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  1. Wow, just wow after one month of Lotus ownership this fantastic event with all these gorgeous cars and people and just passionate atmosphere. Converted big fan here, thank you so much @Bibs et al, can’t wait for the next TLF event where I will hopefully have time to meet and speak to you guys, there was just so much to see and do last Saturday!
  2. On trains and airports in Germany now till this evening so if any interest replies will be spotty
  3. Due to some voodoo I have a sticker and 2 tickets available! I am travelling from Brussels this night, taking Eurotunnel from Calais tomorrow 4am or something so handover will be either en route from Folkestone early Saturday or when getting in Hethel which will be somewhere between 7 and 9 (thinking of having some breakfast somewhere)
  4. I’ll drive from Brussels on Friday evening around 18:00 to Calais, spend the night at Calais near the Eurotunnel terminal and take the shuttle train Saturday early morning to Folkestone then to Hethel. Return on Sunday, Eurotunnel reserved afternoon 16:00-17:00’ish to Calais and then drive straight back to Brussels. Bit tight schedule on Friday but would be cool to join a convoy if any around that time.
  5. Cool, thanks, my wife is indeed desperate with having two kids in house with our son and me
  6. Hello guys, first time to attend such kind of events and I’m wondering whether the event would be children friendly? Is it a good idea/responsible to bring along a 6-years old kid? Thanks in advance!
  7. JohanDB


  8. Still neither have I got any confirmation, nor account details nor tickets, slightly worried
  9. Hi there for practical reasons I will be way late to Dunston Hall on Friday 28 (arrival 2-3 am due to work on Friday) so would like to transfer my reservation to someone able to use it. I’ll rather look for a hotel either close to Calais or Folkestone for the Eurotunnel crossing. Reservation is for one night in Dunston Hall, one room with 2 beds and 1 additional child bed, so for 2 adults and 1 child. The room is 110£, paid 50£. If you want that reservation let me know so i can arrange with Dunston Hall to transfer the data (incl. credit card info to hold the room) and arrange practically how to transfer/recuperate the 50£ deposit
  10. The link did indeed show my orders, thanks But, I see two "owners" tickets and nowehere the "guest" ticket... I'm afraid I'm giving some work to the organizing team to sort things out later, sorry!
  11. No confirmation email... When ordering I selected option for making a new account. Tried to find back my order(s), in the order page there is an option for returning customer, which then asks for your mail and password. But I wasn't able to set a password anywhere so kind of stuck? I contacted my dealer but seemed not straightforward for them. In the "cart" page, when you select your ordered item you are taken to a page where you can select "guest ticket" as well. I tried that but I am not receiving any confirmation email nor a link to set up my account...
  12. OK, got confirmation - probably booked twice though anyway, thanks for the efforts, and beautiful site!
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