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  1. I just reversed mine onto moulded car ramps. If you’re fearful of reversing straight over the end of the ramps then maybe just jack up first and slide them under if you have pretty low ramps. You don’t need particularly high ones to get good access so I wouldn’t worry about the front touching down. Mine was fine even with quite high ramps and the rubber strip still attached to the splitter. Ps. I had to hammer my QP box a fair bit to get it off, and it had only been on a few months.
  2. Congrats - exciting times!
  3. Lovely spec of 350. I think “wrongly” is my view re the way you’re looking at the track miles. It’s a couple of track days on a car designed for that type of use, plus you have a load of members on here that track them routinely without any issues. There might be many reasons not to buy it but the track miles shouldn’t be one of them, in my opinion.
  4. Amazing levels of gloss in the pics above, @JamieF. 👌 Will be infinitely easier to keep clean as well.
  5. I don’t know the car I’m afraid but I can say that a bit of track mileage wouldn’t put me off. They’re designed for it. Assuming the history is accurate (low mileage, properly serviced etc) and the condition is as you’d expect, I’d say crack on. Then once you’ve bought it, take it on track to experience it an all it’s glory. 😊
  6. Mitch, I discovered this summer that my QP is a bitch to get on and off. You’ll see from my previous posts that I was (and still am) really pleased with the noise level. But my plan was to swap between the glorious OEM Ti back box and the QP back box between track days. I’ve actually done that between OEM Ti and Lotus quiet, which I had borrowed off Alastair. It was a doddle, due to the way they link to the manifold. Both designs are identical in terms of fitment. Then I bought the QP. Left it on for a couple of months and it took me bloody ages to get it off due to the sleeve (pipe over pipe) design. Not saying it can’t be done, of course it can. But I like an easy life…. 😁 I know plenty of people who’ve had the QP system on for ages and love it, and I don’t disagree. But if you’re planning to be swapping it over yourself, at least consider the Lotus quiet exhaust. It’s more expensive and out of stock at times but still worth a look. Obviously doesn’t apply if you’ll be buying a full system like Tex.
  7. Congrats Mitch, great purchase. The car looks awesome. Can’t help re the charging. I’ve never even connected mine up. It never sits for more than 2-3 weeks without being driven. Plenty of others on here use their chargers so will be able to confirm.
  8. Sounds like success on the QP system. 👍
  9. Nothing wrong with lots of pics. Love the blue! Great angle for the Exige also. 🙂
  10. Congrats! Both of the new 430s look fantastic. 👌
  11. Welcome! Car looks great. You’re in for some smiles… 😁
  12. In its natural habitat. 🙂
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