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  1. I have just visited Central Lotus to look and sit in the Emira, It is wonderful to see such a car, and when I sat in I had not had that feeling of just sitting in a car since I bought my Esprit in 2004.... I had to walk out the showroom as I felt I would/ could spend a lot of money. The sales lady was laughing, it looks and feels a fabulous car.... and the quality, well done lotus....
  2. My valuation was for the insurance for agreed value, this is re-assed every two years.
  3. I have had my car independently valued nearly two years ago at £46K, that is a 2001 GT with 24k on the clock. Thanks Tim
  4. Thanks for the info about Cotterill Eng CC, I may pop over to see if they can lick up my V8 flywheel?
  5. They do look smart, I do like the flexibility of a HAAS machine and the rotary table, 4th Axis. I used to enjoy being involved in machining.
  6. Not for me, if you like it then that is the main thing.... enjoy the drive👍
  7. Looks fab mike, I think the cooler on the top is for the gearbox oil? Looking forward to ignition👍
  8. Hi, I have had Falkens fitted on the front for some years, I have been highly satisfied with them especially the wear rate, grip and steering feel is good in the dry, I have been satisfied with them in the wet.
  9. I always use a trickle charger , always connected when in the garage....keeps the battery in top condition, I have had one battery last up to 8-9 years, when upon start up it is as if its a new battery. I use a trickle charger on all my cars.
  10. Just to follow up on this subject. I had judder on hill starts and was interested on other owners experience. I have now replaced the clutch with a exchange unit, also a new flywheel and slave cylinder. On the level and in transit the clutch is nice and lighter to use , all gears are easy to select, But I still get judder on hill starts, its not as bad but not a clean pick up as I would expect. The old flywheel has the hot spots which I have seen from other owners who have loaded up pictures. I asked the question to a old lotus service / mechanic, his reply was they all do it....??
  11. Hi Chris, Looking good, which option did you go for the Clutch and flywheel? Thanks Tim
  12. Looking at the website, new lotus are available, or alternative re-manufactured , or reground... a selection to suit your budget.
  13. SJ Sportscars do new ones....
  14. Hi Trev, I have owned a V8 for 17 years and can say it has been reliable and a real joy to drive. As with any car, if it is driven and maintained correctly it will be fine. Do the homework and checks and if you can get a specialist would be a bonus. Enjoy the hunt to Esprit ownership👍😁
  15. Hi, Gavin at Unit 4 service has looked at my V8 before, 10 years main dealer experience....
  16. I used Magnecor plug leads and I would recommend them, I would also consider the crank sensor, such a cheap replacement and has made a difference to cold starting and does not jump anymore. It only jumped odd times but replacing the sensor seems to have resolved this issue. Enjoy the drive👍
  17. I am surprised how thin the wires are compared to other crank sensors on the other cars I have... and they have no insulation around them either like the others.... also I think the same for the oil temp sensor on the sump plug....
  18. Can anyone tell me where does the crank sensor connector wiring go to, I thought my sensor had gone due to not starting no fuel / spark, I have moved the wiring slightly / checking the connection on the crank sensor and the car started so I think the wire has a bad connection broke within the wire so it needs replacing and I wish to replace the whole length. Thanks for the advice , appreciated....
  19. Brilliant racer, his book only here for the beer is a good read about his early days racing for Vauxhall (Bill Blydenstein) Gregor his son still races a firenza and has loaded some old footage of Gerry and big bertha on youtube... good times👍
  20. It is brilliant news for lotus, but mechanically how much is made in the uk? That can be said for so many things today unfortunately...
  21. I'm sure the V8 esprit could be in this area, 4 extra cylinders, different chassis..... loads of additional features due to engine size, but is still an esprit. A different animal to a S1....
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