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  1. I'll have to check these out in person. How metallic are the new blues? I've always been a bit disappointed by the Seneca, and don't think it looks anywhere near as nice as Laser Blue from the Evora. The colour just looks a bit flat. For what it's worth, everyone comments on the colour of my car, to the point where my 5 year old son now replies "thanks, yeah, everyone says that!" having heard me say it so much. I'm still hoping to get an Emira fairly soon, but haven't yet found a colour that I really love.
  2. Adverts go on, please.
  3. Thanks for confirming, it sounds like a legitimate solution then. It would have been nice to know this would be an issue when I purchased the new radiator, but hey ho!
  4. Hi all, My NA Evora is currently in having a service, and I was told it was the 4 year service which involves replacing the engine coolant. I have a large core radiator which I purchased from Elise Shop back in 2018, and on the vehicle health check there was a note stating: "Large core radiator fitted, does not have drain in it. Coolant change can not be performed properly with out removal of front clamshell and radiator" I've had a look at some photos of the OEM radiator, and can see what looks like a drain plug on it, however does it sound reasonable that draining my aftermarket one would require removing the entire front clam and radiator? For context, they've quoted 6 hours labour (£680) so it's a fairly significant extra cost on top of the £1100 service. I'm not mechanically experienced, so if this sounds reasonable then so be it, but I thought I would check here first. Thanks
  5. Hey Andy, Nice video, you're a lucky boy! I'm still driving and enjoying your old Evora, which has become part of the family over the past four and a bit years. I would like to get an Emira down the line though. How do you find it compared to the Evora? Obviously there's 14 years between them, so would expect a fair amount of improvements! Pat
  6. Spotted during an afternoon cycle driving past Hillesden in Bucks. I gave you a thumbs up as you passed. I live very local to that area, so if you fancy a drive out in our Evoras I'll be up for that.
  7. I also relied on contact cleaner for a while, which worked for a few months, until eventually that stopped working too. Interestingly when I dropped my car off on Wednesday the lady did say she was worried when she received my email, because she initially thought I was saying the passenger latch had failed already. Apparently someone else had that same problem - new latch fitted and it failed within a few weeks. We'll see what happens with mine...
  8. Not a huge amount - I'm more interested in the V6 personally. The things he noted were that the i4 will be slightly lighter, but not massively so because the DSG is heaver than the manual gearbox (though I think this was already known), and that the right hand vent at the front (when facing the car) has a radiator (or cooler of some type) for the gearbox on the i4, but is empty on the V6. Obviously he mentioned that Lotus have detuned the i4 to 380bhp so it sits below the V6 in power, however when I asked if they're likely tune it higher in the future he mentioned that AMG don't want them to tune it above their own cars, so they may be limited contractually by how far they can actually take the engine in terms of power. I mentioned the thicker steering wheel, which a few reviews have complained about, and I'm not a massive fan of (though it's certainly not a deal breaker) and he said that the diameter is the same as the GT4 racecar, and took the wheel out to let me hold it. The wheel is a lot more sculpted than the Evora, so where you actually place your hands it's not too thick, but the rest of the rim feels thicker than the quite plain Evora wheel. It's a blessing and a curse. Frustrating when you want attention when trying to buy an expensive item, but the trade off is that you'll look more youthful as they all start to age! As I said though, in this case it ended up becoming a big positive because I had a really nice one-on-one conversation. Fortunately I already have a relationship with my local Lotus dealer, so when it comes to it I shouldn't have to prove to them that "I am old enough to drive, honest, look, here's my license, I passed my test 16 years ago..."
  9. I was also at Goodwood, though my photos aren't nearly as nice as others so I won't bore people with those! What I will say is I always thought I'd go for a Seneca blue Emira, seeing as I absolutely love my Laser blue Evora, however in the flesh I thought the blue was a big let down - much less metallic than the Laser blue (which always gets compliments from everyone that sees it). On the flip side, I thought the red looked stunning, and it's completely changed my mind on which colour to go for. I wasn't really able to talk to anyone on the Lotus stand - I look quite young and the sales people seemed to be spending all their time speaking to middle aged men - not an uncommon thing at car shows. However, later in the day I walked past the Emira GT4 in the paddock, which was being attended to by two Lotus employees, so I went over for a chat. It turns out that one of the guys was one of the development drivers for the Emira and knew a tonne about the car (unfortunately I didn't catch his name). We ended up talking for about 15 minutes - discussing the differences between the Evora and the Emira, differences between the i4 and V6, a bit about the GT4 (my opening comment was how loud the GT4 was, to which he admitted they may have 'forgotten' to put a silencer on in order to get a few more looks). I have to say, it completely made up for my lack of attention on the Lotus stand, and I don't doubt that he knew more about the intricacies of the car. It's very rare for a normal person to be able to get that close to someone involved in the development process, so was a great experience. I can't wait for a test drive at some point, at which point I'm almost certain I'll be placing a deposit down.
  10. Haha yeah. To be fair to my car, I've owned it for 4 years, and only had three issues with it - aircon failed early on, took 4 months to fix due to parts availability and a cock up by the dealer, passenger lock failed, took 18 months to fix due to stock, and now the driver's door has failed, but hopefully can get sorted quickly. So in my case, reliability has been decent, but when something goes wrong it takes an age to fix.
  11. Wow, what has happened with their order?! How can it be a further 8-10 weeks? Unfortunately I can definitely relate having waited 18 months for mine to arrive. As for my driver's side lock, it's still broken and looks like a complete failure. The passenger side would detect the door being closed if I put pressure on the door, but the driver side doesn't register anything at all, so will need to spend another £400 getting that sorted soon.
  12. Had a chat with one of the other dads on the nursery run today. He saw the TG piece and thought to himself 'I need to speak to that guy with the Evora' so did today. He was under the impression that they were only making the Emira for one year - I think he was confused by the First Edition part of it, so I explained about the two first edition variants followed by the 'regular' versions. He went on to say that he'd love a Lotus, but wouldn't be able to fit in one (he's probably 6'6" and heavily built). I said he'd be surprised and offered him a try in the Evora. Cue the standard look of amazement when he fit in with no trouble, which lead to about half an hour of Lotus talk. Sounds like his next car will be an electric SUV because his wife would never let him have something like the Emira, but at least there's some excitement from non-car people. I'm off to Goodwood on Friday so hoping I can finally have a sit in an Emira. So far I've only seen one from the outside, which was the safety car at the British GT.
  13. Well... That victory was very short lived. I took the car out for a quick drive today, and when I pulled up... The driver's door window dropped down slightly. Looks like my driver's side lock has now failed, just days after getting the passenger side on fixed.
  14. Hi @Registered, I'm pleased to say I had my replacement door latch fitted today, so can finally lock my car! Fingers crossed you manage to source one soon.
  15. Well, I have some good news. For the first time in 18 months I've been able to lock my car! New door latch fitted, all working correctly. The latch was fitted by Lotus Silverstone, they didn't mention any need for modification so I'm not sure what needed to be changed on yours @Markindevon
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