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  1. Although I understand the historic significance of British Racing Green with yellow from the 1960s Lotus F1 cars, I have to say that the yellow additions to your absolutely stunning BRG Evora 430 make it look . . . um . . . well . . . it just seems to have cheapened the appearance of that car. But it's your car so whatever floats your boat!
  2. Oh my goodness that thing is beautiful!!! No to the additional yellow accents. Actually, HELL NO to them.
  3. What a great review! So nice to see Lotus go head-to-head with Porsche, especially THAT Porsche, and do so amazingly well! Too bad there are so many Porsche lemmings out there.
  4. I hope Hanger 111 makes that available to US owners of the 400!
  5. I would do a 430 remap to my 400 in a heartbeat! Take my money, people!!!
  6. I bought a new leftover Evora 400 with about 70 miles on it last May for 23% off MSRP and I know that there are still 2017s sitting on lots so you can probably get an even better deal. I wasn't looking for an exotic necessarily (was actually looking at Hellcats and GT350Rs, but also kicked around R8s, GTRs, GT3s, etc), but the Evora is really the last of the old school semi exotic, hand built, mid engined, manual transmission'd semi supercars available. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the 400 is, honestly. I have driven a lot of sports cars over the years, and it is so full feedback, power, handling, braking, and just plain old charm that I cannot imagine anyone being even remotely disappointed with it. It is not perfect and it is not my daily, but I love driving it to the store almost as much as a good, ahem, "brisk" drive out on backroads. It is so special feeling and also just so plain useable that I cannot think of another car even close. 911s obviously would be the closest but, I am sorry, they just never seem to have enough personality for my liking (although I have not driven any 991s). I am kind of all over the map with my cars, but they have to be quick and they have to have a sense of fun and the Evora 400 fulfills that 1,000%. FYI my other current cars are a Trackhawk (7.6mpg!), Boss 302 Laguna (my forever car), and a Focus RS (angry little bastard!). I get bored with the 'perfection' of most modern cars. The Evora is a delight for all of the senses and it's imperfections make it more perfect for a lunatic like me.
  7. I had to remove my passenger seat (US spec 400) and I recall 2 of the nuts are free floating underneath the floor. They don't fall down but they can move laterally in a channel under the seat and can be a bit tricky to line back up if you drive the car with the seat removed and they move but it's not too bad.
  8. Interesting thread. My 2017 400 is somewhat inconsistent when heel and toe-ing. It's not terrible but no other car I've ever owned has been so finicky with it. I have always suspected it had something to do with the ECU.
  9. Champale

    TLF GT430 Club

    Lotus is gearing up to finally make US-spec 430s so they are not completely dead. As a prospective owner, I am on the list for the launch event to occur early in 2019. Full details on the US-spec model will be coming in the next few weeks apparently (we are expecting a slightly watered down version).
  10. Received my indoor cover yesterday and finally opened up the box today. What a beautiful piece of work! Fits my 400 perfectly and is such a premium cover compared to several other covers I have used on other cars. Worth the money and the wait. Thank you!
  11. I find that I rarely even use 6th gear unless I am doing 85+mph. Since the 400 is supposed to top out at 186mph and the 410 at 190mph, I think picking a final drive ratio that gets you to that top speed right at the 7k rpm redline makes sense, instead of having the car geared to do a theoretical top speed over over 200mph that it doesn't have enough power to actually achieve. On the 400 and us, that would mean approximately a 7% reduction in FD ratio, which at cruising speeds would mean a rise of only a couple of hundred rpm in top gear. As someone who has owned a bunch of sportbikes that came with sky-high gearing (I am looking at you, Ducati), reducing the final drive ratio 7% makes a vehicle so much livelier and easier to use (it's a simple sprocket change on a bike). I also have owned a number of Mitsubishi Evos (which have short rally-style gearing) and it is so much fun to be able to run up through the gears bop bop bop instead of waiting waiting waiting to shift like the Evora. Go for it, johnnyboy!
  12. jonnyboy - I agree 100% about the gearing being too tall on the Evoras and also haven't been able to find anyone who has actually done a ratio change. 100mph is only 3500rpm on my 400, which means it's geared to do over 200mph! Dumb. I encourage you to do the ratio change so that you can tell me all about the pros and cons of it! Hah seriously though I would love to get some real information about the swap.
  13. Nice job doing this test, Steffen! There have been a number of articles/tests over the years in car and motorcycle magazines about the improvement in performance that lighter wheels can make and even though the original equipment Lotus 'forged' wheels on a 400 are relatively light for their sizes (by my measurements about 21lbs front, 27lbs rear), they can be improved upon. Here is an article by Car and Driver magazine about the difference that the factory fitted carbon fiber wheels make on the amazing GT350R:
  14. Update: Hey guys - after researching the forums, consulting with experts, taking measurements, and with the kind attention and service of Sherman at HethelSport, I ordered BC Forged wheels and I got them installed yesterday. They wheels were actually here in less than 4 weeks from the date of purchase, which is incredibly quick. As for the wheels, here are the specs: 19x8.5 ET47, 20.6lbs 20x10.5 ET69, 22.9lbs My OE forged wheels weighed 21lbs front and 26.7lbs rear so even though the BC wheels are half an inch wider in front and a full inch wider in the rear, they are still lighter. The new tires are slightly heavier, though. I personally weighed both sets of wheels with the tires on them and subtracted the weights listed by Tire Rack (Bridgestone S007A - 25lbs for 245/35/19 , 28lbs for 295/30/20). I have done about 150 miles on the car since installing them, city driving and hammering down some great back roads. No rubbing at all and I removed the wheels to double check when I got home earlier. Very very VERY HAPPY with them! Pics here at A few more things: they are the RZ23 model wheel in Brushed Dark Black. I specifically ordered them with a similar level on concavity front and rear because I don't like seeing wheels on things like 911 that have a relatively flat front wheel profile and then a hugely dished/concave rear wheel. The funny thing is that the RZ23 is basically a knock-off of the 2014 Camaro Z/28 wheel, which I thought was one of the best looking OE wheels ever. Here is a pic:
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