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  1. Thanks for the info.... I wonder if it is used on another car? It is a odd shape? Thanks again
  2. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the plastic cover for the relays next to the brake master cylinder? Thanks Tim
  3. Hi Richard, I have not fitted the standard clutch option yet, I am going to change the slave cylinder first, I am sure you cannot get the original one and one part of my query was has anyone fitted the style that SJ supply? I wonder if part of the problem could be the slave cylinder? Thanks
  4. Tim H

    V8 on eBay

    Looks a good buy, It would not of been around for long I am sure.... enjoy the drive when you get it on the road.... if you are getting the belts done I would recommend the gates blue belts... peace of mind... I would also do the pulleys 👍
  5. Tim H

    V8 on eBay

    looks a lot of car for the money...
  6. Hi Andy, SJ sell the blue racing gates belts, I have them on my car, worth the extra money for peace of mind Cheers Tim
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for the response I appreciate it, I think I will be going with the AP as I am running std engine. I did e mail AP about the clutch options they do for the esprit but did not get a reply. Kind regards Tim
  8. I only get the vibration when doing a hill start, on the level the engine / clutch take up is smooth. Thanks
  9. Mike, Could you keep e up-dated on the response from SJ and your thoughts. Appreciated
  10. Hi Mike, SJ have several clutches on there website. Uprated clutch link below I also e mailed AP in Coventry to see what range they did for the Esprit V8. With what I experiencing judder / vibration on incline setting of, would this make you think the clutch is on its way? Thanks for the advice
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking for some advice on clutch options, my car has some judder only when on an incline, but on the level it is a treat, as mentioned on here before about the pick up pipe dropping of into the sump pan due to vibration and that is the last thing anyone wants to happen to any motor! so thinking ahead what are the options? I see on some of the specialist web sites they do a recon clutch £650, then there is a upgrade heavy duty option for about £1100. Has anyone any experience of these options? Also has anyone fitted the new style clutch cylinder as the original is not
  12. Just a question, and I think I have read this before, how does the pick up pipe end up in the sump? This will obviously starve the engine of oil when it happens. Thanks
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