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  1. Bit different (especially when considering population), but there isn’t a Lotus dealer in the Aussie capital either. I drive 300k to Sydney for major services.
  2. Good stuff. Personally I'm not much of a fan of 'fake' carbon fiber. Also not so keen on blacking out the bonnet hatch, but everyone is different. Best of luck with the chat with the wrap shop mate, let us know how you go.
  3. Not sure what colour your car is, but I def prefer the matt look against the red. I plasti-dipped mine myself to make sure I liked it (I like the red roof). If I ever remove the sills and splitter to have them wrapped, I'll definitely pick a matt finish like the dip. Not sure a matt roof would look great though.
  4. Removed mine this arvo. Was WAAAAY easier than it was when I tried in winter (38 here today), but still a bitch of a job. Blisters on my fingers from pulling (it's strong stuff and stuck in well after 8 years)! Unfortunately left a few patches of sticky residue which actually took longer to remove than the 3M. Tried eucalyptus oil, goo remover, metho etc, but found WD40 to be the best. Paint is as new now! No more crazed, marked PPF. Will give it a good polish and wax tomorrow.
  5. Yep, planning to remove mine in the next couple of days. It's an aftermarket PPF and covers the entire front half of the car. I removed some small sections when I first got the car and it took freaking ages! Called the company that installed it about 8 years ago and they suggested waiting till summer - park the car in the sun and then remove it. Hopefully a hould work ok given it's been around 38/39 degrees the last week or so.
  6. Be keen to read that. So the Evora won?! Very surprised given Evo's general bias towards anything Porsche.
  7. You should be able to tell if it's a SR box by the RPM on the freeway in 6th. The exact speed vs rpm has been posted previously, but I could easily check mine for you. From memory, 4th in the standard box is the equivalent ratio to 6th in the SR.
  8. Congrats mate. She looks great!
  9. Yep. No idea about winter tyres though. My first Elise had 7yo original tyres on it (only 1k on the clock) a they had bugger all grip. Our tyre guy generally says 3 years is where they drop off in his opinion.
  10. Congrats mate. Yep, my gearbox makes the same noise. Worried me at first, but been assured it's 'normal'.
  11. Interesting. My Evora manual doesn't seem to say anything about not using cruise in water.
  12. I thought the cruise control in the wet issue was a myth that was debunked a long time ago. Could be wrong. My Elise was horrific for aquaplaning in the wet. I guess no weight over reasonablywide summer tyres will do that though. Evora seems much better in the wet so far. Glad the owner was ok and good on the Op on Piston Heads for stopping to check.
  13. Quick run into the hills this morning 😊
  14. Yep, had Pilot Super Sports on the front of mine when I bought it and old Pirelli's on the rear. Worked ok, but just mucked up the balance as it had WAY less rear grip. Much more prone to oversteer on corner exit. Only left it that way for a couple of months.
  15. Love the carbon and the weight saving, but def not worth the cost if you need to retrim them IMO.
  16. Sounds like a different thing, but my Elise used to drop about 4 degrees on the digital temp readout after a couple of heavy stabs of the throttle to redline. I imagined this was just due to the increase in coolant circulation with the cooler water in the radiator being pumped around quite quickly - with a bigger impact given the radiator in the front of the car. Could be wrong, but did it throughout my entire ownership.
  17. It was the opposite actually - The 235/35/19 on my wife's car were half US and half France. The bigger 275/30/20s on my Evora were France. Don't know if there is a quality difference between the US and French Michelins.
  18. One other to check before purchase is the place of manufacture. In Australia I have been told the best Michelins are made in France, as some of them are manufactured in Malaysia (I think). When fitting PS4S to my wife's car some time ago, I ended up with two manufactured in France and two in the US. All of the PS4S on my Evora were made in France. Tyre age is also extremely important (stamped on the sidewall). The fronts recently supplied for my car were made in 2018, rears towards the start of 2016, so I rejected them - Not paying good money for almost 3 year old tyres.
  19. Mine has the same coverage as pictured, but the whole front clam is covered (i.e. Up to the door join) and the whole front quarter panels. Don't think it's factory, but it's about due for replacement now.
  20. They're wider rims with a little more offset to fill the guards. The extra width adds about the same width as the additional offset. Standard offsets for the various Evora wheel options are listed on the 'the playground Techwiki'.
  21. Thanks mate. It's an Aussie company (Koya), so not sure if they ship internationally. Cost here is very reasonable for semi custom fitment though.
  22. Thanks mate. 20x10 and 19x8.5. Just went with standard 275/235 to start with.
  23. New wheels with some extra width and offset fitted Took a lot of research and measuring, but stoked with the outcome. Surprisingly, given they’re bigger and wider, they’re actually no heavier than the (smaller) Lotus Forged option too which is a bonus (notably lighter at the rear particularly).
  24. Agreed. Love the back of the 400s, just can't get over the front. 430 is beautiful though.
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