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  1. Lovely car, buddy - congrats. 👏👌 Pilot Sports will be a great all round tyre.
  2. You enjoyed the 570 more than the 600LT?
  3. That’s interesting, Justin. Which Cup model? Totally agree - Lotuses seem to ride better than expected, across the board.
  4. Agree with most of the above but not sure about the comment re S or standard suspension being better than Cup for the road. I think the distinction to be made is S/350 vs 410/430. The former have Bilsteins, the latter have Nitrons. In my experience, the Nitrons are much better quality (doesn’t matter whether 410 Sport or 430 Cup). @GJ77 - I think you need to go test drive an S or 350, and then also drive a 410. See how you feel. Only you can decide whether the extra cost is worth it. Most people will say that if you can stretch to a 410, you should. It’s a decent step up. I think my old car is currently for sale. It’s a 2015 S in burnt orange. The chap who bought it from me has modded it a fair bit, which may or may not appeal. See Auto Trader - 18,500 miles, KT 430 kit. Looks like he’s asking £45,500?
  5. Awful to hear. Pretty rare to hear of Exiges being stolen. Hope it stays that way!
  6. Congrats on the 430. You’ll love it! Spec not too dissimilar to mine. 👍
  7. Looks fantastic! Not surprised to hear how much you enjoyed the drive. There’s not much like them. 😁
  8. As long as it takes you to drive 1,000 miles…. Mine was back in for its first service after about 10 days. Couldn’t stop driving it back then. Get your running in mileage done, get it serviced, get it on track. 👍
  9. Ah, that was the wkend before. Yeah, they asked if I had a plate with me, then told me to put one on when I got home. They must have had a field day sitting there as everyone left the meet….
  10. I always felt my V6 was quick enough, at least for the roads. The whole range feels a bit mad if you jump straight from a normal daily.
  11. Great for us lot that so few were ordered. I find it amazing how little coverage Lotus (and therefore the media) gave it, for such a special car.
  12. That looks awesome 😎 No idea how many produced but can’t be more than, say, 35 in the UK.
  13. Good write-up, Frank. Love how the carbon weave looks on the clams! Looking forward to seeing the car come together.
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