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    1994 Esprit S4
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    17x11 rear and 17x9 front 3 piece BBS motorsport, spherical bearings for all suspension arms, Lotus Elise racing seat, spare tire delete L-), Ian's ABS delete, Huge AP racing Evora front brakes and 2 piece rotors, Huge PNM 4 piston rear calipers with larger rotors kit. More to come!
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  1. Thinking something like this, but the hoop inside the engine compartment right behind the engine compartment window. The legs of the hoop would mount the same as the front mount bungs, they would be a bit of a funky shape for sure.
  2. Update - the fab shop will do 3 for $900 each (plus shipping). I will probably do something a little different with a fab shop close to me (similar to back half of X180R cage) if we dont get 3 buyers. Since the motor has to come out and the body jacked up to install mount bungs either way, might as well get exactly what I want.
  3. I am thinking of having a friends S300 engine brace and mount bungs copied at a fabrication shop near his house in Minnesota USA. They have to build a jig so there are some up front costs. We will not know exactly what they look like until they are done so there would be a non-refundable deposit. There is substantial effort required to install the mount bungs on the chassis so keep that in mind. If anybody is interested in the $1K US range please reach out. Shipping over the pond would be terrible I am sure. If anybody knows of a place that can knock out an engine bay brace please let me know before I order. Cheers!
  4. I thought you might be having a lighter weight fly wheel made up be spoke, I wanted to see about having one made up as well. Thinking of buying the fly wheel that QED sell soon.
  5. I was talking about buying the magic game changing part that Jacques was cooking up! 🙂
  6. So the internals are stock or did Esprit Changes install the stronger main shaft?
  7. What's up? Are you thinking light weight flywheel? I dont know the answer, surely Esprit Changes knows, he has made several custom light weight fly wheels.
  8. I think you mentioned elsewhere but I could not find it. What material did you select for the splitter? Do you have an electronic template for the splitter that you could e mail us so I could cut one 🙂 It looks fantastic - really works perfect for the body kit.
  9. Yeah - the Lotus PS feel is amazing. Before driving my car I had snooped around looking at the possibility of retrofitting the manual rack from an earlier Esprit...but the feel is just too good. I think one of the neat things about the electric pump set ups, especially the "race" version from Porsche is that you can turn a knob and adjust the boost to your liking. Or maybe change for parking lot vs track day. Curious to play around with it.
  10. Is that Power Steering pulley on the right? Have you considered the electric power steering pump (i.e. Porsche or similar) Not that $$ and simplifies the plumbing on a mid engine. Really enjoying watching you put this together!
  11. That just means your shocks are too long and allow too much droop. Being able to remove a wheel with out removing a fender is over rated 🤣🤣
  12. Mike what spring rates will you run on this car? If you dont mind sharing.
  13. SJ has five pages of parts by part number to confuse yours self with 🙂 It looks like its all the same on the cockpit parts up to 1998 - might want to send an e-mail to confirm
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