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  1. Hi does anyone have a set of corner weight scales i could use ?
  2. For those servicing their own car i have managed to fined some good pricing and quality parts distributed in NZ from Tim Hoeberigs| SPEED NZ Limited 36 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, 3149, New Zealand Freecall 0508 2 SPEED (77333) DDI 07 927 1385 | Tel 07 928 1161 | Fax 07 928 1165 Email [email protected] | Web Mahale oil filter OC217 used on my elise for over 5 years including many track days 10w-60 motor oil and this gear box oil at 75w-90 GT1 transmission fluid Transmission washer 24od/18id/2mm I also have some Brembo brake rubber gaiters ..
  3. Does anyone have a spare Roll over valve for an elise , mine has a split in it and the fumes are a bit much ;)
  4. HI have you tried these guys to see if they can make you a replacement
  5. Hi All, I had 3 brocken front grill clips so i have re designed it to be 3D printed , if anyone needs any let me know, have also started working on a version that does not need the metal bracket.
  6. Hi Dirk Im just going through this at the moment with a 2006 111R, they are quite strict on euro 4 compliance (so check this before you import it) , im also having fun with the breaks on the version i have as they are not origional. other wise its not to bad, send me an email and ill put you in touch with the guy who helped me with the euro 4 issues.
  7. Can anyone recomend a good insurance company in NZ for an elise?
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