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    1994 Esprit S4
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    17x11 rear and 17x9 front 3 piece BBS motorsport, spherical bearings for all suspension arms, Lotus Elise racing seat, spare tire delete L-), Ian's ABS delete, Huge AP racing Evora front brakes and 2 piece rotors, Huge PNM 4 piston rear calipers with larger rotors kit. More to come!
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  1. In the classifieds on this site there is a person selling rebuilt V8s. Just for a point of reference. Still dont get how the oil pressure light does not come on?
  2. We know this car and the PO. It had very good servicing. Something odd.
  3. That is a shame but not a surprise at all. Maybe the best option is to put the washers back as you found them and check the rear toe with string. If its close you should be fine to drive it for a month. FWIW I was able to disassemble and re-assemble my rear pivot parts from jack stands, not a lift. Not fun but possible.
  4. Interesting - is that oil pick up where the two bolts broke? I will have to look at the parts diagram.
  5. No indication of loss of oil pressure?
  6. I have wondered about that. the width of the washer almost seems too hard to quantify - barely within the error of an alignment machine - Could you measure that at all using string? I could not - but that is not saying much. That said I recently installed spherical bearings at the rear suspension pivot we are talking about. I measured fairly carefully to get the arm in the same position as it was with the stock bushing. I initially installed one side and drove it around for a while. I think I can visually see that the toe is off a little in the rear on the one side. Also have a v
  7. Part 27 is available as a split piece - had you seen that?. So all you have to do is loosen the two outside nuts and slide them in (still a chore on the header side as the heat shields have to come out I think). Have you measured the toe yet? I think I could do the math and figure it out with some careful measurements, surely some one has measured, installed and re measured. I am surprised the info is not in the manual but maybe there are too many variables. Rubber bushings will never measure the same twice. That said dont worry about perfect. Everything moves around once
  8. Heart breaking Joey. good news is imho the car is worth the cost and still represents great value!
  9. Thinking about this some more last night. Changing these lines to AN woudl allow you to easily add an in line high quality FPR and a fuel pressure gauge. Nice parts to have if upgrading/modernizing the turbo.
  10. Also, did you use a full on Oxy Acetylene torch or just propane/MAP gas for the bend? Looks like you are pretty well set up and have access to the former.
  11. Can you post a pic of the finished other end? Thanks or the write up. Great info.
  12. i think he is talking about engine compartment side?
  13. Wow that Rhino Lip web site is odd, hard to understand what they are selling....FOr the price though looks like it might be a great option. What do you suppose id included in the extra support bolstering kit?
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