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  1. Mrs_L

    BBQ at the FARM

    Thank you all for being so nice to the new girl - it was lovely to meet you all and we're looking forward to seeing you again
  2. Mrs_L

    The Warren Classic

    We are. Hopefully others will be? Possibles: 1 Mrs_L T79 2 esprit22 Esprit turbo
  3. Mrs_L

    The Warren Classic

    Doh, sorry bad phrasing.... owners of older Lotus cars
  4. Mrs_L

    The Warren Classic My hubby has been talking with the organisers of the above show in Essex in September, and they are interested in putting together a Lotus class for the show, and asked him if he knew of any "older" lotus owners who would be interested in showing off their pride and joy? This is one of the best organised shows that we have come across and is free to exhibit Anyone interested in showing their car, please contact [email protected] or sign up on the website above.
  5. Mrs_L

    Hello :)

    I'll look forward to it, thanks
  6. Mrs_L

    Hello :)

    Thanks Tony. We're in Essex, some of you may already know my hubby Ade, he was active in the Exige community for years (still is really), used to have a laser blue S2 I nagged him like hell to get another when he sold it, and once the T79 came along, we were on it Silly boy still thinks it's his....
  7. Mrs_L

    Hello :)

    Hi Michael We bought it from a dealer last year, was in a bit of a state, hadn't been looked after very well but is all original so we're bringing it back to glory. Got the providence from Andy Graham, #3 of 31 apparently
  8. Mrs_L

    Hello :)

    Morning all, Happy to be here Me and hubby aren't new to Lotus ownership but since I have now officially claimed the Type 79 (what's his is mine and all that haha ) so I thought I'd sign up and get to know the community a bit more. Nice to meet you all