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  1. I hate peanut butter, but not as much as white polish marks on black plastic trim. Rubber and peanut butter it is! (+ face mask)
  2. There are various bits that require further attention. Fuel stains next to the filler caps, lots of lovely white dots on the bottom of the body just behind the front wheels (what are those bits called?). Also got lots of white polish markings on the black plastic bits which I'll have to figure out how to remove. All part of the fun of the learning experience!
  3. I'll not be spending ~6 hours doing the wash, clay, polish and wax very often @jep. Maybe an annual event, with balloons and cider and stuff
  4. With little to be done mechanically at the mo, thought I'd put some effort into cosmetics. Have never really bothered with a proper cleaning regime for my cars over the years so decided to do a little genning up on detailing. Blimey, didn't realise so many people were so into it!? Didn't get some of the products recommended in previous threads on TLF, just used what I already had to hand. Did buy a clay-mitt though and invested in a DA polisher (total waste of time, effort and money imo). Washed with Simonez Wash and Wax, G3 Clay mitted with Dodo Juice Born Slippy Lube, an Autoglym super
  5. Sorry, a bit of a puerile post, but he was a massive twat.
  6. Dear Mr. Audi A6 driver, all up my arse today and in my face with your headlights. You might have ended up overtaking me but at the end of the day you'll park your German car in your garage and I'll park my wedge of British engineering history in mine. So there
  7. Latest in the Royal Mint's Bond themed commemorative series of £5 coins arrived today. Pay attention 007
  8. That's what wine and gin is for
  9. 16 gallons pressed, happiest time of the year Anyone else here make cider?
  10. The BBC needs to change back to something all British people are proud of. An organisation that used to be held in high esteem by all, both native and foreign. Turn it into a run of the mill private enterprise then it will be nothing better than any other crass US type media operation that is as biased as those who fund it. Maybe the BBC should stop over-stocking their management with middle class liberal graduates, have their management represent a more realistic cross section of the British public, maybe then it would be more balanced and representative?
  11. Was taking #1 son out for a birthday drive. Was only going as fast as the car in front of me
  12. Although my S4 is running very well, there's maybe something up with it I don't know about. @Sparky, how much to fix it psychicly please?
  13. I'm getting this everywhere (well, maybe not the same advert): and seemed to no longer be a Gold ffm. Did my cheque bounce? Have I gone and done something bad?
  14. This is the duct. To say it's weird is an understatement! The 'tongue' bit reduces swirling flow which outweighs the increase in surface friction, reduces pressure drop, conversely increases flow rate (by 22%) when the same fan is used. Interesting also the overall cost saving (34%) of going from 6 individual parts for the original duct down to one printed part.
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