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  1. I used Magnecor plug leads and I would recommend them, I would also consider the crank sensor, such a cheap replacement and has made a difference to cold starting and does not jump anymore. It only jumped odd times but replacing the sensor seems to have resolved this issue. Enjoy the drive👍
  2. I am surprised how thin the wires are compared to other crank sensors on the other cars I have... and they have no insulation around them either like the others.... also I think the same for the oil temp sensor on the sump plug....
  3. Can anyone tell me where does the crank sensor connector wiring go to, I thought my sensor had gone due to not starting no fuel / spark, I have moved the wiring slightly / checking the connection on the crank sensor and the car started so I think the wire has a bad connection broke within the wire so it needs replacing and I wish to replace the whole length. Thanks for the advice , appreciated....
  4. Brilliant racer, his book only here for the beer is a good read about his early days racing for Vauxhall (Bill Blydenstein) Gregor his son still races a firenza and has loaded some old footage of Gerry and big bertha on youtube... good times👍
  5. It is brilliant news for lotus, but mechanically how much is made in the uk? That can be said for so many things today unfortunately...
  6. Hi Steve, Have you any up-dates ??
  7. I'm sure the V8 esprit could be in this area, 4 extra cylinders, different chassis..... loads of additional features due to engine size, but is still an esprit. A different animal to a S1....
  8. My point about putting the engine / gearbox subframe to the main car structure was, if this was done in factory simulation software it will tell you any issues before you get to reality. That is why you use simulation, it tells you before you get to first time build and you can make modifications to the structure the design intent model.
  9. I have enjoyed all the media and peoples comment views on the forum about the new lotus model, and it looks a super car. The thing I picked up the most on the ch4 program was the time it took to align the engine to the main car. Whether they had used factory simulation software that high lights the human interaction on assembling the car? It detects access issues at an early stage, It looked difficult for the guys using torque wrenches with extensions.
  10. I looked at this car years ago at the lotus show at Donnington, I remember Rob saying about the 6 speed box, I think he said it was one of the best upgrades. It did make me think what that box was like to use compared to standard?
  11. Hi Steve, Is it worth getting a new slave cylinder first and to see if that fix's the issue? Just a thought?
  12. Brilliant , pleased it was a simple fix.....👍
  13. Hi Steve, I do hope it is air in the system and that answers all the issues you have experienced. Did you have a new slave cylinder? I will be changing that in the near future.....
  14. Hi Dave, which option did you go for? How is the drive / clutch now, has it resolved all the issues. Thanks Tim
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