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  1. @Cdm2018 Yes, I've considered it, but finances are certainly a factor too, so adding another car (no matter how cheap) will only increase costs. The reality is, we can afford to keep the Lotus, and my wife has a family hatchback, so we're fine as we are, but I do sometimes wonder if it's the right option. Considering my wife seems happy to keep it for now though, it seems sensible to do that. With the market as strong as it is, if we do need to change it over then hopefully that won't be an issue, and I'll hopefully have the door lock sorted by then too. By the sound of it the door lock is unique to Lotus, and even worse it was updated later in the Evora's life, so it's not a common part. @scotty435 that's a shame, I put a post up a while ago asking if anyone had one but unfortunately didn't get any leads.
  2. Well interestingly I was discussing it with my wife and she's talking me in to keeping it. I've asked her if she's feeling okay...
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. It really is an amazing colour - everyone comments on it. As for the price, I was conscious of the door lock issue, hence the lower price, but I'm in no rush (and I'm very reluctant) to sell, so perhaps a higher price would probably be better to start with.
  4. @CharlieGee @Celica I'm currently considering whether to sell my car so thought I'd drop it in here in case either of you are interested. It's a launch edition in Laser Blue with black leather interior. Has all three packs (being a launch edition) and is a 2+2. It currently has around 40k on the clock, but is used regularly. Inside it has an updated Pioneer head unit and the metal gear knob from the later cars. Outside it has a Larini exhaust and 15mm spacers on the rear wheels. The car drives beautifully, and sounds great. The paint work is excellent, there are a few stone chips etc as you'd expect from an 11 year old car, but the guys at Silverstone actually remarked on its condition when they saw it. The interior is also very good, again, only the expected wear from 11 years of use. I've had the car for just less than 3 years and absolutely love it. The only reason for considering a sale is because I have a second child on the way. My eldest son absolutely loves the car so I would only consider selling it if the price was right. The car isn't 100% perfect - the passenger door lock has failed, so the passenger door doesn't lock. Unfortunately the part is currently on back-order, and I am waiting on Silverstone Lotus to get hold of one. The right hand screen on the dash only seems to work intermittently, though the guys at Silverstone think it could be related to the door lock. The wheels could also do with a refurb, but I can get that sorted before sale if preferred. My plan was to get the door lock sorted before considering selling it, but due to Covid the part is on back-order and the due date is approaching. Right now I'm looking for around £28k. (Photo was taken yesterday morning after a quick wash)
  5. Hi @Celica, yes, I still have my Evora and still love it. Rear seat space is probably similar to the TT - there's a lot of legroom in the front passenger seat, so my wife can have the seat quite far forward, leaving enough space behind her for a small person to sit, however there isn't really any legroom behind me, and I don't even have my seat all the way back. My son is still in a car seat, and we can put that in the rear seat, but I tend to take the rear seats out to give an extra few centimetres. Usually it's just me and him that go out, so he usually goes in the front seat instead. In reality I'd say you'd probably struggle if you're planning on taking four people (two adults in the front and your kids in the back) but it would be absolutely fine for you and your two kids. In terms of headroom, it should be fine for your kids - my wife has sat in the back a couple of times when we had a rear facing car seat, and while it wasn't a comfortable experience it was tolerable - she's 5'4" for reference. As I said earlier, I still love my Evora, and would definitely recommend test driving one.
  6. Passed this morning while returning home. I was in the Evora stuck behind a stupidly large pickup. Would be great to meet up at some point (after lockdown) if you're local.
  7. Unfortunately Bell and Colville don't have any in stock.
  8. How long ago was this? I've been told by Lotus Silverstone that Lotus currently have a large back order. I've left a message with them, hopefully they'll get back to me. Managed to get through, someone will take a look on Monday. Fingers crossed one of these leads will have one in stock.
  9. Thanks, I hadn't tried them. They were engaged when I called so I've sent an email.
  10. Hello everyone, As the title suggests I am desperately trying to source a passenger side (left hand side) door latch for my 2009 Evora. The micro-switch in my latch failed almost a year ago, so my car has constantly been draining the battery since. I have tried to source the part through a dealer, as well as various websites, but so far have had no luck. I have been told that it is possible to buy a set of both latches, so on the off chance someone has done that, and still has the passenger side unit lying around, I thought I would post on here.
  11. Yes, this is certainly my biggest issue too. Things go wrong on cars, that's expected, the problem is when they do I've had problems getting them fixed. First with the aircon the auxiliary belt was out of stock for 3 months, and now with my door latch it's been out of stock for a good few months and there are 19 on back order. I don't mind if things go wrong occasionally, but it's frustrating when you can't get them fixed, as it now means I don't know whether my car will start when I want it to.
  12. Well, to add some balance to this overwhelmingly positive thread, I have had a number of issues with my Evora over the past couple of years. Early on in my ownership the aircon compressor seized and needed to be replaced. 6 months later the new unit also failed. Fortunately this was covered under warranty, however I had a LOT of hassle getting it sorted by the Lotus dealer, partly due to low stock, partly due to poor communication; an issue that lasted over 4 months, and a very hot summer. Eventually it was replaced, though I have just had to have the gas topped up by Lotus Siverlstone (highly recommended over the other dealer) because apparently one of the valves was loose, so they suspect it was leaking through that. More recently my passenger door latch has started to fail, so the window keeps dropping, also draining the battery due to interior lights. Once again there are stock issues (apparently there are 19 on back order) so I've not been able to get the issue resolved yet. I also had some issues with the car leaking - mostly into the boot. This was resolved by adding a few more drainage holes as stated by a Lotus service pack/manual/thing. Finally, like a few others have said, I have a crack in my ventilation panel, but the cost of the new item and the fact that it doesn't bother me much means I've left that unchanged. I've had a few other more minor issues and some cosmetic blemishes (just due to age) which I'm gradually working through, and of course the usual wear and tear (brake discs will need replacing soon etc, the usual). My car is 11 years old, and approaching 40k, so I'd expect there to be a few issues. I definitely have some days where I crave a more 'worry free' car - with the Evora it's a car that every time I get into I wonder whether it's going to work okay, whilst with my wife's Mazda you just assume it's going to work (I'm not comparing Lotus to Mazda, don't get upset, I'm just using the analogy for my mindset). Usually I get these feelings when I haven't driven the car for a while. However, as soon as I drive it, I instantly change my mind again, the feeling you get throwing it down a back road can't be matched by many, if any, other road cars. On top of that, my two year old absolutely loves it - he calls it 'daddy's racing car' and whenever I pick him up from somewhere in the Lotus he instantly gets excited and can't wait to go for a drive. He also goes out to play in it (stand on the seat playing with the wheel, pressing the buttons, pulling the levers) on an almost daily basis. Finally, I've taken it to a number of local car shows, and there's something very satisfying about just rocking up and getting waved into the show ground, and having chats with lots of car fans about your car. It always gets a very positive reception, both from people who have never heard of it, and people who know what it is. One of the previous comments said something along the lines of "maybe an Evora was't for you" to one of the other users, and I think that sums the ownership up to an extent. I personally wouldn't recommend the Evora to someone, unless they were really set on the car, it's definitely not a car for a 'normal' person. You have to be the kind of person who really appreciates the handling and feedback of the car, over anything else, and be prepared to forgive its problems because you love how it drives, and how it makes you feel. If you're just after a fast car (like a C63 or a 640i), then the Evora isn't what you want, there are plenty of faster cars that are more comfortable, or practical, and even plenty that are more efficient, however once you get them down a nice back road, I guarantee you'd be having more fun if you were in the Evora.
  13. If be happy with £120, if it meant the exhaust was out of my garage! Haven't made any more progress today.
  14. Things are never simple! I've found a local place that will buy my cat, but they say it has to be removed from the exhaust, and I've only managed to remove one of the two bolts so far. I might just take it down to see if they can remove the other bolt, but he sounded pretty grumpy on the phone so I'm sure he'll balk at the idea!
  15. Yep, it is the third cat. Sounds like it might be worth seeing if I can get some money for it then. I get that I could sell my Larini for £350, but TBH I'm not sure it's worth the hassle - I'd have to pay someone to change it over (transporting them back and forth to the garage), pay for postage, move it to my new house and store it. Once all that has been taken into account I'd probably only make a small amount of money, I'd rather have the convenience of getting rid of it personally.
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