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  1. After a pretty shitty emotional week, a weekend trip to Avebury and Stonehenge put life back in perspective. We've been around for quite a long time and will continue to be around for some time yet.
  2. It's always a tough remit, redesign the badge, but retain its iconic features. This is Spurs' badge history: Redesign it so that it's very different, you'll be lambasted. Don't redesign it enough and you'll be accused of a being waste of money. But redesign it you must. And what is it with birds and football clubs anyway?
  3. The forever brilliant Johnny Ball extolling the virtues of Hippocrates of Chios (seriously, it's more interesting than the name suggests )
  4. Anyone fancy meeting up for a chat before Xmas? Maybe at Fromes Hill again? I've done a paltry 1020 miles this year, most of those driving to the garage to buy petrol to replenish that used to drive to the garage How about the 12th (Sun), 18th (Sat) or 19th (Sun) of December? Or does someone want to recommend another venue? Maybe we could grab a bite to eat in a pub? Any or either way, if at least one person would attend, then so would I. In fact I'd be happy to attend by myself !!
  5. Have you ever worked on it Gary?
  6. I went to Belgium (Leuven) for a meeting last week. First business trip in 2 years. Yep, what a palava. Passenger locator forms (PLF) on entry and another on return. I took a CV test on entry as opposed to showing a -ve test on arrival. Also took a test < 2 days after arrival back in blighty. Expensed all tests of course, same test that you can take for free in the UK but with QR codes where you upload a picture of the test to the testing site you purchased the test from. Had to join the 'other passport' queue in Brussels on arrival and had my passport stamped. On return LHR was dead and got through passport control in minutes. New normal. Fine. People tend to overplay waiting times in airports, it's no big deal.
  7. Got to sit in our Simrod EV test/mule vehicle in Leuven this week: I work in a Siemens group focusing on test and simulation tools with a particular focus on automotive. Aero, structural, vibration, thermal, electronics, NVH, CFD, FEA etc. etc. the Simrod is used as a demonstrator for our tools. Had a demo of acoustic simulation+test where we isolated the sources between wheel, structural vibration, external aero turbulence etc. so that you could turn each of these off/on in an emulation to appreciate their individual contributions. Was really cool. I'm helping out in the thermal simulation of the inverter, last thing you want is for your power Mosfets to exceed their 150 degC maximum rated junction temperatures whilst caning it down the straight. The seat was as, if not more, tight as an Esprit's, but maybe I drank too much Belgium beer and was suffering hip expansion Used by most OEMs, check out these capabilities if you want:
  8. My laptop is a bit fubared at the moment (certain keys on the keyboard are non-operational forcing me to use an external keyboard). Too much of a hassle taking all that and connecting it up in the boot. I do rather like @eriks4's approach of having a dedicated laptop mounted from the roof upside down in the cabin! Should and could be a permanent fixture. Just need to find an old laptop and figure out how to run the cable from the boot to the cabin.
  9. There's no money to be made by making something that would last 30+ years. More due to the loss of repeat sales than the cost of design and manufacture. Having said that I wonder if there's a green business model that would provide aero/military grade consumer products at very high cost with a 30 year warranty, marketed as the only way to address the environmental failings of our capitalist consumer society. I'm sure there's a well to do middle class market that would gobble that stuff up as opposed to gluing their faces to roads.
  10. OK, although this isn't probably the resolution to your symptom, I recently had to add some tape to where the door switch connected with the chassis to ensure the switch was 'off' when the door was shut. Without this tape build-up next to the door switch, the cabin light was constantly flickering on/off whilst driving (as the door flexed randomly during driving turning the switch on/off).
  11. No idea whether they are still available, but both later GT3s with the revised binnacle.
  12. @TrevS for an S4, between £25 and £30k. For an S4s between £30k and £35k. Sure, they'll be outliers, a really perfect S4s might be upwards of £40k. I was put off by the cost and too many stories about V8 reliability, rather the costs if something went seriously wrong. I would have liked an S4s but ended up buying an S4 from a forum member. Very well looked after before and since and I've zero regrets, she's been an absolute dream to own these past 2 years.
  13. There's an evident correlation between a typical Lotus owner on this forum and right of centre politics, not surprisingly and me included. You'd hope and expect that the political party that represents your beliefs would be competent enough to prosecute them. I'm assuming @Doug Ashleydidn't vote conservative but I tend to agree with his points. Sure, they got Brexit done (good, will of the majority etc. etc.), but they do appear to be a bunch of self serving, narcissistic and pretty ineffective career politicians that are not in power due their abilities, rather simply said the right things at the right time and not being as obviously unable to govern as Labour. I expect more from the conservatives. Don't conflate one's beliefs with the abilities of the party you voted for. Just because they're in power doesn't mean they're fit for power. Johnson's a joke and I hope and assume that there's someone else in the conservative party better suited for leadership. A labour government would be worse, but I really hope that a conservative government can be made better with a change of leadership.
  14. Try living next to the river Wye.
  15. @Gjk, unbelievable craftsmanship, what beautiful models. The detail is so precise I half expected them to be fully operational!!
  16. Welcome Ali. Not too far from Ross-on-Wye! Would be great to see your Emira once you get it. There's a group of us from Herefordshire/Worcestershire that have started to meet up (once ), more than welcome to come along for the next meet that might happen at some point in the future:
  17. Where's the un-insulate Britain activists who might turn up promptly, glue all of the insulate Britain protesters together and handcuff them to the nearest pole? There are so many issues affecting our country, insulation is pretty far down the list. If they want to be climate change activists then lead by example.
  18. The 'Big Apple' event is held in Much Marcle in Herefordshire each harvest time (although suffering a Covid hiatus last year). Much Marcle is the spiritual home of cider in the UK, where Westons is based but more importantly where a number of other smaller cideries are based, focusing on more natural smaller scale cider production methods. The sun was out today and it was a great opportunity to talk to cider producers and buy their wares. Apples have their biblical connotation as a symbol of knowledge, immortality, temptation, the fall of man and sin. The simplest and purest of all alcoholic beverages. The German's are welcome to their purity laws. Real cider is a drink apart. I'm now busy sampling these purchases, hic "An apple a day keeps the doctor away...".
  19. Good idea. Will do a logging tomorrow using the latest Espritmon version that shows the BLM cell values.
  20. After a few miles of post-injector replacement driving, the main thing to note is the complete lack of backfire. Previously, when suddenly taking one's foot of the accelerator after a hard acceleration, there were all kinds of thundering grumbles and pops in the exhaust. Now nothing, zilch. Can only assume the old injectors weren't spraying fine enough, leaving blobs of fuel that didn't fully combust in the cylinder, but did in the exhaust. Can only assume fuel efficiency will increase as well (though have not, and will not ever, bother to measure that). I still hold that acceleration is better, but as discussed before that might be psychosomatic, but to be honest I'm not fussed, she still 'feels' more responsive Long live one's perceptions over measurable reality !!
  21. His arsehole is going to be a massive petri dish for a number of diseases.
  22. Do you mean this Mark: ?
  23. Chris, well I replaced my injectors, didn't bother to clean the outside of fuel rails ( ), used clips to seat the new RC injectors, the top and bottom rubber o-rings compressed well into their seats.. All is fine, no leaks, improved performance.
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