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  1. Mitch, I discovered this summer that my QP is a bitch to get on and off. You’ll see from my previous posts that I was (and still am) really pleased with the noise level. But my plan was to swap between the glorious OEM Ti back box and the QP back box between track days. I’ve actually done that between OEM Ti and Lotus quiet, which I had borrowed off Alastair. It was a doddle, due to the way they link to the manifold. Both designs are identical in terms of fitment. Then I bought the QP. Left it on for a couple of months and it took me bloody ages to get it off due to the sleeve (pipe over pipe) design. Not saying it can’t be done, of course it can. But I like an easy life…. 😁 I know plenty of people who’ve had the QP system on for ages and love it, and I don’t disagree. But if you’re planning to be swapping it over yourself, at least consider the Lotus quiet exhaust. It’s more expensive and out of stock at times but still worth a look. Obviously doesn’t apply if you’ll be buying a full system like Tex.
  2. Congrats Mitch, great purchase. The car looks awesome. Can’t help re the charging. I’ve never even connected mine up. It never sits for more than 2-3 weeks without being driven. Plenty of others on here use their chargers so will be able to confirm.
  3. Sounds like success on the QP system. 👍
  4. Nothing wrong with lots of pics. Love the blue! Great angle for the Exige also. 🙂
  5. Congrats! Both of the new 430s look fantastic. 👌
  6. Welcome! Car looks great. You’re in for some smiles… 😁
  7. In its natural habitat. 🙂
  8. I bought the QP system only. Purely for noise reduction.
  9. Chris, my QP system arrived exactly as promised. We had agreed a date I needed it by (which gave him a month or so) and he sent it on time. Same with the additional silencers. As Matt mentioned above, it seems like Jim’s problem is in being consistent. What are you considering next? When I looked in January there was a wait time for the Lotus system but I’m not sure of the current position. They’re pricey though.
  10. Good move, I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. 👍
  11. Well if it were me, I’d be buying the one that you know will get you on all circuits. If you want a great soundtrack on the road, you already have that with your Ti system. I don’t see the point in going to the hassle of swapping exhausts over, turning up at, say, Goodwood or Bedford, and still being flagged for noise. But that’s just me. 🙂
  12. So far I’m happy with the QP system. It’s done exactly as I intended it to - I didn’t want any noise hassle at the quieter circuits. At Bedford they were being pretty strict (as always) but I was fine with the additional cans. Static it’s been tested at 98db (Bedford) and 100db (Snetterton). My second option was the Lotus quiet system but at c£2k and a wait for delivery I decided to go with Jim. I’ve had both on my car (a mate let me borrow his for Silverstone). The Lotus one is very quiet, perhaps even quieter than needed. The QP leaves the car with a bit more noise but obviously much reduced from OEM. Either does the job perfectly. Personally, I don’t see the point in buying an exhaust that’s only slightly quieter than OEM only to still have issues at certain circuits. Hence, for me it was only going to be one of the two discussed here. Re the swap over, you’ll do it in an hour or so. Hope this helps. I’m at Donington in a few weeks then can’t wait to get the OEM back on. I do miss the noise and I’m too busy/lazy to swap over for the sake of a few weeks.
  13. Hi mate. Congrats, your new car sounds like a beauty. Re exhausts, I put a 2bular QP system on mine. Cost is roughly £1,500. Much quieter than standard and comes with two (ugly but effective) additional silencers for extremely strict circuits like Bedford. If you want to go super quiet, the Lotus track exhaust will do the job but it’s over £2k. I can’t comment on the H111 option since I don’t know anyone that has it. Re set-up, I haven’t messed with mine yet other than dropping it (they sit fairly high as standard) and adding 1.5 degrees of front camber. The camber helped turn in a fair amount. Hope this is of some help.
  14. No, that’s for a full set, and is also before you ask what sort of deals are available. Just need to speak to the right person at Signature.
  15. Got sent this by a student taking pics at Bedford.
  16. Thought so from the pic. Looks lovely. 👌
  17. Is it a pearl white?
  18. Looks great, Jimmy. Brand new? Ps. Nothing wrong with red scratches. 🙂
  19. Shame to hear it’s going Andy. But impressed with your choice of replacement, whichever LT you end up with!
  20. I think your third option is really sensible. The Exige is epic and you’ll love it all the more if paired with a practical daily. I’m a fan of the RS6 but neither it nor the 911 could match the Exige/Golf mix of practicality and thrills.
  21. I got more attention in my orange V6 than I do in my (darker) green 430. Colour is definitely a key factor. Only ever positive reactions though. None of the “two fingers” antics that Porsche owners need to put up with.
  22. Meant to add to this thread a few months ago. Signature SV104 in brushed aluminium, 18x10 and 17x8.
  23. Just chucking some more pics into the thread. Finally got the harnesses done a few weeks ago. Made such a difference on track. Also, managed to survive the Bedford noise lottery last weekend. Jim’s 2Bular QP system did its job pretty well.
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