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  1. Hey thank you for posting that picture. Interesting. I wonder if #JayEmm has any insight? Can a 430 wheel and tire setup work on a mere 400?
  2. Very interesting! Thank you, DBG. I also have seen guys running 10" wheels with 62mm offset but never a 52mm. That seems like it would poke out of the fender - my OE 9.5" wheel sits 15.0mm inside the fender (at the top of the wheel, using a plumb bob). Per a wheel offset calculator, that 52mm offset wheel would sit 8mm outside.
  3. Hey thank you, Bruss! I think the 430 wheel will work because there is an official Lotus chart that shows the 20x10.5" ET69 GT430 wheel as being "suitable" for the 400 (used to be on this broken link - not sure what has happened in the last couple of weeks to this link but now I cannot access it). Parts List Evora 400 A132T0325J400_0.pdf
  4. Hello guys - I am wondering if anyone is running the 20x10.5 ET69 rear wheels and 295/30/20 tires from the GT430 on a regular 400. I have taken a number of measurements and I think it will work but the narrow horizontal panel on the inside of the rear wheel lip is causing me some concern. FYI I am running 1.7 degrees negative camber in the rear. Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Champale

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    My 2 cents - have the roof vinyl wrapped in the color of your choice. You could even leave a center stripe of CF exposed if you wanted. I would not want to have my roof replaced simply because you know that other collateral damage could occur (paint being scratched on the pillars, interior damage, etc). It is just not worth the headaches for what is a non-structural and purely cosmetic problem.