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  1. Welcome GP. The SE is a great ride. I hope you find a nice one as repairs can set you back, time and money. So far, my SE has been very reliable. Happy hunting. Don't forget to upload pictures when she arrives! Ed
  2. According to my emails, I am really lucky too. Just in the last two months, I have won the Italian lottery, the Irish lottery, the English lottery, and I have people from all over the world who have selected me . . . yes, me, to send their long lost uncle's or friends money to as they have to get it in an american bank account for some unknown reason! And I am the chosen one . . . Yes, I'ts a scam. Ed
  3. We have always had fresh, real, noble fir trees as we live in the Christmas tree capitol of the world. Feeling a little strange the last few years about cutting down a live tree, only to watch it die in our living room, and then be cast outside on a burn pile, not to mention to the ever rising cost of a nice, fresh cut tree. We finally decided on a live tree in a pot. We got two years out of that one, now it's time to go in the ground. So this year, we decided to look at fake trees for the obvious reasons. No fire hazard, not killing a live tree, no watering, no needles or sap to deal with etc. To our surprise, we found a beautiful pre-lit 7.5' spruce. It was 40% off, maybe because most people already have one, who knows. I still wasn't sold on the idea, as I don't particularly care for things that are trying to be something they are not . . . I was really reluctant, but it was simple to put up, and really beautiful. It really bears close inspection and is well made. I never thought I would be happy with an artificial tree, but they sure have it down when it comes to making them look real! No more real trees for us, as this one is very nice, and really hard to tell the difference. Ed
  4. Way to go Adrian! That is very cool. Is there any way you can post some pictures for the rest of us? Ed
  5. Sorry I can't help you Kimbers, but I would If I could. You're not that old. You probably just threw your back out or are having some spasms (not that i am a doctor by any stretch of the imagination). Hopefully, it will relax soon. I'm 52 years and manage to get my arse in and out of the Esprit, but it is getting a bit more difficult if it's not done just right. Aging does seem to be taking it's toll on my flexibility, and I really need to focus on some yoga or other form of exercise on a regular basis to stay in shape. I plan to be around for many more years. So many roads . . . . so little time . . . . I hope you get some local response. Take care of your back and get that S4 back on the road. B) Ed
  6. Welcome Gary. I can almost see your smile all the way across the 'pond'. You're gonna love it! Happy motoring! Ed
  7. You pose an very good question Iain. For me, it was finally having the financial means to buy one of the cars I have always loved. (and believe me, I have quite a list of cars I would love to own, as many of you probably do). I never really thought I would be able to afford one, but with the kids pretty much on their own, and the house paid off, some things become affordable. . . and some dreams do come true! The Esprit is a remarkable piece of automotive engineering and a beautiful sculpture to the eyes. It makes me smile whenver I look at it, not to mention the thrill of the drive. It means so much more to me than figures on a bank statement, at this point. I really enjoy all aspects of ownership. It may or may not be an investment that will appreciate over time, but I sure appreciate it every day. Ed
  8. Beautiful Esprit Bo, and I do love it in that color. A dream come true! I hope all is well and the damage is minor. Take it easy . . . Ed
  9. Bibs, your SE is a beautiful car as it sits. Appreciate what you have, take care of it, and save your money for the inevitable service or repairs that may be needed in the future. I agree with Mark and Jukka, I wouldn't think you'd want to represent it as something it isn't, but it is your car, and you can do as you wish. Ed
  10. Welcome James. I got my first car when I was 14 years old. Certainly not a Lotus, but a 1950 Plymouth 2 door. A great project car that kept me off the streets until I could drive. Then when I turned 16, I couldn't stay off the streets as I loved to drive it everywhere. Best wishes with your Lotus. You are fortunate. Ed
  11. Hey Dave, Welcome to the Forum. Personally, I would try to find one with lower miles. It's not just the engine, it's all of the wear items that may eventually need attention. It may take you a little time, but they are out there. If it's been well maintained and cared for, high miles are not too big of a deal. But the history and care of some of these may be a little difficult to trace. A little more money on this end may save you hundreds or thousands down the road. Just my 2 cents . . . Best wishes. Ed
  12. Welcome to the forum Patrick. The road trip should be a blast, and I'm sure the anticipation of acquiring and driving your new Esprit home has you awake at night! And jazzed all day. :yes Pretty darn exciting! A Beautiful car. Have a safe trip. Do you ahave a Valentine One detector??? It's gonna be hard to keep your foot out of it! Ed
  13. Welcome Alan. Plenty of helpful members on this forum. Lots of info, tips and suggestions. Beautiful V8! Happy motoring. Ed
  14. Very funny Phil! We have three cats and two dogs. The cats are relegated to the outside most of the time for various reasons. The dogs are a little more prdictable and controllable. Cats are just from another dimension, if you know what I mean. But, they do make us laugh! Ed
  15. Lotus-Ltd


    Welcome Blaine! It's about time you joined. Two Lotus's, Right on! We would love to see pictures please, when you get time . . . ED
  16. Thanks Wayne. I just joined. It may be tough to keep up with both . . . ED
  17. Greetings from across the country. Beautiful Esprit. You two will have loads of fun . . . . Ed
  18. Thanks Paul! Pretty incredible. Haven't read the whole article yet, but I love the set up. A BMW M5 with more radar and lazer jammer, detector equipment than you can imagine. Ed
  19. Hey there John, Welcome. This is the place to help you get that S4 back on the road. Such a shame that someone left it for so long. This forum is a great resource, as you probably already know if you've spent any time browsing. Don't hesitate to share photos and ask lots of questions. ED
  20. Welcome to the forum John. Do the research and buy a nice one. Happy hunting. Ed
  21. I'm 52 and just purchased my first Esprit this year. Some of you chaps must be making some pretty good money to have been able to afford one at such an early age. Congratulations! On a teacher's salary in the states, it's all I could do to buy this one . . and still keep my wife . . . happy that is. I doubt if I'll ever sell it. She's a beauty! Ed
  22. Thanks Gordon. Is there any way you can post the article in a PDF format or some way to enlarge it so I can read it? I don't think we don't get the magazine in the states either. I would love to read it! Thanks, ED
  23. Welcome aboard Doug. Lots of entertainment, photos and facts about Esprits, Lotus and other car related stories. Ed
  24. It's about time you joined the ranks! And yes it is a beauty alright. The grin will continue for some time. They are truly beautiful sculptures. Enjoy your new ride Kimbers. Ed
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