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  1. Anyone think our kids should suffer some blitz to toughen them up? What price resilience? Part of winning a war is that you don't have to suffer another one. Not saying that kids are stronger than they were a generation or 2 ago, but do you honestly believe that the only way they can become as robust and world weary as their parents and grandparents is for them to have to go through some kind of life threatening experience? Lovely.
  2. Some balance... Here are 12 important questions and answers before considering getting vaccinated ●"If I get vaccinated can I stop wearing a mask(s)?" Government: "NO" If you catch it, it'll still replicate and be transmissible, but at a reduced rate and for a shorter time. So it makes sense to wear a mask just in case. ●"If I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. reopen and will people be able to get back to work like normal? Government: "NO" If enough people get vaccinated, reduce the chance of transmission, th
  3. RobinB5


    @C8RKH, if you want to see a complete lack of common sense and underlying fundamentals, look no further than Bitcoin. Its value based solely on its rarity. The ultimate abstraction of real value. Having said that, it's not going away. Its volatility will be regulated and it's here to stay.
  4. RobinB5


    Making a loss today does not equate to making a loss in the future. And it's the future that is invested in. A company making a loss today might be doing so by massively investing for their future. Alternatively a company making a loss today might be doing so because their fundamentals are shite. It's all a form of gambling on what you believe will happen in the future. if you want a safe investment try bonds. This is nothing new. One theory is numeracy was developed to support futures trading in traded crops back in the Neolithic. it's in our nature to take risks and reap the rewards, o
  5. RobinB5


    So after following the GameStop debacle, and thus becoming more interested in stock, thought I'd dip my toe in to the markets. Subscribed to Motley Fool and invested in some of their recommendations, all US stocks. Also did my own research and invested in some UK stocks. US stocks have soared, UK stocks in the doldrums. Yeh, yeh, investments should be considered a 3-5 year commitment but lessons I've learnt so far: I don't know diddly squat about investments, so I listen to those who do Factor in trade charges. If you're just investing in the low £1000s, they will take a ch
  6. RobinB5


    The stock price reflects future earnings potential, plus a good dollop of short term profiteering. It'll settle down.
  7. RobinB5


    I've been following the 'discussions' on r/WallStreetBets, a lot of angry people on a crusade and a lot of latecomers that will get burned by GME. Think it will be quite some time yet before retail investors will get the better of the institutions.
  8. Douglas Larkin on the 'Lotus Esprit Turbo Owners' Facebook group has been showing his progress on full 3D scanning of an entire S4. Looks really impressive. He's also done some structural simulation of the chassis. Don't think he's on LTF. I've messaged him enquiring about the availability of the 3D models, to no avail. His business is in scanning and the 3D models are gold dust IP, wouldn't be at all surprised if he wants to keep the models to himself. But maybe he'd be willing to share the above dimensions? Might be worth reaching out to him on FB.
  9. Wonder how well informed this render from a few months ago will turn out to have been:
  10. A little clearer. Run out of filters to apply
  11. After a little image processing. The 3 new cars are literally under wraps.
  12. They could have shown a little more than just the headlight patterns! Maybe that's all they've designed so far
  14. There are some pretty odd ones in here, plus the obligatory Lotuses.
  15. Might have been simpler to list what remained!
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