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  1. Hi I'm looking to fit the PNM Gearchange kit and have read of the video showing how it's done. I spoke to Pete who no longer has a copy but he thought somebody on the forums might have it? Anybody out there?? Cheers
  2. Hi Fridge I saw your excellent write up and was going to use that as a reference to my project. At the time of reading I wondered how similar the S1 would have been to mine but having now caught up and read a few articles realise they're not a world apart, so will crack on with your guide as my main point of reference. Simon, Thanks very much for your offer of time and tools, I'll Pm you for contact details and look forward to talking shop. Thanks all.
  3. Hi Simon Thanks for replying. Im happy to strip all the doors, bonnet boot etc and get as much weight off as possible. Im also happy to cut brake lines and anything else that proves problematic as the aim is to do a thorough overhaul as opposed to just replacing only what I can easily get to. Im reasonably competent mechanically and can organise some willing helpers when necessary, its just I think I'd be more confident tackling it with someone alongside who's done it before. Good tip about the heavy front end, I'll arrange to borrow an engine hoist for that part Did y
  4. Hi I've just bought a 1988 n/a, it's a good solid car but needs alot of tidying up. My first thoughts were to drop the engine and do the belts, fix leaks etc but now am considering taking the body off to do a bit more thorough job. I've downloaded the guide on this forum, but wondering if anybody who's done it before would come amd give me a hand. I'm based near Wrexham and would obviously be happy to pay for somebody's time, expenses etc. Anybody out there?
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