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  1. Hi All. Resurrecting this post from over a decade ago. I had the EXACT same problem happen to me again. This time Flow Lotus in Winston-Salem put the wrong brake fluid in the car (even though I gave them a large bottle of the correct stuff), and I had to have Foreign Accents in Greensboro flush and install the correct DOT4 brake fluid. I had a flashing ABS light so I started with the accumulator - nope. Then the pressure switch was swapped by me with a Lotus Marques unit - still flashing. I finally realized I had a leaking brake line which was causing the pressure to nosedive and setting off the ABS light. Had Flow Lotus replace the brake lines with a stainless set from JAE. ABS light went out, but the brake delay was back (press the brake, count to two, then the brakes would activate). Popped off the brake fluid lid, and sure enough it smelled funky. System flush, new proper DOT4 fluid installed, and brakes are normal (for now anyway). The last time I had this problem, I was young and had hair. Now I'm bald with a family, but the car's problems never change
  2. Foreign Toys in Ft.. Lauderdale is the only place in FL I ever trusted to work on my car when I lived down there. They don't do body work, but they know where to get it done properly. Google them and give them a call.
  3. Can the drip and heat shields be sourced from the original part? Is it possible to just remove them and stick them on the carbon fibre replacement? Very nice looking piece!
  4. I've done some searching with no luck. Does anyone know of a write-up on how to remove the stereo head unit from the dash? I found the link below, but there seems to be a dead link as the "Stereos" and "Full ICE Install" links go to the same write-up (which doesn't have the basics of removing the radio). Thanks in advance!
  5. Yep, you don't want to reset the ECU too often, but I find that doing so in the Spring gets it ready for Summer, then doing it again on a cold day in the Fall makes it run better in the Winter.
  6. Hi Peter. We've got a Lotus club here in North Carolina. Come say hi at We need more Esprits to offset all the Elises at our meets!

  7. Hi there Dave. We've got a Lotus club here in NC. Would be great to see another Stevens Esprit at our meets.

  8. Hi guys. We actually have a Carolina Lotus Owners Club (CLOC). The website is I've used Foreign Accents in Greensboro to do my clutch and they've also done the entire transmission in Steve's V8. It's good to know there's a Lotus specialist in Salisbury too. Not to hijack the thread, but do check out the website. We're going to get a meet together as soon as all this snow melts.
  9. Is there another thread on this that I can't seem to find? I'm looking for caravan information etc...
  10. Any advice for replacing the secondaries? The RC injectors I got from WC were slightly shorter than the stock units and it took some adjustment of the little metal bracket that holds them in place to get the injectors to extend far enough to reach the manifold.
  11. Finally got the new tires installed. Tire rub issue is SOLVED! The lower profile tire does not rub at all. This is a much better solution than simply not turning the steering wheel to full lock.
  12. Does the chargecooler have to be moved? It looks like the fuel rail is a really tight fit, and the secondaries also seem hard to access...
  13. I'm going to swap out the stock fuel injectors for some RC injectors. Seems pretty straightforward but I was wondering if there was a write-up anywhere...couldn't seem to find one on LEW. Thanks!
  14. After I did the de-cat, mine would start up, run well for a minute, then run really rough like it was about to stall, but rarely actually did stall. After 30 seconds of running poorly, it would pick up and be just fine. I reset the ECU, and it hasn't done it since. I also noticed the problem was the worst in hot weather, but I doubt you've experienced any of that lately
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