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  1. The input shaft upgrade you posted is for the Citroen trans on the earlier cars. You have the Renault UN1 trans - Wrong link? Yes really curious now how this dash project comes together - love what they have done on the Elise dash swaps. Oh I know that FD I think. Was a beast!
  2. Watching with interest - If you come up with a plug and play solution on the dash I may see if you can print an extra. The Aim dash are really neat! Curious what is involved with the input shaft upgrade?
  3. SJ will sell the stock piece of silicone tubing to replace the Tee where the BOV is. Or you can buy the correct diameter from hundreds of vendors on E-bay etc. I forget what the diamter is 2.5" or 2.25" I believe. You get what you pay for their, quality all over the map. In 5 minutes you can pop the BOV out and manually push the plunger in and out and see if that is likely the problem. My last one could be disassembled and I could see where the plunger had deteriorated and was sticking.
  4. I talked to Goldcrest in Kennesaw. They were not willing. They rebuilt and installed a LSD in a 915 from one of my 911s a few years ago. Did a great job. There is a couple of places on the north side that do Elise work. Maybe they would do it. I have the manual and a couple folks have said it is not to bad, but I dont want to do it twice.
  5. Let us know, I am in GA too and thinking about the GTO option, maybe we could save a bit on shipping. Get the LSD too, Also, perhaps we could work together to find some one to rebuild the gear boxes? I have not looked really seriously yet but some casual looking around yielded nobody that could or would do it. I dont think your clutch is stock then if its the twin. I think that came on the very late V8s?
  6. I am not sure there are any trans options for 600 hp using the stock gear box. Actually the GTO upgrade kit was designed and is used on GT40 replicas with big torquey murican V8s. Probably a work for a while 🙂
  7. JAE have a solution they came up with for the twin plate but I guess yours is single plate. I would see what they say, save a bit on shipping. The GBP/dollar ratio is very attractive right now however!
  8. When you put it back together, watch the slave while some one else operates the clutch. I have a bad feeling its clutch, how many miles on the clutch?
  9. Please keep me in the loop, I would be interested in a full kit if it goes forward. I wonder if it would make sense to have set made up here in the states with the the shipping and import fees. Tom would you sell your CAD work?
  10. That is good to know about the IACV! It seems like many issues could be linked to the IACV and I always thought it could show on the diagnostic programs. maybe I am thinking of the TPS, can that be seen on Esprit mon?
  11. Total shot in the S4 used to behave similar. Over time and installing a BOV (getting that to work was suprisingly hard) I ended up getting rid of lots of the Vacuum demands. And my car stopped behaving like that. For instance I deleted the Charcoal Canister and the back pressure valve. I also had a turbo waste gate sense line failure at one point. I hypothesize I fixed a small vaccum leak some where along the line. I think this could show like an IACV problem possibly? Wouldnt an IACV issue show on Espritmon? Maybe disconect the Charcoal canister lines and plug to eliminate that system as an issue. I guess as long as the one way valves on the vac lines are ok that should elimnate a failure there (now that I think about it)???? Lots of places to have a leak or an issue.
  12. Vid not working for me. Seems like I have read about clutch arms fatiguinf and flexing? or could the incorrect arm be installed? Hopefully an easy fix after all that work.
  13. There is a relay type thing that smooths out the fuel gauge action (so it doesnt flop around when going over a bump). I think the light is on that circuit, I wonder if that relay could have an issue. I ended up removing mine, fuell level indicator on the gauge moves around real time and the low fuel light does not come on - otherwise no issues that I have noticed. I beleive there is a wright up on how this fuel level delay works in the awesome relay info threads.
  14. I noticed that your parts list does not include the proper length push rod for the slave to fork. Will you just cut down the old one? Or is there enough adjustment at the slave. What do you think was causing the slipping? Oil from rear main and possibly S4 release bearing geometry? Good catch on all those wrong parts! I would never have figured all that out. I will be very vigilant when I do my clutch based on your excellent write up! Thanks!
  15. Ahh - I have read somewhere that lowering the spring seat can be an issue because it starts to interfere with the back of the hub or brakes? Was that an issue for you? I have LEDA coil overs that use a smaller OD, non stock spring (shorter slightly stiffer) so did not have any issues. The LEDA do not use a rubber isolator and I did not notice much increase in noise - my car is pretty aggressive in other areas though.
  16. I have read about this before - the SPAX and other brands have a threaded collar to adjust the ride height and corner balance. For some brands on some models even with the spring seat collar threaded all the way down the ride height is still above stock. I am thinking that is one reason why JAE suggested the SPAX so the lean could be adjusted? I have also read about several situations, where Spring sag was noted (Atwell above).causing body lean. As mentioned above the fixes I can think of would be: - shocks with adjustable spring seats - New springs - swap springs side to side Also - Interesting idea above about removing the rubber spring isolators, that might get the ride height to the correct spot - a little more NVH. I have not heard that Lotus suggested to remove them in some instances, not surprised.
  17. ac clutch on its way out? Dragging /loading engine? Then sticking and wont release until you turn car off? I think the fact that AC wont come on unless you turn car off is important piece of the puzzle. I am not any kind of AC expert.
  18. I believe Andy is correct, my experience agrees, would be nice if it would build a little boost in that scenario. Make checking and testing easier.
  19. I had an old BOV go bad, is your idles still OK? If the boost/vacuum line to the back side of the BOV split, the BOV would hold a little boost with the spring and then be pushed open - this would whoosh. You would have a vacuum leak that might upset the idle. I think it would keep whooshing though as long as the turbo was spinning? Maybe the computer sees the drop in boost and opens the WG?
  20. I should have also said - the V8 had stiffer sprigs and likely different shock valving was not just a slightly heavier motor, also more power, bigger wheels and tires, faster probably some other things.
  21. They are the same dimensions. I would give it a go. The spring rates on the V8 are a little higher probably because the engine is heavier, the shock valving is probably a little differnt. Its pretty easy to swap them out - give it a shot.
  22. Yeah that is the data that convinced me to go with a full cage and not just the rear brace.
  23. Hey Jaap, I am still working on a local solution for a "copy" of the X180R cage. Have talked with several fab shops that were not interested. Have a couple more that I need to get the details too. That said I talked to Lotus Bits in the UK, they indicated they had experience with such things. I immediately asked a couple of other questions and they stopped responding. I think they stay very busy. I think they would be able to produce what I want and ship it to us if they had the resources. I will reach out again and let them know we might be in for two or 3.
  24. There is a couple for sale on EBAY, I think Slava81 has them both. One is for an S4. I think you can bolt your translator onto the newer trans? Trying to think I saw another one recently- Oh there was a guy selling one with a LSD but I think it sold. It was also from a V8 IIRC
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