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    17x11 rear and 17x9 front 3 piece BBS motorsport, spherical bearings for all suspension arms, Lotus Elise racing seat, spare tire delete L-), Ian's ABS delete, Huge AP racing Evora front brakes and 2 piece rotors, Huge PNM 4 piston rear calipers with larger rotors kit. More to come!
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  1. I second the vent lines to the fill necks. They crumble like they used a non fuel tolerant material for the hoses. If you are familiar with the vent hose that runs over the top I would think you would have seen them. On my car they all attach in the same general area.
  2. Just throwing mud, since a tank has been changed, is it possible there was an error on install of the new tank? A hose pinched, a breather blocked some how so its building vacuum? Seems unlikely.
  3. I was hoping to buy a kit from you where I do a little wiring and bolt the parts on. Then have a final tune done. that looks like a tidy system. I guess it runs the AC and all the other sub systems as stock? Sorry to hi jack maybe I should start a separate thread.
  4. Dave is the Stand Alone something that could be sold PnP with a little tuning post install? Or does it require you to be hands on to get everything right?. If so ball park pricing?
  5. Oh boy I hope this is not what the next owner of my car is thinking 😀
  6. Dave I am ready to purchase your suspension kit once you have supply of the parts. Is everything still frozen due to lockdown?
  7. curious what is the difference in the Protech spec and the spec you recommend? Excited to see the new suspension.
  8. If you look at Pages ~ 97 and 103 in the parts manual I think it shows the same seat mount for all of those bucket seats. Jealous, would love to have those seats.
  9. Are these not them?
  10. I always thought the vibration was from normal engine operation, not something like clutch judder?
  11. In the classifieds on this site there is a person selling rebuilt V8s. Just for a point of reference. Still dont get how the oil pressure light does not come on?
  12. We know this car and the PO. It had very good servicing. Something odd.
  13. That is a shame but not a surprise at all. Maybe the best option is to put the washers back as you found them and check the rear toe with string. If its close you should be fine to drive it for a month. FWIW I was able to disassemble and re-assemble my rear pivot parts from jack stands, not a lift. Not fun but possible.
  14. Interesting - is that oil pick up where the two bolts broke? I will have to look at the parts diagram.
  15. No indication of loss of oil pressure?
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