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  1. Hi, when lifting the body off my 69 Elan S4 the heater valve had to be removed to clear the body during the lift. However the heater valve could not be unscrewed because it hit the fibreglass inner wing. No problem as the valve was buggered I simply cut off the heater hose fitting and unscrewed it. Refitting the new one will be an issue though. Can I swap over the heater valve and the temperature probe? Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. I need 2 new front suspension units for my 68 Elan S4. I live in NZ where parts supply is limited. any part numbers, make or equivalents. Any advice would be welcome
  3. I have started stripping the Elan and removing the body from the chassis. Does anyone know where to get a centre consul plastic moulding. The padded arm rest is OK but the moulding is broken around the gear leaver.
  4. Following this post I have found one now, 68 Elan S4. getting ready for the big rebuild
  5. Hi, I am based in Dunedin and have a 74 Europa Special. Am looking for my next project and would like to rebuild an early elan. Any help in finding one (any condition) would be appreciated. thanks Stu
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