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  1. I aways thought they were steel underneath and anodized as Dave suggests. It was always the case on the s2 and aluminium bells were the go to option to prevent rusting? Or maybe my memory isn't what it was?? Arun that is a very kind offer - let me see where I get to in my search for bells and I might give you a shout Thanks Mike Arun you da man
  2. Doh! Thanks for pointing that out. So from looking around there doesn't seem to be a way of just replacing the std bells with ones that won't rust without upgrading to floating/bigger? I don't want extra braking performance necessarily - just not rusting bells! Has anyone fitted something akin to this?
  3. On my imminent spending spree I'm contemplating some nitron's as well as the forged wheels / discs I have some rather annoying questions if you'll indulge me! 1. Presume the one way Nitron's you sell are just adjustable for height 2. On the 2 way presume ride height is adjustable by the rotating disc on the suspension - rather than the controller that is inboard? If you have to adjust via the rotating disc how easy is it to do whilst on the road? Ie not on a ramp? 3. I'm a total luddite when it comes to suspension - I've often seen it mentioned that going for coilovers will allow you to get a greater degree of camber at the front - I really don't understand how it enables this? I thought this would be dictated totally by the arms rather than the suspension itself? Thanks as always
  4. Thanks Dave I want to replace all the bells and discs all round on a std Exige V6 I'm thinking these for the front (with spacers) and these for the rear which I presume are the matching set? How would the above compare to the OEM kit on an exige 380? Lastly ( I know I'm a pain with questions) but how much weight do the floating bells save like for like? Many thanks Mike
  5. Looking to get new bells for the Exige V6 as current ones have gone a bit rusty. Car isn't tracked so don't need new callipers - looking at some of the alcon options seem to dictate new callipers. Presume the cheapest option is to just get new aluminium bells. What has everyone else done?
  6. That was a really interesting response thanks and some of the articulation is bang on. Yes couldn't' get more than the 1.4 with standard parts so debating camber arms at the moment. Your statement Is very accurate - overall the car feels less 'nervy' as it doesn't want to return to centre as aggressively. It's definitely smoother, and possibly faster but not necessarily as exciting. The rear camber is a good shout - I think I'm going to get them to dial that back - until I find a way to get more camber at the front. No doubt it will be slower but I would like the car to be pointier and rotate more Thanks again for the post
  7. Hi There Thought I would start a topic where people can upload Geo settings and discuss how the car feels now Objectives of Geo - Reduce understeer overall - Specifically reduce turn in and mid corner understeer - Make the car more pointy, and the car oversteer more Before and after on the Geo thumbnail_IMG_3954 by mikeharper2, on Flickr Results - Car has less understeer overall, especially turn in oversteer - Weirdly the car actually feels more stable and balanced than before - where I wanted it to be a little more edgy and pointy - The car seems to have a touch less feel at the straight ahead - which I can't really understand given the change in the geo. I think to get the car where I absolutely want it, I'm going to have to go down the coilover route. Worth the geo change though to get the turn in understeer better.
  8. Yes Vinyl has stayed perfect - even when using citrus pre wash and jet wash close to the edges
  9. Ahh Jesus Christ! I am never buying anything for the Lotus again. This bloody cap! Your idea was excellent, but rather than get the dremel out I thought the metal is so soft I can probably make enough of an incision with a flathead. Yep guessed what happened fuel filler cap.jpg.66kbgaq by mikeharper2, on Flickr fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..................
  10. I found the Vinyl significantly cheaper than paint - around half the price. Like you I thought that I/next owner could remove it if they didn't like it.
  11. I'm tempted to get this As I need something with carplay to show maps. Has anyone installed a single din flip screen and ever had any problems with the mech screen fouling the lip above where the single din slot is?
  12. Tried to fit at the weekend....rounded one of the bolts. GRRR It was totally welded on - will have to get the drill out this weekend.
  13. Have to say very happy with my vinyl! DSC_0403f by mikeharper2, on Flickr
  14. Dave are you taking orders for the 430 wheels yet? Is the 430 wheel positive or negative offset versus the 350 wheel? Presume its negative and there is more of a lip on the rear wheels on the 430 wheels? Thanks
  15. It's an interesting one. Seriously lotus has some new wheels coming in with a 430 offset (ET35) as they are in silver which is what I want I'm tempted to get them - but a little unsure of how the offset compares
  16. Will almost certainly be getting this kit in the next few months. For those that have fitted it / Hangar could you answer a few questions please 1. Sound - What type of sound does the intake produce? I love my Type R which whistles and chatters with its filter - which seems fitting for the car, but I wouldn't necessarily want that noise in the Lotus - where I like that fact it feels like it just has a large NA engine rather than a forced induction. 2. MOT - I have the 2bular road system, and am also planning on having their downpipes which remove the pre cats in the manifold and replace with a race cat. Does the remap of the 370 materially affect the emissions/fuelling whereby with an exhaust with precats removed it might not pass MOT? 3. Given I will have the full exhaust system will the map be tweaked to maximise this, or will it use the same parameters as any other car. Many thanks !
  17. Very interesting question. I debated between the V6 and the 350 - at the time there was a £10k difference between the two. At the time I considered that the gearbox linkage and 50kg weight saving wasn't worth the £10k premium and I would rather save the difference on purchase and buy - Forged wheels - Geo -2bular exhaust - EX370 - Quaife With all of the above I would have a car that would be more powerful, better sounding, and with a similar power to weight with the options I wanted and around £3k left over. I can sell the majority of the options when I sell also. However...having driven the V6 in anger now, I think the linkage is significantly better in the 350 and it wouldn't be as easy a decision again now. Having seen the 380/410 at the lotus 70th I'm very tempted to upgrade to a 380 just for the looks - the man maths then gets even more nonsensical when it's nearly £25k extra for a 380. Overall I love the v6 and as I'm adding options I'm incrementally making it better - but I wouldn't say I'm 100% certain I made the right decision yet in not going for a 350
  18. I know where is everyone? If nobody is here by tomorrow I'm going on my own
  19. I will be driving down from Chester way so could meet at Milton Keynes
  20. Car is absolutely stunning - ad the spec is bang on. I know what you mean with the Porsche head vs heart dilemma. My heart won out too - I chose an Exige over a GT4 - more giggles per gallon, and a significant amount of cash in my back pocket. Happy days! Unless you go for a GT product with Porsche I think they are very underwhelming (GTS products possibly excluded) Would love to see some more pics.
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