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  1. Hi Allan, Paid a deposit to Laura last week (1K) and had valuation for my Evora 400 but decided not to sell for now. I don't think it is a good idea to be "Lotusless" for another 18 months. As you said, it's difficult to decide on specifications now and we need more colour choices. Roll on September. A
  2. 2016 Evora 400. The reverse camera "manual override" button doesn't work. Camera works fine when the reverse gear is engaged but can't activate the camera for example when the gear is on neutral . The head-unit is Alpine INE-W990BT. I heard that the manual override button is inactive in Evora as the only way to activate it is it have it live all time. I would appreciate if other members with the same version of Alpine could please check if their button is working. Thank you
  3. Thank you very much for the link but I am afraid I don't have the skills or the tools to do that. It has to be dealership job for me. (BTW the noise disappeared today.... strange)
  4. Thank you all. Any guide (or a link) on how to remove the front undertray please.
  5. 2016 Lotus Evora 400. Steering noise on stationary or very slow driving. Same noise happened last year and disappeared by itself. Yesterday, I noticed it again. Some online search suggested silicon spray to the rubber grommet behind the brake pedal (where the steering column exits the foot-well). Tried this but no luck. Looks like the noise is coming from the steering wheels not the grommet. Any suggestion please? (car still has 2 months in the warranty) Thank you
  6. Spotted 7:30 this morning in Haggs Rd and Dumbreck Rd, then onto M8 westbound. I was in my Black Evora and finally managed to catch you. Sorry for the need to undertake from the inside lane just to say Hi Ahmed
  7. Looks good. but I frequently need to move the seat so it may interfere with that Looks good but what I don't like in it (and the OEM Evora cup holder too) the location would be behind my back so not easy access. I have been using this location for my Bodum Travel mug. I thought it fits well but had a couple of incidents recently when braking hardly. Also concerned on long term damage to the seat leather on the the contact area Any idea how much 3D printed mount would cost please? Thank you all for posting
  8. Saw this on another forum, looks a good one. Anyone aware of a similar product in the UK please? Thank you
  9. Thank you Stephen. We are excited about taking delivery but Caterham will always be special.
  10. Delivery date yet to be agreed. I have no hesitation in recommending Jamie at B & C.
  11. Went down south to the lotus 70th with a yellow manual in my mind. But ended up buying a black IPS. 🤔
  12. Of course. I couldn't resist it. Black n black n black very mysterious and classy
  13. Was nice meeting the group and thank you for inviting “the replica” to appear in the photo. Ahmed and Margaret
  14. Anyone knows about this car please. Evora 400 IPS, done 7k miles. Registered Dec 16. I think it was for sale at Silverston March 18 with 2700 miles on the clock. Hethel edition but can’t see the side paint strips? Thank you
  15. Ian, hope a yellow caterham seven is allowed to join the group at the scotch corner. (Wish it was the Evora 400). Ahmed
  16. Thank you for your assurance. It is just me worried to be unlucky again after had 3 engine failure in the last year. None of them was my fault. 991 owned from new, never taken to track or launch controlled needed a new engine at 6k miles. SL500 approved used was rejected 4 days after purchase because oil leak damaged electric loom and ECU. Finally, wife’ TT is currently having engine rebuild due to timing chain failure. I look after my cars, break in and always do the service as scheduled but again it is my luck. But people say things come in threes so hopefully will have better luck with my next car.
  17. Just wondering, when buying a used car from a dealership, is it accepted practice to ask for an ECU dump printout. It is nice to see how the car was treated during her life but is it something the dealership may not be keen to provide? I understand there is limitations to the printout,. For example the report will not tell if a particular event occurred last week or years ago. Also, if the ecu was updated previous data may be wiped off. For IPS, is over rev an issue? I understand they can be over reved if the car was driving downhill. Thank you for your help A
  18. Mik, Still hunting. The more I read about it, the more it scares me. Was just reading horrible stories about gearbox on the american LotusTalk. You were lucky to get such a nice car. A
  19. Any information about this car please? Looks good prices for age and mileage. Thank you A
  20. I always considered Gtechniq. I think it gives great result but it is not always easy to get it right (even if professionally applied). love the Italian Ice Cream🍦🍨
  21. What a lovely looking car. Has she just been polished? What detailing coat on it? Wax/ceramic?
  22. MOT expired 6 weeks ago. Is it just me finding this not a good first impression for a potential buyer? or this is common in the Evora world?
  23. Congratulation. Looks fab 👍
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