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  1. I’m 6 ft 2 and I have to slump slightly to see everything properly. You’ll fit fine but the top of your view out the windscreen will be cut off, possibly too much. Less of a problem with the hardtop removed as it’s the extra bit of interior that clamps the hardtop on that cuts into the view first.
  2. Car SOS are restoring a S1 Lotus Elise in the new series on National Geographic, it’s on March 14th at 8pm:
  3. Thanks Tom, I was planning on going to Aberystwyth in a few weeks time, I’ll take a short detour and go the scenic route.
  4. If your knees go in a years time/in a couple of years time/whenever and you didn’t buy the car, you will have the regret of not buying it knowing the opportunity has gone. If you buy the car and you end up selling it (even after a short time) you will have had an experience to remember but no regrets.
  5. I believe that most people who have bought a Lotus over the last couple of years will have watched and been influenced by your videos and it’s disappointing to see you sell your car as it’s hard to see that it won’t negatively people looking to buy a Lotus. A real own goal by Lotus. However, your videos are mostly excellent and you deserve a much wider audience than you’re going to currently get from a mainly Lotus fanbase. Hopefully whatever you’ve bought as the Evora replacement will help widen your subscribers. More classic Lotus would be great as well. As much as I love the Lotus content, my favourite video is the one with your grandfather in. What a great guy. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, here’s the real star of James’ channel:
  6. Before getting the exige I had the last version of the Jaguar xk. The view out over an epicly long bonnet is nice but wears off pretty quickly. The sound from a V8 never wears off, it's the one thing I miss. However, although the exige doesn't sound as pleasing, it sounds violent which fits the cars nature better than a V8 would. How the car drives and your connection to the road is the main experience, if you give that up for what are temporary pleasures you will probably regret it.
  7. Tesla, responsible for putting an electric elise in space and providing Elon Musk with enough money to buy the James Bond esprit:!bjiDDM
  8. Technically GM but as Lotus did much of the development, any car company that used an ecotec engine from GM, eg. Pontiac, Saab, fiat, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, Holden, etc.
  9. Love the A470, most of the roads from mid to north Wales are pretty good and come with great views. Never done the Evo triangle so that is definitely on the list of ones to try next. The black mountain pass is only 20 minutes from my house so was planning on making that a monthly excursion.
  10. Great choice, to my eye the 410 and the 380 are the best looking Exiges. The Exige has more presence and gets a lot more attention from people than the Elise. Most people have seen an Elise at some point in their life due to the amount sold but much less so the Exige, and coupled with the noise it generates and miniature supercar looks, it turns an awful lot more heads.
  11. Nice photos, looks great with the black roof.
  12. Took my car out for a drive along the black mountain pass (A4069) through the Brecon Beacons yesterday. The twisty road, the scenery, the mist and the rain, the way the car handled, hardly any other cars, it was just great. What great roads are there in the UK that you'd recommend? Here's some photos, the Brecon Beacons are picturesque anyway but they're pretty dramatic when the rain comes in:
  13. True, especially for the major manufacturers but not what I found when buying my Lotus. Having just bought one and spending endless hours working out the permutations on all the different options the finance deals for a new or second hand Lotus didn't add up compared to alternative finance. 50/50 interest free offer was good but too much up front for me. I could have bought more expensive cars on paper from other manufacturers for less money but I only wanted a Lotus.
  14. if you're paying a large deposit it's worth looking at taking out bank loans as the interest is very low (Sainsbury's, Tecos, Zopa, etc. are 3ish% APR) and if necessary spread it over a longer term. You pay less interest and own the depreciating asset so will have more money coming your way when you sell up. The loans are about 3% until you hit 25ish thousand pounds and then go up significantly so take out two loans from separate banks to keep to 3%. PCPs are financially in the car company's interest long term as they own the asset but you pay off the depreciation for them. However they allow people to drive a car they couldn't otherwise afford in the short term. They are not a cost effective way to buy a car so if you can afford it, get it on a separate bank loan. As you're paying up front to the dealer this also gives you better bargaining power when buying.
  15. Should hopefully put your mind at rest, go to 7:30 in the following video from Lotus 70 to see the one that was there:
  16. Good choice. Saw an identical one driving past me on the track at the Lotus 70th. Looked great.
  17. Just a great weekend, loved every minute of it, well done Bibs. Well done everyone else who was involved in organising any part of it and everyone that brought their cars along. I was blown away by pretty much everyone's cars, the condition they were all in was pretty amazing given the age of some of them, you could see how much love and care has gone in to them. Loved driving round the track at the end, just great seeing all the cars to the left and right of me going past. I was mentally fried after the drive up on Friday so we didn't stay long at the bbq, however my father's still banging on about the BBQ chicken ("best chicken I've had in my life son").
  18. Looks great in the blue, Lotus really got the looks of the car spot on with the 380
  19. Your car looks great. Couldn’t agree more about the 2bular exhaust, it sounds great with valve open and closed and much better fits how the car looks like it should sound. I was concerned it would be too loud all the time but it is so well mannered with the exhaust valve closed. You can drive the car for hours in touring mode on long motorway trips and it’s not intrusive at all. Hard acceleration in a tunnel is beyond mental, it sounds like you’ve found the source of a thunderstorm.
  20. Make sure you go through a tunnel, wind the windows down and put your foot down. Other than that take it easy and enjoy the ride, it's comfortable enough on long trips. You'll have the car for hopefully a very long time so no need to drive it hard on day one whilst you're still getting used to it. Enjoy the attention you get, they're a rare sight on the roads and everyone loves to see a Lotus, especially kids and men. I took mine to the beach on day one and was slightly taken back(in a good way) by just how much attention the car got.
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