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  1. Ah yeah, I remember your 410. Looked stunning.
  2. Whether any upgrade is good value depends on the owner. We all want different things. I put this review on here for those considering the kit. I took 6 months+ to decide..... I think the “would you do it again?” question is a good test. I’d do it again in a heartbeat because of how different the engine feels. ps. look at the price of the higher power upgrades.... Cool. What car were you in yesterday?
  3. For a while I considered getting the stage 1 KT upgrade for the Exige. Couldn’t find many reviews online so, now that I have it fitted, I thought I should put a couple of sentences on here for anyone else in the same position. My car is a 2015 V6S. The EX-370 kit was ordered at the beginning of June via Hangar111. It took about a month for the intake to arrive, which was totally down to issues at KT in Germany, not Hangar111. I could tell Dave and Marianne were getting as frustrated at the delays as me. They kept me in the loop throughout, which was appreciated. The install was done at their premises a couple of weeks ago (carbon fibre intake + remap). Only took them a couple of hours. I was amazed at the weight, size and convoluted design of the standard airbox. God knows how the engine breathes at all through that thing.... Since the kit was fitted the car’s already been on some good runs, including to Snetterton and twice to Goodwood. I had it on circuit for hours yesterday at a Bell & Colvill trackday. In summary, it’s an awesome upgrade for the money! In terms of performance, the difference is in the top end. Between 4,000 and 7,000rpm the car feels much more eager. Like it was being strangled before. For me, it’s just more fun to ring it out to the red line because it now feels happy at high revs. I didn’t do dyno runs before and after so can’t quote what bhp I’ve gained. But I can feel it’s quicker and it’s certainly on a par with my mate’s 380 Cup. In term of noise, there is now a ton of ‘charger whine, which I like. Increase in induction roar is minimal, but it’s there to some extent (as it should be - the kit uses a K&N filter inside a carbon housing). So if you’re considering dipping your toe into engine mods, I’d highly recommend this kit. It’s really brought my car to life without me spending thousands. I’d also recommend Hangar111. This is the first time I’ve used them and they were excellent throughout. Polite, helpful, fitted me in as soon as the kit arrived, and were happy to chat as much as I wanted when I was there. They also tweaked my front geo to give me 1 degree of camber, which has made the car turn so much better. Another cheap but effective mod. If you’re considering EX-370, go for it.
  4. No, I’m not part of Palmersport. I’m just organising it as a client event at work. Did it last year with some friends. Such a blast!
  5. Brands GP in Sept sounds good. I’ll be booking it as long as the Palmersport day I’m organising doesn’t end up being that day.
  6. That’s me booked. Bring on the 30th!
  7. Ps. Your posts have helped convince me to get the EX370 kit installed. Sounds like a solid improvement.
  8. Yep, I’d like to share an instructor. To be honest, each of the guys you’ve all mentioned sound excellent so I don’t mind who I share with. Can you remind me of the likely cost?
  9. I was gonna suggest July 11th but can also do the 30th.
  10. I’m also up for a group of us heading somewhere. My suggestion is Snetterton. Awesome circuit, good mix of high and low speed.
  11. Anyone had problems passing the 92db driveby limit at Snetterton in a standard Exige? I have a V6, so experience in a 350 Sport also useful. Thanks all.
  12. Hi mate. No problems at Snetterton with the drive by limit? I see it’s typically 92db. Concerned my standard V6 might fail but if you were ok then I might just go ahead and book.
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