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  1. Spannering already about to start. Didn't even know what a rivnut was until yesterday Screwfix is going to love me in the coming months. Looking forwards to learning loads from @Barrykearley
  2. Barry did that, I don't think I've got the tools
  3. After about 40 years of dreaming of owning one, a year spent researching and preparing, I finally took the plunge. There were other candidates cosmetically prettier with lower mileage but, after trawling TLF for buying advice, I went with one that was mechanically sorted, owned and cared for by an experienced enthusiast and had a well documented history. So yep, I bought Barry's S4 Having been besotted with Lotus for nearly all my life, certainly well before I could even drive, I kind of didn't realise that in addition to the engineering pedigree and beautiful aesthetics, how incredible they are to drive. There's a world of difference between reading how much fun they are and actually putting the pedal down. The wastegate chattering (like quite a few of the horses neighing) literally made me lol! Barry has been superb, what a gent and a great help. Sure there will be things popping up over the next few years that require attention but I've gone into this eyes wide open with wallet prepared. Better half thinks this is a mid life crisis. There is no crisis at all, just sheer pleasure
  4. I don't suppose anyone knows anything about this SE? I assume the HT leads shouldn't go over the chargecooler like that?
  5. Don't know about you John, but I'm always a little suspicious when the cars are shown without the registration number. Although not the whole story, being able to search the MOT history can give some valuable insight. The yellow S4s being a case in point.
  6. There's one at Stocks: Here are some others: The azure one above is the nicest I've seen, and the most expensive.
  7. Vanya, my he-man days are far far behind me. In fact I don't think I ever had any! I've heard only good things about the Esprit PAS system.
  8. Thanks everyone, very helpful. Looks like I need to buy all 3, including Barry's lovely S4
  9. After a year of looking to take the Esprit plunge for the first time, I'm honing in on options... If you had to chose between buying an S4, an S4S or a GT3, which one would you go for? How does the maintenance of each compare? What performance differences are there? (Strange to see an abundance of yellow and orange GT3s go on sale recently!?)
  10. MOT history checks out though. What on earth could £20k have had done in 2009?
  11. Martin O'Neill's SE. Do you really think it was his? 25k for an SE with 53k miles and a £20k+ refurbishment (really?). Sounds like a nice buy if true! Though he'd have to have been called Martin Neill'O for the personalised registration to be real.
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