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  1. From what I understand, it'll just beep at you in this situation. You'll be going below the speed limit, floor it and pull out, exceed the speed limit (at which point it'll beep at you), then when you pull in and drop below the speed limit it will stop beeping again. That in itself isn't too annoying (though it's obviously more annoying than what we currently have). What is slightly more concerning is that the car will monitor and log that you went above the speed limit. At some point either governments or insurance companies (or most likely both) will start to ask for access to that data, and fine you for speeding, and increase your insurance premium. That'll be a fun time to live!
  2. I'm interested to know how Tesla have managed to keep all of their early donators in the Cyber Truck happy. They announced it ages ago, haven't let anyone actually get close to it, haven't provided any updates (other than delaying the launch) and still they have legions of fans throwing their money at them. In comparison, Lotus have been dragging a car around the country (and US) for people to view, it's only been a couple of months since it was announced, and yet people are already complaining about lack of updates. Maybe we should start smoking what the Tesla fans are smoking (although that wouldn't be environmentally friendly, so maybe they're not smoking at all).
  3. I just watched a video which goes into more depth of what is/isn't required, and you're right, they state that if the car is released before 6th July 2022 (slightly different date to yours) then it won't need to add ISA until 7th July 2024. It also goes into more detail of what the systems actually do, and it sounds like it'll only reduce power if you're using cruise control, and will use annoying audible or haptic feedback if you aren't. Still sounds very annoying, but there's at least some hope that it won't be on the first Emiras. He also talks about the challenges of road sign detection, and even companies like Tesla have said that it's not reliable enough. Interestingly in the legislation it mentions using a combination of sign recognition and GPS, however on a 1.5 hour drive to Cambridge a couple of weeks back I decided to keep a close eye on Google Maps to see how accurate that was, and the results weren't great. It got 90% of the speed limits right, however there were quite a few occasions where it got them wrong, including thinking a 60 zone was 30, a 60 zone was 40, and a 40 zone was 30. It would be very frustrating if you're driving at 60mph perfectly legally, while your car is bonging at you telling you you're going too fast. The reality is, like a lot of silly regulations like this, it may well get delayed until the technology is 'ready', so hopefully it won't happen any time soon.
  4. My only reservation would be over the potential build quality issues, but as others have said, I'm hopeful that they've sorted those out since the Evora days. In regard to the engine, it's a tried and tested engine, sounds great, has plenty enough power for the road and is very reliable. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Finally, for the reviewers, something I learned a while ago is that you'll have far more joy owning and driving a car that you like, than you will driving a car that someone else tells you is good. It doesn't matter how many glowing reviews a car gets, or how great the platform is etc, if you don't like the car, you won't enjoy owning it. For most petrolheads cars are a heart over head choice, buy the car you like, ignore strangers' opinions, and drive it with a smile. Will there be newer engines, yes, will there be faster cars, yes, will Evo still tell you to buy a Porsche instead, yes. But if you like the Lotus, you'll be better off owning it.
  5. You've misunderstood what the regulation is. The car will still have the same top speed, however if it detects that you are going above the speed limit it will automatically reduce power after some audible warnings, unless you manually override it. If you continue to speed the warnings will continue to sound. It can be disabled by pressing a button, but it defaults to 'on', so every time you start the car, if you go above the speed limit it'll bong at you, if you continue to speed it'll reduce the power. As mentioned, the power reduction looks to be EU specific, and in the UK it'll just provide audible warnings. I've never bought a new car, so no I haven't, however a number of manufacturers already add these devices (including Volvo and Ford). From 2022 it will be EU regulation, so whether you've seen it in the past or not is irrelevant. I'm not quite sure how you can say that it's not the case, when here is the information direct from the ETSC website In fact it lists the cars that are already sold with ISA devices fitted. It is different because the car will reduce power automatically for you (for EU drivers), and will provide audible warnings whenever you go above the speed limit. My brain doesn't constantly bong at me when I'm going fast, it makes a 'weeee' sound.
  6. This EU regulation has been flying under the radar a bit, but it looks like it's going to come into force in May 2022, so will probably affect the Emira from launch. Essentially the EU has mandated that all new cars will be fitted with speed monitoring software which uses GPS and other data to reduce the power of the car when you get to the speed limit. The UK has adopted a similar law, but from the article it sounds like in the UK it'll need to give an audible warning rather than actually limit the power. The other slightly worrying thing (unless you're an insurance company) is that the car will need to log telematics data at all time (think the telematics box that young drivers get offered by insurance companies). Obviously it's still early days, and we don't quite know how these changes will be implemented and how much it'll affect you while driving, but it's something to be aware of. The system can be turned off at the push of a button, but by the sound of it it'll default to 'on' when you start the car.
  7. I hope you can choose not to have those options 😅 One thing I love about the Evora is the lack of electronics that get in the way. Good to see you around @Cooper, your old Evora is still going strong 3 years on!
  8. I know the prices are speculation at the moment, but I've seen a number of people quote around £80k for the V6. What would the reason for a 33% markup be? Surely an old Toyota V6 wouldn't cost that much more for Lotus to purchase than a relatively new AMG engine? And even if it did, £20k more?! I am personally hoping the V6 is affordable, because for me it would be the only option, however if it's 33% more, then it's going to be too much for me to justify. Could it be that £80k is the LE price, which going by the Evora was basically fully loaded. So £80k for the V6 and all the packs. Then the I4 will come out with 'nothing' and you can spec it yourself.
  9. @Cdm2018 Yes, I've considered it, but finances are certainly a factor too, so adding another car (no matter how cheap) will only increase costs. The reality is, we can afford to keep the Lotus, and my wife has a family hatchback, so we're fine as we are, but I do sometimes wonder if it's the right option. Considering my wife seems happy to keep it for now though, it seems sensible to do that. With the market as strong as it is, if we do need to change it over then hopefully that won't be an issue, and I'll hopefully have the door lock sorted by then too. By the sound of it the door lock is unique to Lotus, and even worse it was updated later in the Evora's life, so it's not a common part. @scotty435 that's a shame, I put a post up a while ago asking if anyone had one but unfortunately didn't get any leads.
  10. Well interestingly I was discussing it with my wife and she's talking me in to keeping it. I've asked her if she's feeling okay...
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. It really is an amazing colour - everyone comments on it. As for the price, I was conscious of the door lock issue, hence the lower price, but I'm in no rush (and I'm very reluctant) to sell, so perhaps a higher price would probably be better to start with.
  12. @CharlieGee @Celica I'm currently considering whether to sell my car so thought I'd drop it in here in case either of you are interested. It's a launch edition in Laser Blue with black leather interior. Has all three packs (being a launch edition) and is a 2+2. It currently has around 40k on the clock, but is used regularly. Inside it has an updated Pioneer head unit and the metal gear knob from the later cars. Outside it has a Larini exhaust and 15mm spacers on the rear wheels. The car drives beautifully, and sounds great. The paint work is excellent, there are a few stone chips etc as you'd expect from an 11 year old car, but the guys at Silverstone actually remarked on its condition when they saw it. The interior is also very good, again, only the expected wear from 11 years of use. I've had the car for just less than 3 years and absolutely love it. The only reason for considering a sale is because I have a second child on the way. My eldest son absolutely loves the car so I would only consider selling it if the price was right. The car isn't 100% perfect - the passenger door lock has failed, so the passenger door doesn't lock. Unfortunately the part is currently on back-order, and I am waiting on Silverstone Lotus to get hold of one. The right hand screen on the dash only seems to work intermittently, though the guys at Silverstone think it could be related to the door lock. The wheels could also do with a refurb, but I can get that sorted before sale if preferred. My plan was to get the door lock sorted before considering selling it, but due to Covid the part is on back-order and the due date is approaching. Right now I'm looking for around £28k. (Photo was taken yesterday morning after a quick wash)
  13. Hi @Celica, yes, I still have my Evora and still love it. Rear seat space is probably similar to the TT - there's a lot of legroom in the front passenger seat, so my wife can have the seat quite far forward, leaving enough space behind her for a small person to sit, however there isn't really any legroom behind me, and I don't even have my seat all the way back. My son is still in a car seat, and we can put that in the rear seat, but I tend to take the rear seats out to give an extra few centimetres. Usually it's just me and him that go out, so he usually goes in the front seat instead. In reality I'd say you'd probably struggle if you're planning on taking four people (two adults in the front and your kids in the back) but it would be absolutely fine for you and your two kids. In terms of headroom, it should be fine for your kids - my wife has sat in the back a couple of times when we had a rear facing car seat, and while it wasn't a comfortable experience it was tolerable - she's 5'4" for reference. As I said earlier, I still love my Evora, and would definitely recommend test driving one.
  14. Passed this morning while returning home. I was in the Evora stuck behind a stupidly large pickup. Would be great to meet up at some point (after lockdown) if you're local.
  15. Unfortunately Bell and Colville don't have any in stock.
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