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  1. @Seriouslylotus thanks for your input. Are there any modifications needed to plug this is battery in or is it a simple plug and play? And by the way, how did you fix it in the S2? My S2 is 2007 btw.
  2. @Bibs this sounds great indeed. Thanks a lot. Any idea if anyone used this in an S2?
  3. @Peapod thanks for this, but what is it? I was basically looking for opinions and maybe a suggestion?
  4. Fellow Lotus owners, I was wondering if anyone went down the road of installing a lightweight (race?) battery and if yes, which one and what modifications to hold it in place? I am specifically asking for an s2 1ZZ version. Any recommendations or comments on this topic? I couldn't find anything through search, I hope I am not reopening something already discussed here. Regards, Greg
  5. @Bibs thanks for the info Bibs, I will check it out. Any idea also where I could get a spare part? Is this a Lotus dealer only option?
  6. @Bibs Do you mean that its an one hour job to take the clam off? According to a local specialist, it takes about 6 hours!?
  7. thanks for the answer @Bibs. My car has certainly not got one of these . Is this even possible?
  8. Hi all, I have been trying to locate the mounting position of the front tow eye on my Lotus Elise 2008 but I cannot find one. Am I turning blind? I have looked everywhere behind the grill but cannot see anything. Any help or photos are greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Greg
  9. @ramjet thanks for your message. I bought privately so nobody to fall back to, need to sort it out myself and be more careful next time! Thanks for the tip, did that
  10. @TomE i realised that and thanks for taking the time to reply I have the locking nut key thankfully. But other things need sorting soon if i want to be able to enjoy the car. First get it started
  11. @TomE hi tom, thanks for the message. Please check my other post at engines part of the forum. It won't start due to a defect crankshaft sensor according to the obd. No airco in the car, problem is with the heating system i guess. Got no tool kit with the car, so i also have no tow hook.
  12. Hi all, my name is Greg, I live The Netherlands and a month ago I bought an Elise s2 2007 with the toyota 1zz block and a small turbo conversion. I got maybe a bit too excited with buying the car since I have not really managed to enjoy it so far. outside is really nice but, after a while car wont start (check engines part of the forum where I ask for help on this), heating will only blow hot air and need to do some small things like steering rods, etc. Also I don't see a towing hook in the car nor a place at the front where I could attach one. The car was a UK RHD car that was apparently converted here in The Netherlands to a LHD one. Enough with the winging, I hope to get everything sorted and start enjoying the car and hopefully you guys can help me with this. I will attach a couple of pictures of the car for you to see. The car was originally white. If anyone btw has any idea whose car this was, please let me know. Kind regards, Greg
  13. Hi all, my name is Greg, I am new to the forum and recently bought an s2 2008, 1zz with a turbo conversion and I must say I am becoming a little disappointed with various issues of the car. Most importantly it does not start but cranls, or will do but randomly. I read the car with an obd reader and this identifies a 335 error, titled crankshaft position sensor. So i went ahead and bought a replacement. When I tried to replace it i realised there is a connector for this sensor behind the intake manifold which leaves you little room to do the job. Does anyone know whether I can do the job without removing the manifold? Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. By the way if the car starts it runs fine which I find a little strange. I am afraid that I will end up changing the sensor, only to realise that this is not the problem! Thanks a lot in advance, Greg
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