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  1. Yes, ET57. Fair enough. I'm currently running the 18/19 fully Forged wheels, so the 19/20 tyre widths are already an upgrade (255/225 to 275/235).
  2. Thanks mate. Greg has been great with after sales service so far, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. That's a pity. Fast flashing was kind of expected, but not the traction control issue (which also means I can't engage Sport mode). Hopefully Transforged have a similar solution.
  4. Hey mate, did you ever get a resolution to your issues? I've just installed my Transforged Afterburners and am experiencing similar issues (fast flashing and traction control issues). Thanks.
  5. Your front are very similar spec to what I'll order for mine. Don't think I'll have any probs with clearance, but I'll be running the 235/35 tyres which give me a bit more space. Let us know how you go, and best of luck!
  6. I noticed the 430 has a small black lip over the rear arch, but I don't think this would make any difference if the clam is the same. Ive recently test fitted one of my new wheels which is 20x10, but sits about 5mm further out that the 430 wheels due to offset and don't appear to have any scrubbing at all. I am using 275 tyres though.
  7. Page 7 of this link has some useful info on wheel load ratings if that ossicle helps. Interesting the 430 is higher due to the downforce. data _0.pdf
  8. Looks schmick. You need to paint your wheel nuts black though 😉
  9. DBG

    Evora GTE Registry

    They just look so good don't they 😍
  10. DBG

    Evora GT430

    Looks amazing mate. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. Ok, so I've done a bit more investigating. I actually think it might even just be the coolant overflow pipe, which points down towards the exhaust. It's never done this in the month or so I have owned the car, but there are definitely signs that the pipe was wet (on the inside) and had a drip on the end. There was also (now dry) coolant remnants where the pipe points down. Hopefully its just this as it would be a nice simple explanation! I'm not convinced the pink mark that I photographed above is related as it's much further forward in the engine bay. Either way I'd appreciate advice as to whether there is anything at the back of the engine above that mark (cabin side of engine) that could cause a leak, or whether anyone has had a similar issue with the overflow pipe. Thanks again. Ben
  12. Morning all, Just after a bit of advice re the potential cause of a very small coolant leak in my 2010 NA Evora. I arrived home tonight and as I reversed into the garage I heard a sizzling sound that sounded like drips onto a hot exhaust and then as I got out noticed LOTS of steam coming out all of the engine vents. The header tank is still full so it's only a little leak and it seems to be dripping onto the side of the lower exhaust if you're looking from the LHS of the car through the undertray vent (as per pic below). What could be above this area that may be leaking? Anything serious or likely a hose clamp etc? There's no coolant under the car. Thanks in advance for your help. Ben
  13. No worries, looking at wheels at the moment, so doing a heap of research. The 20x10 ET52 car was on the other forum and running 265 tyres (which may have been for clearance). Didn't look like there was a heap of poke in the pics, but was definitely further out than standard. I've tried to contact him to confirm fitment and whether he ever had any rubbing issues, but he may have moved on as it was posted some time ago. Below is a pic of the fitment from his post.
  14. In my searches I've found evora owners running the following rear widths / offsets, so I'd imagine the GT430 wheel would fit. Only issue may be the 295 tyre with those offsets. 19x10 ET62 and 19x10 ET52
  15. Haha I'm new to the forum, so mustn't have seen all the other amazing grey Evora's as yet
  16. Looks awesome mate. Definitely sits better on its rims than mine. Mine does have the 18/19 forged rims though, so the tyres are a bit smaller. Hoping to upgrade in the coming months. Def the best looking grey evora I have seen 👍🏼
  17. That grey evora side profile looks fantastic. Could I ask if the car is lowered at all?
  18. For the record, I had a local suspension expert look at the shocks today. The shocks don't have the grooves for height adjustability, although they are relatively easy for an engineer to add aftermarket.
  19. Thanks for that Tom. Might be a good start at least. Do you happen to know if there was any more adjustability available, or 5mm was the max? Great news though as it likely means the Bilsteins do have the grooves in the shock that the Elises had
  20. Purely for looks mate. The rear especially sits up a little high. Thanks for your thoughts, but I wasn't particularly after people's views on lowering, just whether the standard Bilsteins have any adjustment. Each to their own.
  21. Morning all, I did a search, but couldn't find much info on what options were available for very mildly lowering the factory Bilsteins. The Lotus Sport Bilstein coilovers on my Elise were height adjustable due to the adjustable spring purches. The Bilstein coilovers on my 111R were not height adjustable, but could be adjusted slightly if the coilovers were removed as there were three grooves in the shock that could be used to modify height. I'm aware the NA Evora Bilstein shocks don't have the adjustable spring platform, but does anyone happen to know if the height can be adjusted as per the standard Elise with the grooves in the shock? If so, has anyone done this to their Evora? I'm aware there are aftermarket springs and full coilovers available (had Nitrons on my last car), but I'm hoping to maintain similar to the factory ride comfort and only lower by 10mm or so max. My car is a 2010 NA. Thanks again for your help. Ben
  22. Looks great mate. I recently did the same thing to my Evora with Plasti-Dip just to see if I liked it. Decided not to do the roof which still works I think. Def changes the profile of the car.
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