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  1. OEM forged are already pretty light but these take a little bit more off. According to my scales, OEM rear is 9.4kg, these are 8.7kg.
  2. Wheels now fitted. OEMs might end up being sold but not yet.
  3. So I finally got round to speccing some new wheels. Ordered them four weeks ago, manufacturing is done and they’re ready to be shipped. Here’s a pic of what I went for - Signature SV104 in brushed clear. Pretty good concave on the rears.
  4. Yep, it’s quite a step up. And what about the noise!!!
  5. They’re standard on the 430. He should have asked you what colour you wanted.
  6. @SpiritofLotus - different green to the one you’ve ordered but green with black wheels nonetheless.
  7. That pic must have been collection day....
  8. Yep, that would make sense Bibs. Although sounded from Jimmy’s posts above like 3 months was still the approx timeframe. Who knows. Great to hear of more 430s being ordered.
  9. Congratulations, you’ll love it when it arrives! Quite a way to fulfil your Lotus dream.... How come you have a 6+ month wait for delivery?
  10. Definitely, and shouldn’t be that difficult to organise.
  11. Exige + quiet road = Random pic taken in the middle of a “spirited” drive in the summer.
  12. Sounds like you’re building some momentum.... About the only thing winter is good for. Modding.
  13. Can’t wait to see it Jimmy. It’ll be stunning! What’s the lead time on factory orders these days?
  14. Jack - I agree with the above. I don’t daily mine but there’s no reason why you couldn’t. You just need to be enthusiastic enough about the car to put up with the lack of comforts vs something more “sensible”. And anyway if you find it does your head in, maybe you could buy a cheap runner for a few months. What I can guarantee you is that if you like Exiges in general, you’re going to be blown away by the 430. It’s just an awesome drive. Every journey will be a laugh.
  15. Here’s mine being driven badly....
  16. And i can confirm the new wing seems to work rather well.
  17. Only that many 410s? Interesting. I assumed quite a few more.
  18. There you go, Nathan, you have a buyer. Except there’s nothing you could upgrade to! Think you’ve peaked. Wonder how many 430s there are in the UK now? Think the usual guess is between 25 & 30. Anyone know...?
  19. Looks amazing there, great shot (& colour).
  20. Weird light in this pic but it did make the vents look cool.
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