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  1. There were loads that didn't get the handouts - us included (we arrived around 8ish) but when we were getting underway the guy walking down the middle was clearly telling everyone about the 2 car lengths maximum gap Such a pity we didn't get the record, but another try next year hopefully - easily the best organised event I've had the pleasure to attend
  2. As everyone’s said, absolutely brilliant day all round, anyone know how many cars were parked on the track? I’d originally heard 500 but it looked way more than that!
  3. Name: Lotus Elise S1 Click to view: Lotus Elise S1
  4. Looks like we might see you after all, hubby has been offered a car/passengers ticket by one of the guys on his Exiges group 😊
  5. Mrs_L

    The Warren Classic

    Had a great day, placed second in class British Icons, awesome and unexpected Lovely to meet you too Nigel
  6. As above. Original paintwork preferred. Many thanks
  7. Mrs_L

    The Warren Classic

    Anyone else going to this?
  8. Not us unfortunately, going to be at the Warren Classic tomorrow, have a good time x
  9. I was going to but I completely forgot. Did we need to sign up or just turn up?
  10. Thank you all for being so nice to the new girl - it was lovely to meet you all and we're looking forward to seeing you again
  11. Mrs_L

    The Warren Classic

    We are. Hopefully others will be? Possibles: 1 Mrs_L T79 2 esprit22 Esprit turbo
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