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  1. Hello au-yt - I never updated this thread but I did on the other forum. Hopefully this helps you! how do you pop the AC vents off? | The Lotus Cars Community (
  2. I was an early adopter of the K-T 435 reflash on my Evora 400 and it picked up about 30hp at the wheels. Lew is right - these reflashes are excellent and worth every penny. The car is a lot more rowdy at full throttle but it still very easy and normal to drive other times. Plus, blipping the throttle when heel and toe downshifting results in a crisper rise in the revs. Zero downside other than the cost of the flash.
  3. Hello everyone, My Evora 400 has a nearly constant annoying squeaking/creaking coming from the two vents at the top center of the dashboard. I have looked at the Deroure diagrams (the 400 vents are different than the earlier Evoras), tried shimming the vents with thin paper then thicker rubber and neither attenuated it at all. The only thing that seems to help is downward finger pressure on the squarish portion behind the round rotating vents. I have pushed, pulled, twisted, etc and there seems to be nothing that will pop them off. The screws shown in the Deroure diagram are covered by the plastic round bezel so I can't simply unscrew them. Any tips would be very much appreciated! Thank you!!
  4. If these cars were legal for the USA, I would consider selling both of my kidneys. The liver stays, though.
  5. This is a fun thread! Had one of my car crazy cousins in town the other day and took him for a rowdy drive in my 400. As I accelerated hard onto a freeway underpass, he said it sounded like the Monaco GP tunnel in older times! He was just blown away by the car, especially after he drove it. They really are so special and so fun to drive.
  6. OP - whatever color that is it sure looks great! That gold flake in the green looks so good.
  7. Thank you guys for that information! Yes, car is still under warranty so hopefully I can get it fixed by Lotus - unfortunately the closest dealer is 90 miles away so the drive there won't be fun in this heat but oh well! Is compressor replacement a clam off job?
  8. Hey guys - weird thing happened today. Over 100 degrees F and I was driving my 2017 Evora 400 (US spec) with 5100 miles in 2nd gear at 30mph when I heard a loud squeal from the engine bay, the car felt like something was dragging on the brakes, and then I noticed the wrench light on. This lasted for maybe 3-5 seconds then it went out, I gave it light throttle and the squeal happened again and the car slowed (almost like a brake was dragging or the engine was in a limp home mode). After a few seconds, the light went out and the car felt fine. But the AC was blowing warm air now. Drove a mile or so, parked it for half an hour, then came out and started it again. The wrench light was on the dash for a few seconds, then it went out. Turned AC on, fans blew warm air so I shut the AC off and drove about 3 miles home. Jumped on both forums and saw some posts about belt slippage causing a fault code because the speed of the belt wasn't correct for the rpm. The solution seems to be clear the faults via the OBD so I pulled out my laptop and Komo Tec dongle and did just that. Then I started the car up, turned on the AC, the idle dropped (compressor kicking on?) and was inconsistent for a few seconds, then I started to smell burning rubber!?! Turned car off, popped the rear hatch and a little smoke came out of the right (passenger) side and the smell was pretty bad. With a flashlight I can't see much from the top side and won't have time to take the undertray off for a few days. What the heck has happened???
  9. Ah ok got it. The shifter in my 400 is so nice and precise that if the one in the GT is even better, it must be a real treat!
  10. Congratulations ken2020! So glad to hear that Lotus has been good about things and that you are enjoying the car! Please keep updating us as you can (maybe start a new thread?) . Am curious about what you meant when you said "All the quirks of the 400 are gone." In driving dynamics, ergonomics, or what?
  11. So glad to see Lotus getting these cars into the hands of the media! Great review, wonderful car!
  12. Wow call me crazy but I love that color blue! Looks a lot like Ford's Grabber Blue from the late 60s (and more recently). Sorry to hear about your continued bad experience with Lotus. I would be steaming if I have plopped down the deposit and custom ordered things and then it was not EXACTLY like I wanted. But, in saying that, your car looks fantastic overall!
  13. I highly recommend the Komo Tec EV4-435 kit. It is just a reflash of your ECU and my car picked up about 30 horsepower at the wheels when measured on a dyno. Komo Tec also offers other power upgrades but they are a lot more money.
  14. Beautiful car, Julian73! Thank you for that insight.
  15. Wow those look great! Am curious about how much stuff gets thrown down the side of the car because of the scallops behind the front wheels.
  16. New dyno runs with AFRs logged. 85 degrees F, 93oct fuel.
  17. Glad you got to try out the 2 cars today! I adore my 400 (manual!) and understand completely why you would want another one! I tried and tried and tried to go with a more interesting color than black but, at the end of the day, it looks somewhat subtle which is nice because this car already gets so much attention. I do love colors like Ithaca Verde, though. +1 internets! It is a very classy look to my eyes, too!
  18. Can we put KG in a timeout please? This is absurd.
  19. Great video thank you for posting!
  20. Waking up a dead thread - did anyone confirm that the Vauxhall OBD2 reader will clear the airbag light on an Evora 400?
  21. Hello cib24 - no fine tuning done, it's a simple reflash done via OBD dongle and your laptop. And no, the AFRs were not checked.
  22. Installed the Komo-Tec Ev4-435 kit on my US-spec Evora 400 with K&N panel filter and 3rd cat delete (US cars have a weird small extra catalytic converter). Dyno runs done 2 days apart.
  23. Yes the cost is pretty silly, to be honest. But the gearing on the 400 is absurd and even extra power can't fix that.
  24. The Lotus service manual quotes something like a 52 hour job so it is not cheap. A lot of that labor is simply getting to the gearbox (rear clam has to come off, then engine out). I am still toying with doing it, trying to decide on the 5% or 10% reduction.
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