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  1. I find it best to remove them with the radio.
  2. Yes you're correct. I meant the chrome trim. I can't tell if it's there or not.
  3. That's really clean. Did you remove the black trim from the lower edge of the rear quarter windows?
  4. Well I might have an issue with this setup. Red line with a 128 tooth wheel puts me just shy of 15kHz for the sensor signal. Right near the sensor operating limit and typically higher than most after market ECUs can deal with.
  5. Tony, I'm really trying to avoid that route. Besides hating the look of a pulley mounted trigger wheel my inner Chapman doesn't like the idea of adding parts when there's another option. The ring gear also provides a nice stable signal without the worry of wheel or sensor vibration. That being said I might decide the convenience is worth it and follow your lead. Tom, those pictures are just what I needed. Thanks. It looks like it should work quite well.
  6. I'm thinking about using the starter ring gear as a crank signal for an efi setup. This would use the ring gear like a trigger wheel but with the missing tooth being a single lobe mounted to one of the cams. Hitachi had this setup on early 90s Audis. I really like the idea of not having to mount a trigger wheel to the crank pulley. The questions I have are: How many teeth are on the ring gear? If it's an odd number this idea pretty much stops here. Second, is there a location on the bell housing where it would be reasonable to mount a hall sensor? This should be easy since I'd o
  7. Thanks guys. That's exactly the information I needed.
  8. No, not yet. I find being on the other side of the planet makes them harder to deal with. 😉 I was hoping to be able to find out which parts bin lotus pulled these from and try and source them locally.
  9. So I'm nearing the completion of my rewire on my 74 elite and I'm now trying to source some replacement courtesy lamp housings. All mine have suffered over the years and are all cracked. Does anybody know where I can get these? Or even a newer lamp that will fit the existing holes? Thanks.
  10. Well my rewire continues. Once again the previous owner has left me scratching my head. The side markers on the federal cars, are they wired as turn signals or just parking lights? Mine were cut when the Euro bumpers were installed.
  11. So I'm in the middle of wiring my 74 Elite but I can't seem to locate the ignition relay. I would use the wiring diagram to track it down but the PO replaced most of the wires under hood with red wire. Anybody know where I should be looking?
  12. Would you happen to have the size of the brake pipe ends handy? I need to redo mine this spring.
  13. Never seen this paint scheme before. The car started out maroon, was then dark green and is now black and white. I was thinking of going back to the original colour but the lotus script down the side is growing on me.
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