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  1. Wow if the gauge checks out and the pressure from the motor is right - it has to be the sender??? Can you check the out put from the sender at different pressures and see if it matches to your gauge test roughly?
  2. Interesting, I thought the GT3s had the same brake system as the V8s
  3. Have you searched the forums? Seems like I have seen this mentioned before?
  4. Just when I think I have seen every vendor. Thanks Mr. D I wonder if they can do the above product in a configuration that would fit the Esprit mount for that price? Lovely fabricating! Bob did you see the US made option? Cheaper shipping for sure.
  5. Yeah maybe go aftermarket and keep an eye out for an OE CC. Easy to change back and a good market for used aftermarket CC. Wont lose much money and get it on the road before the snow comes....I hear that is an issue I would not know Right now its over 100 everyday with the heat index - no driving for me. Fall Winter spring are my time
  6. I have talked to him. I thought he only had a one piece rotor option. Looks like you have 2 piece. I will have to talk to him again.
  7. I will check him out. I thought I had looked at all the options here. Several folks will build me a kit but I have to send a knuckle and I want to avoid. Plus not as price competitive. Shipping from UK not as bad as I thought actually. thanks
  8. Hey Ian Yes I was going to use the PNM kit but I realized they dont use a really thick rotor for the pre Brembo cars. The Comp Brake system uses a 330x32 mm rotor - monster heat sink. And the pricing is very competitive.
  9. The gauge is for vacuum. Allows you to adjust the assist to your liking and confirm that the system is holding vacuum. If you have no leaks it holds vacuum for a day or so.
  10. Greetings, I am looking at having in Wiggin (half way between Liverpool and Manchester) build a big brake kit for the front of my 94 S4. They dont have the dimensions for the toyota/bendix front knuckle so they need a knuckle and hub to figure out the dimensions for the caliper adapter and the bell for the 2 piece disc. Does any body have one laying around that they could ship to them? I would gladly pay shipping both ways and buy/rent the parts until it is returned. I hate to ship them mine and have my super car down for a month or more! Any advice or suggestions welcomed. I may buy one from a breaker but I hate to do that and then have it tossed in the bin. Another thought, does any body have the dimensions they would need? I guess it would be specific to their caliper and rotor that I chose. thanks!
  11. That is very tidy - the owner is in for a treat. I like how you used a fitting between the old brake lines and the new coming from the Prop valve. That is difficult work in there and that would make it easier with no compromise in performance.
  12. Have you driven one with the conversion....its quite a revelation...
  13. I am not knowledgeable on transmission internal repair, but I will propose that their was some thing else wrong that caused enough force to be applied to select 5th to break the fork. Something was loose, out of alignment or bad synchros maybe? Others will chime in I am sure.
  14. Barry I had severe chattering when I fit the kit to my S4. The reason ended up being I did not have the one way valves installed correctly and far enough away from the pump. If I remember the most important was to have a one way valve between the booster and the pump, The fluctuations from the booster caused the sensor switch to trip. I was not following Ian's instructions closely - because i knew better Double check those 1 way valves.
  15. Hey So I got the headlights down and removed the module. Turned on headlights and they came up and worked as normal. Turned them off and the pods would not go down? Reinstalled the module and jiggled and thumped and they went down. Any jumper wire solutions?
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