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    1994 Esprit S4
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    17x11 rear and 17x9 front 3 piece BBS motorsport, spherical bearings for all suspension arms, Lotus Elise racing seat, spare tire delete L-), Ian's ABS delete, Huge AP racing Evora front brakes and 2 piece rotors, Huge PNM 4 piston rear calipers with larger rotors kit. More to come!
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  1. Mike what spring rates will you run on this car? If you dont mind sharing.
  2. SJ has five pages of parts by part number to confuse yours self with 🙂 It looks like its all the same on the cockpit parts up to 1998 - might want to send an e-mail to confirm
  3. PNM and SJ, JAE etc. all have the kits, At the PNM and SJ web sites you can see pics of what is included.
  4. The above diagrams are from the manual, there is a similar for your year. You are at the right place. If you are a member here you can down load the manuals for free! I cant remember how to do it...maybe some one will chime in.
  5. If you get the stock system 100% I think you will be happy. The shifting in my 94 is amazing, very similar to yours but as Berry said there were upgrades. I imagine you have a bushing,bearing or end link that is sloppy/worn. Do you have all of the manuals yet?
  6. If you grab the mirror housing - it swivels, in case some one hits it, the housing moves and does not break off. My kids bump mine all the time. If it moves backwards to the first position it almost looks normal but you cant see as you describe. Try grabbing the entire mirror housing and gently push forward - it will move forward and click into place.
  7. is it just pushed back on the break away? gently push the housing forward, it snaps back if some one hits it
  8. It was very common in the 84 and later Porsche 911s that the relay for the fuel pump would wear out and go off over bumps and then come back on. Car would go totally off - very weird and get progressively worse. But the dash would not go out. I guess there is not a master relay?
  9. When I put mine back together there was no drama. I guess I lubed the hole with knuckle skin and blood and it slipped in and out easily after the first go around. IIRC I removed it several more times during fitment (being careful to NEVER put my finger in the hole again) 🙂
  10. I had similar issue, I think I used a long screwdriver and tapped the side that you show pushed in. I also may have used a set of channel lock pliers as mentioned above on the end you have sticking out and rocked it back and forth to get it loose. One note of warning! be carful if you push it with your finger. I did that and my finger slipped inside and WOULD NOT COME OUT!! Its just the right size. I was stuck in the lotus position with my finger in there for like twenty minutes until l could get some help. It was a little scary, I was envisioning the fire department with the Jaws of life tearing my car apart to get me out....:-) still gives me chills
  11. That is really interesting - so the fuel smell was coming out the cap and then down into the engine compartment. WOW - would not have guessed that, but I can see how it might happen.
  12. I thought they snap on - no adhesive? At least mine have no adhesive on them.
  13. Are you not wanting to get new ones? The usual specialty places sell them. Kinda $$ but not too bad.
  14. Tissue Layer.. Please show a pic when you get there. Not familiar with the terminology. I am very curious because I have a large hole in the floor to repair and I am excited to use the same procedure (but with a large dash of amateur thrown in!) Fortunately under the seat so not obvious. Thanks for sharing what I am sure is decades worth of experience. Fascinating.
  15. After the steel blank is removed, I am assuming a similar build up scheme on the inside? 1st layer is same size as hole, then progressively larger layers?
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