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  1. I also contacted Lotus Silverstone on Wednesday and was told mid-late Jan, so fingers crossed. I dug out the old email thread, which is now over a year in the running. Hopefully it can be put to rest once and for all and I can actually lock my car again!
  2. I believe the 400 is a different part number. They updated the door latch in 2012(?) so before the 400s were released. It seems the pre-2012 cars have more issues. I don't have the part number for the 400 door latch to confirm though.
  3. Well, I contacted Lotus customer care again, and have just been told that they're expecting a delivery of the door latches in mid-January. I'm not going to hold my breath, but there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately I'm after a LHS lock, which seems to be the more common one to fail, or at least harder to get hold of.
  4. Very lucky indeed! I had a source who claimed they could get hold of one from the US, but unfortunately they've stopped responding to my emails now, so guess they can't! Still no luck from any of the UK dealers unfortunately. I would pull the fuse and lock the window closed, but I regularly take my son to nursery and classes so need to use the door.
  5. I'm a little surprised that people are saying that the rear is fine for someone who is 5' - my wife is 5'4" and has been in the back for one 20 minute journey and it did not look comfortable at all - her head had to be at an angle the whole time and she didn't have any leg room. I'd say 5' is probably the maximum for the rear passengers, and even that would only be for short journeys. The rear seats are great for luggage, but only children would fit in there in any sort of comfort. As others have said, get them to try one out at a dealer and see yourself how much leg and headroom they have. I keep my car outdoors like many others. I have a car cover which I put on if it'll be left for more than a week or two, but it's my daily driver and I used it for nursery runs etc, so it usually sits without the cover. I will echo the comments of the demister though - it's lacklustre to say the least!
  6. Ah, I assumed that was just for the A-pillars. Not sure why I didn't put two and two together and assume that the sail used the same tape. It was a long weekend!
  7. Ah, is the tape from factory? I assumed the previous owner had added it as a quick fix.
  8. I don't know for sure (it was already cracked slightly when I purchased the car 3 years ago), however from what I've read online it seems to usually crack around the left hand vent, which has an outlet from the engine. People have speculated that this can get pretty hot, and then if it is cooled rapidly then the plastic can crack. I noticed yesterday that it had been stuck back down with some double sided tape, which has now lost its stickiness, so presumably at some point during driving it had come away and the wind had caused it to crack more. It's now cracked through one of the sides of the vent, so it still holds itself together, but doesn't look great. I've temporarily stuck it back down with some tape, but would prefer to replace it. As for other options, there are carbon versions but they're close to £1000, and I have no other carbon on my car, so it would look out of place and cost much more. If I have to replace a £160 part once every 12 years I'm happy with that!
  9. Amazing, that's less than expected! Yes, that would be great thanks. I don't suppose you have a passenger side door lock while we're at it, they've been impossible to get hold of for well over a year...
  10. Hi all, It seems like it's quite a common issue, but a long time ago the top vent piece above the rear hatch cracked. Recently it came loose and cracked even further. I believe the part number is A132B0209S, however I've found some quite wildly different prices quoted online. Has anyone purchased one of these recently and could give me an idea of price to replace? It sounds like it's not too difficult to replace myself - just a few bolts reachable from the hatch, is that correct? Thanks
  11. @Spinney I used to own an Audi TTS and it was much the same on the forums - everyone was aware it wasn't 'the best sports car' but there was a lot of talk about how they could beat anything on the road etc - usually by re-mapped TTRS owners, who no doubt could beat many things in a straight line, but as soon as they get to a corner... I do remember saying to my cousin at one point that there aren't many things faster on a B road, because of the size of the car and the torque, and the quattro system etc, and I believed it. Then I bought the Evora and after taking it out for the first 'proper' drive I realised just how wrong I was. What I realised was that my limit of how fast I'm prepared to go on a road was just about the same point that the Audi would start to understeer, so I was maxing out the potential of the car. When I pushed the Evora it kept going quicker and quicker to the point where I had to back off because my abilities were nowhere near the car's. It's very easy to be naive to these things - if you've never driven anything 'better' then it's easy to assume that what you have is the top. I remember as a student a friend claimed that her Daewoo Matiz was 'really fast' because it could go 70mph... I guess compared to her walking pace that is pretty fast... @electro_boy What I found really interesting, was when I got back with the second guy one of the other directors who hadn't yet driven the car asked how it was. His response was 'you need to try it, you can't really explain it, you just have to try it.' Which sums it up perfectly. It's very hard to explain to someone who's never experienced proper feedback from a car what it actually feels like to know what the car is doing. I guess an open wheeled racing driver could read all of this and laugh at the hypocrisy of all of this, but for a road car, there aren't many that give the same amount of feeling, and it gives the driver so much more confidence in the car. As for the lack of emotion of modern cars, I blame the internet for some of this. You cannot quantify driver enjoyment or feedback in the same way you can 0-60 or bhp figures. The internet has turned the car industry into one big game of Top Trumps, where the only thing that matters is beating your competitors on paper. That's the reason that all of the new BMW M cars are now 4 wheel drive, turbo charged and automatic. They used to pride themselves on being the 'Ultimate Driving Machine', but now they've lowered themselves to the same place as everyone else - rear wheel drive can't easily beat four wheel drive in a 1/4 mile drag race, and that's all that seems to matter... All normal car buyers can only really rely on reviews, videos or stat sheets to base their opinion - there aren't many people who will test drive 5 or 6 different cars to compare how they drive, they'll just choose the one they like the look of, that also compares favourably on paper.
  12. Ha, I did say it was quicker than the Lotus, but I've not had a chance to fully experience it on a proper open road yet. This is the Model 3 Performance which is apparently 0-60 in 4.1s, so not as quick as a top spec Model S by quite a long way. I think also, I'm not bothered by speed so much any more - I used to love the shove of a turbo, and want the fastest car around, but I am now more than content with my NA Evora - for the road it's just about the perfect speed where you can really enjoy revving it out, without losing your licence or worry too much about other cars on the road. We're a tech company, so it was driven both by BIK benefits and 'ooh, new shiny technology' 😆 This is exactly right - they've all got used to modern cars over the years, which intentionally detach you from the road to make them more comfortable, then add a load of tech (adjustable suspension, different steering weights, selectable driving modes etc) to try and fool you into thinking you're getting 'proper feedback'. As soon as you drive something like a Lotus you realise just what you're missing, and that certainly happened with these guys. I heard a while back (I forget where) that when they developed the Evora (I think, though could be Elise) that they wanted people to think 'something is missing' when they get back into their own car. I definitely feel it when I drive my wife's Mazda 3 - obviously it's not trying to be a sports car, but you instantly feel detached from the road, and what the car is actually doing.
  13. I started a new job last November, but due to the Big C I've only recently been able to visit the office (about an hour and a half away). There are 4 directors - all claim to be petrolheads, but have all recently purchased Tesla Model 3s as company cars. It didn't take long before I was asked to take one of them out in the Evora, and the reaction was better than expected. I've not driven a Tesla yet (though have been promised a go in one of the company ones soon) but have been a passenger. The acceleration of the Model 3 performance is quicker than the Lotus, but delivered in a very different way. The first director was impressed with the acceleration of the Lotus all the same, and loved the sound (something he's missed a lot) from the Larini exhaust. When we got to the first sharp corner I turned it at about 60 and blew his mind. Apparently the Tesla wouldn't have managed anywhere near that - even if the car could, you'd be sliding out of the seats apparently. After blasting around some lanes I let him have a drive. He instantly commented on the feedback from the steering, something that is completely lacking in the Tesla. He drove around for about 15 minutes, and when we got home started searching on AutoTrader for a weekend toy after claiming he'd forgotten how fun driving can be. Since then I've taken two of the other directors out, and both had the same reaction - blown away by the cornering and the feedback of the car, and started talking about maybe getting a toy to compliment the EV. It's been a nice confirmation of my feelings on EVs, but also modern cars as a whole - I'd rather stick with my 11 year old car than buy anything new right now (holding out for an Emira test drive). I'm looking forward to trying the Tesla though, just to see what it's actually like.
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