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  1. Those are so cool, esp the rolling shots. 😎
  2. I’ve seen two sets of launch shots. In one set the car used was Msport Green. Reg S430 LOT. Those included some pretty cool detail shots. The second set looks like the car might have been Racing Green (AU67 AFY). Either that or it’s the same Msport Green car in an odd light. Racing Green is available on the configurator, although plenty of other stunning colours too. So hard to choose!
  3. Thanks mate. That’s just taken on an iPhone - we all get lucky with photos occasionally! Re the colour, I also noticed it had disappeared from the configurator. Dunno why.
  4. Sure, here is one. Feel free to message me if you want others, although there are quite a few earlier in this thread and in the main Exige picture thread. 😊
  5. Not sure on the fire extinguisher question, sorry. Re the Exclusive programme, both @RRSSS and @Screem used it. Thanks re my spec. 😊
  6. Hi George. I assume you have the current options list from a dealer? I’ve not seen the 2021 list but the 2020 list for the 430 wasn’t that long since it’s already covered in carbon. The remaining items are pretty basic (touring pack, cruise, air con, mats, contrast stitching, interior colour pack etc). I think the majority of 430s probably had those boxes ticked. It’s personal preference though. You might skip a few of those “comforts” and add the fire extinguisher and external isolator if you’re trying to create the track look. My car has all the former but not the latter which, t
  7. OEM forged are already pretty light but these take a little bit more off. According to my scales, OEM rear is 9.4kg, these are 8.7kg.
  8. Wheels now fitted. OEMs might end up being sold but not yet.
  9. So I finally got round to speccing some new wheels. Ordered them four weeks ago, manufacturing is done and they’re ready to be shipped. Here’s a pic of what I went for - Signature SV104 in brushed clear. Pretty good concave on the rears.
  10. Yep, it’s quite a step up. And what about the noise!!! 😃
  11. They’re standard on the 430. He should have asked you what colour you wanted.
  12. @SpiritofLotus - different green to the one you’ve ordered but green with black wheels nonetheless.
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