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  1. Recently fitted the Suzuki Alto ones recommended on another forum. 26 bucks on ebay, super easy to fit.
  2. Checked my 2010 and both look ok. Might be something I’ll have to keep an eye on!
  3. DBG

    Who said that?

    Also high praise:
  4. Interesting re the Esprit with the BMW V8. Didn’t know that.
  5. Was the Lotus quoted time possibly 0-100km/h?
  6. DBG

    TLF GT430 Club

    Follow this thread just to admire the front bumper 👌🏼
  7. Was about to ask the same question. Glad I found the answer.
  8. Can’t stop looking back at it every time I park 🥰
  9. I’d happily use mine as a daily (used an Elise as a daily for years), but I can’t stand to see it sitting out in the Aussie sun baking all day, so I only take it to work occasionally these days.
  10. This is great news 👍🏼
  11. Yep, as said above I’d bet it was your mud flaps that were scraping previously. When approaching a speed bump, the bottom edge of the front wheel arch (bumper side) is actually lower than the lowest point past the wheel, so if it was the actual underside scraping, it would have hit before the wheel went over not after. My car is quite low, it’s the mud flaps that always scrape, and they’re rubber, so no big deal.
  12. I’ve seen a few I believe. Did that white one that was smashed and the youtubers fixed have 20s all round? B for Build was it? I vaguely recall they fitted 8.5s on the back, sacrilege. 20s aren’t a huge step up from 19s up front so I’m sure it’s doable. Just don’t go skinnier on the rear!
  13. Yeah, I believe there were some quality issues with the earlier units. I actually had a set of them which were slightly faulty, they were replaced at no charge with the brand new eclipse units (been free postage to Australia). Great service and the replacements were much better built. Pity they’ve gone, but the GRP units are a great alternate and their service is also great.
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