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  1. Also, I believe Alunox offers an option here. I am sure it is $$ but high quality. Had you looked at there offering?
  2. Once you get set up at Serck will you post up? I would like to inquire about one as well. thanks
  3. can you post a pic? wondering if there is a tool we can re-pupose to help
  4. Here is a solution from the states (have to scroll down about half way). I dont know much about PBC but the one time I checked pricing on something it took my breath a bit.
  5. Is there a way to disable the system and see if the rich running goes away? I think mine is disabled, at least I thought it was.
  6. Have you considered Elise seats? they require some custom mounting but they are pretty comfy and provide lots of room and support. Unfortunately expensive. You can buy un-finished Sport 300 seats from one of the vendors and have them covered. That's on my long list.
  7. David, Are you saying that a CW car once the driver weight is removed would not be slightly higher on the drivers side? I would think in a light weight car this would be the case. I wish I could work with a pro to set it up once so I understood everything better. The way I do it, Set ride height Unbolt one link of sway bars Jack up rear and remove rear wheels, the lower to approximate ride ht Rear jack point is centered and I use a one inch piece pipe so it can rotate freely I load 225 lbs of bags of horse feed and excersize weights in the drivers seat and floor board adjust front so both sides of frame have same measurement from ground Re-install rear wheels and jack up the front and adjust rear heights Re attach swaybars adjusting so there is no load (the bolts just slide in). Its sounds simple but its very time consuming and I have had good results. Mostly street driving just a few fun track days. The above was how I did it with Datsun's and Porsche 911's (old air cooled ones). I am sure its no where near what a proper set of scales could deliver.
  8. Yeah CW across the front are really sensitive in hard braking I have found and I am no Senna. I would not be surprised to find different thickness shims under the chassis mounts from the factory for exactly this reason. The floppy rubber bushings do provide a lot of leeway though, especially after worn.
  9. Dave all excellent points. In my very limited experience the issue with cars like ours and Air cooled Porsche 911 that have very light front ends when you add in the drivers weight during the CB, it is such a large percentage of overall weight on the front that you will "activate" the front ARB. Its unfortunate that the design is not conducive to an adjustable link, but I have to think Lotus knew what they were doing and figured out some way to minimize the effects (very light ARBs or some other wizardry). It will be interesting to look at when I start the CB process.
  10. I will lower it very slightly, my goal is a few fun track days a year and suspension geometry is very important in my opinion for optimal camber characteristics etc. With out major fab work or $$$ parts (drop spindles) most cars are difficult to lower substantially and maintain good geometry. I think Lotus worked very hard to optimize the geometry and the compromises toward performance that would have to be made to improve much there would be beyond my pocket book and desire. I just want to get to a higher end shock and slightly higher spring rates. On top of all that the Esprit is pretty low to begin with and I dont want to be scraping off FG body parts .
  11. Yeah When I finish getting the adjustable suspension installed I will check the CW with the bar unbolted and see how much bind it has. Hopefully a small amount not worth worrying about.
  12. I have read about this situation a few times on the internet about other types of cars (so i must be an expert? :-0) The solution in these stories was to set the corner weights with the center mounts on the bar to chassis disconnected so the bar would not effect the CW (as suggested above). Next they would pray that the ARB mounts would bolt back up with no pre-load when the car was sitting level with the driver weight still in the drivers seat. The shim idea above seems great if it wont bolt up with out pushing! To really do it right you need to change the ARB bar to a style with adjustable drop links because Lotus never designed the car to be properly CW. I have never seen a kit for the Esprit for sale? Another thought? Just do the CW with drivers weight with the ARB connected and include any pre-load in the CW settings. Might be fine for 90% of situations.
  13. The rear brembos are sliding pin too. Have you seen this? kind of cured me of messing with the single piston - I am saving for a four piston solution on the rear
  14. I would be interested in either or both, though I probably cant do both at the same time. Stevens - Stock Turbo Charge cooler - Uprated - depending on the specs on the new stock size.
  15. Wow if the gauge checks out and the pressure from the motor is right - it has to be the sender??? Can you check the out put from the sender at different pressures and see if it matches to your gauge test roughly?
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