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  1. Here’s mine being driven badly....
  2. And i can confirm the new wing seems to work rather well.
  3. Only that many 410s? Interesting. I assumed quite a few more.
  4. There you go, Nathan, you have a buyer. Except there’s nothing you could upgrade to! Think you’ve peaked. Wonder how many 430s there are in the UK now? Think the usual guess is between 25 & 30. Anyone know...?
  5. Looks amazing there, great shot (& colour).
  6. Weird light in this pic but it did make the vents look cool.
  7. Kind words Stephen, much appreciated! We’ve actually got four 430s in our group and each of them is stunning in its own way. They’re just awesome looking beasts.
  8. I lowered it gradually (one turn at a time) over a period of a couple of months.
  9. When the V6 photo was taken the car had just had Nitrons fitted and was sitting very low. I raised it slightly soon after. The 430 has actually come down a bit since it’s photo was taken. They sit quite high from factory.
  10. Agreed. From sportscar to racecar. Although it looks great in both guises.
  11. Different angle: I’m off to look for some new wheels for the 430....
  12. The only way to make these decisions is via test drives. Go have some fun with the dealers. I’m sure you’ll figure out which suits you best.
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