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  1. For any of you that like 430s.
  2. Thanks guys. Some really good ideas, appreciate it. Will see where I end up.....
  3. Question for those of you with a 410/430 who run a smaller front number plate. Have you managed to find an alternative bracket to the full width OEM one that sits behind the mesh grille? I’m thinking a narrower bracket (maybe one made for the Jap market) OR a mount which sits lower down, just above the splitter (as per pic below). First option obviously better since the smaller reg plate will still cover the hole for the tow hook. Thanks!
  4. Gordon S

    New 430 cup

    Great pics above. The last one (of the front end sitting in your garage) is awesome!
  5. Gordon S

    New 430 cup

    Congratulations Steve. Lots of fun miles ahead!
  6. I hadn’t realised the paint had changed. Presumably a cost saving.... So yours is B142?
  7. Stu, do you have any more pics of your new toy? I’m considering MSGreen. Thanks mate.
  8. Couple of recent ones to add. What else can we do right now but clean them and take pics?
  9. At least they released it when we’re all bored at home. Colours are nothing like the real colours but it’s fun nonetheless.
  10. Hi mate. Regarding the rear transom, I’m not sure why you think it doesn’t look clean/new with that finish. If done properly (as in by Lotus or by a quality paint shop), I think the finish looks excellent. My car came with the transom colour coded. I got it done in the soft feel black. Transformed the rear. Obviously not such an issue on darker cars. Mine is Burnt Orange. What colour are you considering speccing?
  11. They’re clear plastic on the other models. So, yes, can swap black for clear.
  12. It’s an interesting colour this, Andy. Brightness seems to vary massively under different lights. In some pics looks quite a light blue, in others really dark.
  13. This is actually what got me thinking about learning the car without DPM. I discovered a few months ago I’ve gone through a set of rear pads in under 6,000 miles, which seems to be the result of routinely driving the car pretty hard in Sport mode. So the system is kicking in a lot.
  14. Hi mate. Yes, seen this. Really interesting write-up. Just curious whether many people turn it all off. I quite like the small amount of slip Sport gives hence never bother with Race. I haven’t played with the car at any sort of serious speeds yet with everything turned off.
  15. I’m curious how many of us choose Sport or Race mode vs everything off, when on circuit. I suspect when it’s wet most probably favour the safety net of Sport or Race Mode but in the dry? How many of you prefer to go it alone without Lotus holding your hand?
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