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  1. @Clive59, looks like @Suddabym's final boards have SMT LEDs. Looks neat.
  2. Gold foil does look lovely. If it's good enough for satellites, it's good enough for the Esprit
  3. I'd assume that most plastic bodywork bits in the engine bay have a high enough temperature tolerance. The exhaust system will radiate most heat (350-600 degC), thus the need for the heat shield between the cat and the rear nearside wheel and the shields near the exhaust manifold and turbo. If anything needs lagging/foiling it's the water supply pipes to the charge cooler, all the way from the charge cooler inlet and through the chassis to the front.
  4. Fitted mine today. The 80mm neoprene duct was a bugger to fit on the air filter box, but on it went. The wire is really strong, should be no problem with -ve pressure suction. Was going to cover in foil tape, but didn't bother in the end. Will just keep an eye out for rubbing and chaffing on the boot wall in the future.
  5. If each response was independent, then ranking them based on number of votes makes sense. However that ranking would remove any sequential discussion type responses where a post is in response to a previous post. It would get somewhat confusing quite quickly. Can the order of responses be chronological but still show the number of votes? Is there a user option to rank either chronologically or by votes?
  6. Why cover the engine bay with low emissivity foil? That would only 'reflect' the heat radiated by the engine back to the engine increasing it, and all its ancillary component's, temperature? If the foil on the underside of the engine cover is for RF purposes, it's painted (black) so it can readily absorb the radiated heat from the engine. It's not the black colour though, it's that it has a high emissivity due to it being paint. White paint would work just as well. As @Bibs said, the foil would be good to reflect heat, stopping the heat from entering sensitive components. The air int
  7. @Neil Potter, how did the Neoprene ducting work out? Did it ever deform due to -ve pressure or heat? I've just ordered 1m of this stuff: and one of these reducers: as the existing original ducting is very tatty and has some small tears in it.
  8. Never fully appreciated how aggressive the Elite looked and drove, a simply stunning car.
  9. Trump's bordering on fascism, with a growing anti-democratic stance, he's seeking to undermine democratic process to further his own political agenda. The GOP should call him out and oust him asap. If you're going to support Trump's tactics, just make sure you're aware of whether you're supporting your political ideals, or whether you're supporting the undermining of a legally endorsed political process.
  10. I built my garage specifically to house an S4. Made the (double) doors 90 inches wide. 6 inch gap each side which is enough to drive in comfortably. I don't envy your 2in gaps @shaunw!!
  11. That's a struggle that's been going on since the time of the Luddites. An ongoing existential crisis that is leading to a service based economy, until such time as even those services are replaced with automated and more profitable alternatives. The last job a human will have is to program an AI that can train other AIs. After that it'll just be a matter of whether you're an Eloi or Morlock.
  12. I wonder if level 5 autonomy will be realised by then? An on-demand pay per use model will revolutionize car usage and maybe see the demise of car ownership. Maybe no bad thing as cars spend so much time not being driven, their efficacy is shite. Having said that what would a Lotus be in a world of fully autonomous driving? Would there be a sports mode setting that makes the car go at the speed limit all the time with as much acceleration/deceleration as the car is capable of at each speed limit change? I wonder if you'd have to pay a premium to drive in manual mode and be banned from subsequ
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