per the service notes, there is an ‘adjustable support rail’ that allows adjustment of the front clam height vs bumper. The notes mention it can be adjusted via the three bolts on the back side ‘accessible through the headlight apertures’. I can easily get to the bolt either side, but the one in the middle is not accessible. Does anyone happen to know how to get to this bolt without removing the whole clam and bumper? I really only need a tiny adjustment, so don’t want to unnecessarily dismantle the whole front. Thanks in advance! Ben
  12. Looks great, and appears to be lower. Do you happen to know which coil overs it’s running? How does it ride? My vote is for PS4-S tyres. Not sure about winter tyres though.
  13. Congrats! Haven’t seen an Evora in that colour. Is that the old Lotus Aubergine colour? If so, it looks fantastic in the sun! Look forward to seeing more pics.
  14. DBG

    Evora Le Vs S IPS

    Yep, I’m all for individualising. I Ended up doing just the splitter and sills in matt black. Left the mirrors and roof red. I would love an S diffuser though - parking sensors are much neater.
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