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  1. thankyou! looking forward to seeing your Evora and hopefully VXSC too!
  2. Thankyou Ramjet! Beautiful Esprit you have there! really appreciate the warm welcome! :) That Is super! thank you so much for that i will be coming along with my partner in crime!
  3. Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  4. **Waves back!** A lot of nice cars on here, To answer one of the questions above My dream is to own an Esprit V8 (hopefully one day)!! Quite happy with what i have just now as the supercharger route is available but will stick to the lotus path i believe!
  5. Thank you everyone!! I am indeed on the .org and they are brilliant on there. I am in Bridge of Allan, Stirling I was going to have a look on Legs on this forum as well? Id like to start going out to meets etc to meet some of you nice people!
  6. Hello from sunny Scotland I've owned a Yellow VX220 from 2017 and absolutely adore it! just hope i am welcome here? Thanks again.
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