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  1. I have no experience with Esprit mon (cross fingers, not had a problem yet). But I think it is interesting that the AFR goes up, the IAC goes up (makes sense) but the Injector pulse width also rises. Also Why does the Spark advance rise, that may be normal operation to prevent stall.
  2. Nice! So often the interior projects look ....less than factory (especially when I do them). That looks perfect.
  3. can we see a finished installed pic? Great work!
  4. I would add, Brembo makes calipers for many different situations including OEM where lots of compromises for 150K miles life and safety are involved. I would think the performance oriented calipers from PNM are lighter and matched to your rears and actually better by most measurements.. Also, $500 for the hats and rotors plus another $500 for caliper adapters. I just went through a similar exercise and realized the cost to do the one off machine work is really prohibitive. PNM sells a 6 piston kit with 32mm thick rotors for not much more than the machine work because they buy in bulk Way over kill and a completely engineered kit. If you are off by one mm in the on your rotor bell or caliper adapter it might not work right and you have to do it again.
  5. The Azenis 615 are a "track day Autocross tire" kind of. Very sticky and not really designed for cold weather. Similar to a Toyo RA1 or Nitto NT01. I have not tried the Azenis but I have run the others on the street. Fine for me but it depends on use. I generally only drive in nice weather and do some track days. If they wear out in a year i am OK with it. Some of these compounds also heat cycle out and get pretty hard unless they get really warm. Its a compromise.
  6. I just noticed he has not been on the site since 2016? I wonder if the performance halloway sold?
  7. Also, I believe Alunox offers an option here. I am sure it is $$ but high quality. Had you looked at there offering?
  8. Once you get set up at Serck will you post up? I would like to inquire about one as well. thanks
  9. can you post a pic? wondering if there is a tool we can re-pupose to help
  10. Here is a solution from the states (have to scroll down about half way). I dont know much about PBC but the one time I checked pricing on something it took my breath a bit.
  11. Is there a way to disable the system and see if the rich running goes away? I think mine is disabled, at least I thought it was.
  12. Have you considered Elise seats? they require some custom mounting but they are pretty comfy and provide lots of room and support. Unfortunately expensive. You can buy un-finished Sport 300 seats from one of the vendors and have them covered. That's on my long list.
  13. David, Are you saying that a CW car once the driver weight is removed would not be slightly higher on the drivers side? I would think in a light weight car this would be the case. I wish I could work with a pro to set it up once so I understood everything better. The way I do it, Set ride height Unbolt one link of sway bars Jack up rear and remove rear wheels, the lower to approximate ride ht Rear jack point is centered and I use a one inch piece pipe so it can rotate freely I load 225 lbs of bags of horse feed and excersize weights in the drivers seat and floor board adjust front so both sides of frame have same measurement from ground Re-install rear wheels and jack up the front and adjust rear heights Re attach swaybars adjusting so there is no load (the bolts just slide in). Its sounds simple but its very time consuming and I have had good results. Mostly street driving just a few fun track days. The above was how I did it with Datsun's and Porsche 911's (old air cooled ones). I am sure its no where near what a proper set of scales could deliver.
  14. Yeah CW across the front are really sensitive in hard braking I have found and I am no Senna. I would not be surprised to find different thickness shims under the chassis mounts from the factory for exactly this reason. The floppy rubber bushings do provide a lot of leeway though, especially after worn.
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