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  1. Shiny box of parts from England! Excited to get the install started. Great packaging job and great communication from Ian.
  2. So much want - bad timing, I am about to buy Chilli Dogs brake system. These are beautiful, worth the price even if they did not add power and driveability 🙂 Can I hope that another group buy might happen in the next 12 to 18 mos?
  3. Some info to add - hopefully this has not been repeated elsewhere - if it has - my apologies. I was curious about replacing my ABS and power brakes with a simple old school non power brake master cylinder. So I called the Willwood tech line. They said - No problem, you need to adjust the pedal ratio to about 6:1 and tell us the diameter of the pistons in the calipers and we can size a master cylinder. They also said Lotus by Claudius : Had worked with them to develop a big brake system and might have a non power assist master cylinder all worked out. So I called them because the website is light on specifics. They do sell a NON ABS retrofit system (power brakes) that includes Master Cylinder and everything you need to ditch the ABS. The cost......$2500. Way out of my budget. Anyway, I am on the list for one of the LHD brackets from this thread and looking forward to sourcing the parts to put together a system. I am curious though. If anybody knows the piston diameters on a 94 Esprit (non Brembo), and the measurements on the brake pedal. A master cylinder is only ~ $300 I might try an old school non power assist set up and see how it works. I figure I could always switch it back out. I enjoyed the brake feel on my old non power assist cars - I am sure it would take a bit of getting used to.
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