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  1. I agree, flush everyting through thoroughly to clear any debris that may be present........
  2. I do like it, colour and the looks top notch condition... and as said before the interior looks fab in the two tone.... Enjoy
  3. I used them as the air flow was better when the fans came on than the original fitments, spal are more efficient.... when they came on for the first time after fitment oh yes you can see the temp gauge come down so much quicker.... peace of mind... and yes could be classed as preventative maintainence...
  4. Hi sorry for the late reply.... I have found my receipt from Radtec who supplied the fans... they are VA11-AP7C-57A for all 3 it came to £234 I hope the info helps Cheers Tim
  5. Hi Andy, I will let you know which ones tomorrow, they were part of the kit from Radtek…. as in previous post they are a good up-grade!
  6. Spal are brilliant fans a great up-grade...... You can feel the differance when they come on.... the air flow at the front is so much better....
  7. Hi, I used the radtek and very pleased with that option, they do a full package with the cooling fans. Or you can go for coolex in nottingham they are popular as well, alistair will discuss with you your options and will only use top spec material.... All the classic guys are there when I have been with there austins and MG..
  8. I will try and make it up from Belper Its a nice drive up the A6
  9. I agree , get it checked over at a place where they do all the checks including the hpi .... there are places that do a full check like an MOT and check all the geometry / suspension.... If the seller doesnt agree then I would walk away.......
  10. Just to add to this thread, I have used Steve at SJ for forteen years and I have never ever had an issue, he tells me in advance that certain things will need doing, this gives me a heads up for the next visit. Always a pleasure to talk to.... and so is Ross. Straight talking, and that is what I like!
  11. I would like to know what the chassis is like, put it on a hunter alignment tracker and find out..... Also before purchase find out what was the damage and what parts needed to make it roadworthy again..... 20k ? Depends what work needs doing...… It does looks a nice car, but what is going of under the skin.
  12. Yes I have a copy of the book and got it from the lotus show when it was released and got it signed by the author... Great chap to talk to and commended him on his other books and my favorite Only here for the beer, which is also signed by him and Gerry Marshall.... He smiled at my appreciation....
  13. I love the colour of your car, the Silicon hose kit was made from my 2001 V8, I kept them black also, it will be worth the wait. When you turn that key and both banks fire up Always puts a smile on my face....
  14. As above sorry to hear, and be glad for you when it is rebuilt. Just goes to show they didnt do it right even something small as sealent can cause so much damage...... and cost a full rebuild and a new crank!!......Looks a cracking car in the pictures
  15. RIP Burt, always made me smile when I heard that laugh.... Favorite film would be White lighting..... old V8 sound and throwing around the old yank tanks......
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