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  1. Okay Despite sweating on this over the Christmas holiday, I'm still no closer to deciding, so I'm opening it up to the floor - how do I get my wheels refurbed? Car is white, and the wheels are currently diamond cut - so looking to refurb one colour - either black gloss or silver. I always thought the car needed black wheels to contrast with the white, but having liked the look of the 70th anniversary on the silver wheels I'm temped to go that way. Also think black wheels have been done to death. My car looks like this DSC_0037 by mikeharper2, on Flickr Std cast alloys at the moment but will be looking to get a set of forged
  2. I actually think you would be not far off that. I can't believe the difference the 2bular valved exhaust has made to the car. In race mode its like a different car - much much stronger from the middle of the power band to the top. I've never experienced the same sort of gain in a car so I can well imagine the gains on the exhaust are around that region This is someone who has never bought an cat back exhaust for a bhp gain
  3. Datsun;) GTR has literally same PWR - GTR isn't as heavy as people think - 1740kg & 580bhp vs 1100kg & 370 bhp Little harsh on the GTR - It is a special car, the way it morphs into a smaller car, the gearbox, and the handling for a 4wd is phenomenal. They are really reliable as well - the service pack is £500 for 3 years. If you use them on track they can be expensive on consumables. More people gawp and come and ask me about the GTR than the Exige - but I wouldn't say its been the best car I've ever owned. Fundamentally they are a 10 year old design and still outperform most things from Porsche - the new 19 model is going to move the game on again.
  4. As per the title had a very interesting drag race the other day..with my other car! For a while I've been interested in what the comparative performance is like, and never driven them side by side. This isn't going to be a comprehensive review of all attributes - just a juvenile side by side pull! So my Exige is a std V6 with 2bular exhaust, SSC intake and vinyl stripes (worth 10bhp). GTR is an 18 car with Y pipe has about 580 bhp. Ran them both from about 40mph to just under the limiter of most german performance cars So before I would have said the GTR would absolutely annihilate the Exige over that speed range, but was interested nonetheless to see how much faster. I was really surprised how the Exige faired - low weight, aerodynamics obviously play a significant role because there was very little in it. Up to about 110 the Exige is side by side - only after that did my GTR inch away. Not scientific by any stretch but given I had never thought of the Exige as a straight line car, I was very positively surprised by how it fairs against what is often considered a giant slayer. From a launch up to 150 the GTR would muller the Exige
  5. Hi Dave Will you ever create a custom map for a car for a car with existing bolt on's? I have exhaust / manifold / intake but want an ECU tune to maximise them all together. Or wouldn't it be worth you while until I upgrade the supercharger pulley and get the remaining elements to effectively make the 430 kit ? Cheers!
  6. Looks great! I'm not too far from Manchester - would also be up for a drive if you fancy it!
  7. It's interesting I hear different things from different tuners. What do Komotec use from the ECU front? I had always assumed that the 'ecu optimisation' they refer to was a 'reflash'. What is it a piggyback? I've heard that exhaust and headers are okay with the std ecu - maybe the intake pushes it over the edge.
  8. Yeah I made a stupid mistake and assumed the car didn't have braided lines and ordered actually find it does! As has been said from 11 onwards think all have braided lines If anyone wants some Goodridge lines give me a shout!
  9. Fitted my intake over the weekend. With the 2bular exhaust in race mode I'm pretty amazed how much more responsive the car is. Great to have the supercharger whine, without it being intrusive - the mid range and top end feels significantly stronger, than before. If anything the exhaust and intake have made me more confident that there are gains to be had with the std set up. Definitely want the manifolds now as well - just wondering If I'm getting to the limits of what the ECU will take and will need at least a reflash
  10. Hi GF I was just watching some of your videos on youtube. I was watching one in particular at Silverstone where you were sliding it around and mentally thought "wow that's why I want a diff on my car" - then noted that in the comments it actually said you still had the open diff at that point. The car looks incredibly composed and easy to slide. Maybe its because its on track - but my car isn't anywhere near that playful on the road. So I guess my question is if your car is that controllable on track why did you go for the diff? I'm thinking the diff will give me low speed oversteer on the road - but watching that video I'm thinking do I really need a diff given how immense it looks with an open diff? Cheers!
  11. Hi thanks for that - very interesting observations. What has your view been on the LSD? For me it is a must have - how has it affected understeer and balance? Did you fit it before you got the ohlins? Many thanks
  12. I'll be removing the pre cats and just running a sports car which I believe will get through MOT
  13. I think the lower limiter is going to be an issue. Slightly bugs me that I have to readjust to the lower RPM limit in the V6 from my Civic Type R daily! Given upgrading the manifolds on the V6 won't be wasted as I can transfer them to a 380 in the future I think I'm going to go with the manifolds on the V6 for the time being - and see where the market is next year. I think given the 410 is now out - the 380 as the middle ground might get a little squeezed and I could pick one up for a bit less next year. Anyways it's Friday now and will no doubt change my mind next week...either way I can't lose as I love the V6 that is currently in the garage.
  14. Okay so two key question which might seal the deal.... On the 380 are the manfifolds different to the 350 sport? If not how do they get the power on the 380? Has anyone successfully raised the rev limit on the 380? I am always slightly disappointed with the redline on my V6 so don't want to lose anymore revs Many thanks! Mike
  15. Jim did those tips for me! They look great - really fill out the gap in the diffuser DSC_0403f by mikeharper2, on Flickr
  16. Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts. It's a very tough one - everytime I see a 380 I know at some point I'm going to get one. If I was to get one I think it would have to be with Nitron's to make the man maths work. In terms of sound - I already have the 2bular so the sound is very similar to the 380 already. I won't be using the car on track I think another problem with the like for like comparison tuned V6 vs buying a 380 is that with the tuned option I'm assuming I would sell the mods after - I think i'm highly unlikely to take nitron's / manifolds off in the future - or if I did so there is a significant expense to removing them. As GF said I think I'm far more likely to realise more value selling a 380 than a modded V6 Kenneth could you send me some pics of your Exige? I've been thinking of getting silver wheels for mine - very hard to find pics of white Exiges with silver wheels Thanks Mike
  17. Okay so a bit of this has been covered in the thread on GF Williams car, but would be interested in this specific conundrum! So I've had the V6 Exige for about 6 months - I love it, and had planned on adding the following - 2bular exhaust - done - 2bular manifolds - EX370 package - Forged wheels - Quaife - Nitrons However I keep looking at 380 sports - which are a £20k premium to my car at the moment, but would have most of the above on already (minus nitrons/quaife) so in my own man maths I'm thinking I'm going to add nye on £10k to mine to get it where I want - so for only another £10k I'm getting a 380 with all the carbon loveliness. So to upgrade mine or go for a 380? What would you do? I don't need a 380 and am perfectly happy with the V6 - but am seriously tempted to get the 380. Positives of sticking - no upfront £20k to find, can add options as and when, can always sell options when I sell it, still paying a £10k premium for the 380 - is it worth it? Negatives of sticking and upgrading - still not a 380, spoiler and carbon envy, gear linkage inferior. Any thoughts welcome!
  18. Never really made sense that the 370 has the intake and the 390 and above doesn't. In my head the intake seems logically and visually the most restrictive part - but surely it can't be if the more powerful kits later on do without it. I know that it isn't all about raw numbers - but I would be interested to know how much benefit there is in the ECU reflash on the komotec packages. At the moment i'm more tempted to go 2bular than komotec for the headers - but the 390 kit with the ECU reflash is compelling at £2.9k all in. I would hazard a guess that 2bular manifolds with the std lotus ECU will deliver very similar gains as the 390kit with the ECU For me personally there isn't one scenario where I would replace the supercharger over the manifolds / ecu. The manifolds like for like seem to give similar power gains, and more importantly a massive benefit in exhaust sound. It is great that there are so many options - esp with 2bular entering the fray with ECU
  19. Admittedly different engine - but I had the precats on a Toyota 1zzfe - I removed them as they were notoriously problematic and continually fragmented and destroyed engines. The difference in performance was noticeable - and verified at the time with a racelogic. That was on a weedy 1.8litre. On a supercharged V6 I would think the gains would be even more significant.
  20. Okay - please let me know when you have the ET35 in as I definitely want a set of silver wheels from you
  21. Dave any news on when I can place an order for the 430 ET35 wheels in silver?
  22. Thanks so much guys! I couldn't find the manual this morning and panicked. Charging nicely now and should be able to get on with the garage tomorrow Annoyingly I had left my wifi dongle connected and it's drained the battery Many thanks Mike
  23. That's exactly what I was thinking when watching the video - why replace the supercharger? Unless you are on track and temp is an issue, I don't see the value. I think I'm likely to go - 2bular manifolds+tune or EX370 and 2bular manifolds. Just need to confirm with Jim if he has any plans for the intake side as I don't want that to be the bottleneck
  24. So wake up very excited as I'm having tiles delivered for my garage conversion. Rubber mallet at the ready I meet the delivery man, and try to open to lotus to reverse out of the garage Dead No problem I'll just unlock the door and charge battery. Barrel won't turn at all - how is this connected to the central locking? So now have a load of tiles sitting outside my garage and a dead lotus. How the hell to I get to the battery when I can't get in the car? Any help massively appreciate (Mike sitting on a pallet of tiles)
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