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    Yep. A good way to get the brain working in the morning.
  2. Which they did for the pipeline explosion in 'The World is not Enough' (my wife was walking in Black Park that day when they filmed it!).
  3. Started watching Archive 81 on Netflix due to numerous recommendations. If it carries on as well as the 1st episode it's going to be a corker. Great found footage horror fare
  4. Watched 'The Lost Daughter' with Olivia Coleman on Netflix. I liked it a lot though it's proving to be bit of a marmite film!
  5. It was 100 years ago this year that Richardson proposed the numerical framework for weather prediction that is still in use today (the solution of governing partial differential equations) and we still can only predict, to any useful accuracy, about 3 to 5 days in the future. Predictive epidemiology is if anything less mature. Couple that with a new virus and it's not surprising predictions have not been as accurate as many would have expected. It is surprising though that transmissibility seems to have been a focus in terms of uncertainty quantification of the predictions whereas virulence has not. How many upper/lower bound forecasts that consider both factors have been published? I've not seen any. Maybe there simply has not been enough time to get a handle on transmission and virulence once a new variant emerges. And when enough time has passed to get an understanding of those factors, it's too late to form any coherent response to it. Good news is that there hasn't been a variant that is extremely infectious and with a high mortality rate. Yet.
  6. If anyone's at all confused by this statement :
  7. EMF were from Cinderford I think.
  8. Blimey, I'm going to have to call you with all I have left - Dale “Buffin” Griffin (RIP), founding member of Mott the Hoople from Ross-on-Wye a couple of miles away. (I used to live next door to Bruce Thomas (from Elvis Costello's Attractions) in London, but that's hardly a village )
  9. Mark, I'll raise you a Roger Whittaker, used to be my neighbour in this small hamlet a good few years ago.
  10. "The former suggested that hospitalisations could peak at 7,190 a day in January in its most pessimistic scenario; the latter was reported as suggesting that deaths might peak at 5,000 a day in January. Both figures, however, were made on the assumption that Omicron was every bit as virulent as the Delta variant. Since then, several UK studies have suggested that this is not the case..."
  11. The inimitable Kenneth Williams, also a brilliant explainer of science and engineering!
  12. Let's agree to differ @C8RKH. IT isn't a blanket term that encompasses software development, but maybe it's just semantics.
  13. IT professionals are not software product managers or software engineers. Identifying, documenting and translating customer use cases into tasks for software engineering as part of a product roadmap requires a specific set of skills. The NHS should look to the established and proven commercial software sector if they want this done to the required standards of resilience, stability and UX.
  14. FFS, how embarrassing, what a typo, confusing him with his brother. Christopher Hitchens was, and will always be, the best of militant humanists.
  15. @gregs24 you seem to know your onions. Omicron might be a a milder, albeit more transmissible, variant. Is this a natural evolution of a virus? Is this its natural end game, where it can survive most effectively?
  16. A little jaunt down the Wye to Tintern for a spot of lunch with my youngest daughter. Just ticked over 95k miles, still goes like the clappers, still loving every second of driving the Esprit.
  17. On the ~10th anniversary of Peter Hitchens' death his interview with Paxman is as relevant now as it was then. The most convincing of polemics, his atheist views regarding the abhorrent behaviour of all 'churches' should never be ignored. The world will always be a lesser place without Hitchens. He will always be remembered as a campaigner for truth, science, reason and justice in the face of the gullibility and fallacy of humans.
  18. Cleese made some very well reasoned points whilst the interviewer continued to prosecute her own woke agenda. That's not journalism, that's left wing politics in action. Looking beyond this current foolishness the good news is that the generation after this current young one will in turn rebel against the norms and mores of their parents. It's the conceited hubris I can't stand, though I'm sure every other generation down through the ages has thought the same
  19. After a pretty shitty emotional week, a weekend trip to Avebury and Stonehenge put life back in perspective. We've been around for quite a long time and will continue to be around for some time yet.
  20. It's always a tough remit, redesign the badge, but retain its iconic features. This is Spurs' badge history: Redesign it so that it's very different, you'll be lambasted. Don't redesign it enough and you'll be accused of a being waste of money. But redesign it you must. And what is it with birds and football clubs anyway?
  21. The forever brilliant Johnny Ball extolling the virtues of Hippocrates of Chios (seriously, it's more interesting than the name suggests )
  22. Anyone fancy meeting up for a chat before Xmas? Maybe at Fromes Hill again? I've done a paltry 1020 miles this year, most of those driving to the garage to buy petrol to replenish that used to drive to the garage How about the 12th (Sun), 18th (Sat) or 19th (Sun) of December? Or does someone want to recommend another venue? Maybe we could grab a bite to eat in a pub? Any or either way, if at least one person would attend, then so would I. In fact I'd be happy to attend by myself !!
  23. Have you ever worked on it Gary?
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