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  1. If be happy with £120, if it meant the exhaust was out of my garage! Haven't made any more progress today.
  2. Things are never simple! I've found a local place that will buy my cat, but they say it has to be removed from the exhaust, and I've only managed to remove one of the two bolts so far. I might just take it down to see if they can remove the other bolt, but he sounded pretty grumpy on the phone so I'm sure he'll balk at the idea!
  3. Yep, it is the third cat. Sounds like it might be worth seeing if I can get some money for it then. I get that I could sell my Larini for £350, but TBH I'm not sure it's worth the hassle - I'd have to pay someone to change it over (transporting them back and forth to the garage), pay for postage, move it to my new house and store it. Once all that has been taken into account I'd probably only make a small amount of money, I'd rather have the convenience of getting rid of it personally.
  4. Ah nice. I decided to go for the twin tips to keep the OEM look. Absolutely love it, sounds so much nicer than the stock exhaust. Such a cool car, mine has been under its cover since the start of the lockdown, really looking forward to taking it out again.
  5. Photos of the exhaust attached. It is the original, large exhaust, that came on a launch edition car. Also includes the third catalytic converter. The tips are a bit dirty but clean up really nicely, so it can be fitted straight onto a car. As for the colour, I agree, it's an awesome colour - I've had more people compliment the colour than anything else! That was my original plan, but we're currently in the process of moving, and trying to create some space, so I'd rather move it on and just sell the car with the Larini attached.
  6. Thanks bibs, that's what I assumed. Unfortunately the tip is closed at the moment, so I might put it up for free to see if anyone wants it, and if not will take it to the tip when it reopens.
  7. Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my exhaust to a Larini system and currently have the original exhaust and cat sat in my garage. Is there a market for stock exhausts, and if so how much do they tend to go for? I've not found one online to compare it to. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi @Bibs I've still not received my order - it was placed a month ago. Could you check on the status of it please? I'm aware it says to allow 4 weeks, but it's past that point now. Thanks.
  9. @Bibs I placed an order today for a black outdoor cover, but received a database error just after submitting payment. I have received a confirmation email, but just wanted to check the order went through correctly.
  10. I don't really get a clunking sound, but yeah, I will have it all looked at to see if anything else can be improved. Tyres are pretty worn and will probably need changing fairly soon, but they still have plenty of tread on them so I won't be changing them just yet.
  11. Yep that all makes sense - as I mentioned earlier, at speed the car is comfortable and handles bumps well, it is just around town etc that the ride was harsh. Since lowering the tyre pressures it's considerably less harsh though, and it's good to see that it's close to what Lotus recommend - I may adjust it from 30/30 to 29/32 at some point, but for now it works fine. With the new pressures the car 'thuds' over cracks and potholes rather than crashing through them, firm but damped, which is what I was after.
  12. Yep, I still plan have it looked over regardless.
  13. Thanks Randy, I'll call this afternoon. I dropped my tyre pressures last night from 32/34 to 30/30 based on comments on this thread and the ride is now much less crashy at lower speeds. I still plan on getting the car checked over to make sure that everything else is as it should be, but my commute in this morning was definitely more comfortable.
  14. @EGTE when cruising the car is pretty comfortable, anything above 50mph is pretty good, but below 30mph is where I'm not as happy, and unfortunately the roads around me seem to be covered in potholes and cracks which really show up the problem. @Randy I'm happy to have a chat tomorrow, could you let me know the number to call. I would like to use Hofmann's again because you're relatively easy to get to for me. For what it's worth, the sales team - Chris in particular were very good, and I have no complaints there.
  15. Thanks Justin, was good to meet you too, and I look forward to seeing some of your other cars at some point! I gave Bell and Colville a call today but due to the timings didn't get to speak to the service department before they left for the day, I'll give them a call on Monday. Going to start with some simple things - will try adjusting the tyre pressure etc, but will definitely get a once over from B&C - worth doing for a private sale regardless. At high speeds the car is comfortable, it's more a low speed thing, as you say hopefully just bushings or tyres. As I said previously, it's not too bad, but being a daily driver I wouldn't say no to slightly more comfort! @Bruss Hofmann's is closer, but I wasn't very happy with the service I received from them when sorting out my AC compressor. Will give B&C a try this time and see how I get on. Thanks though.
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