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  1. I know where there are some for sale if thats what you meant.
  2. I still do not think that any car made in Japan will ever achieve the real classic status. I am still not impressed with the Datsun Zs nor the GTR. They just do not have that Classic look about them Roger I think you will find that the 240Z is recognised as the first Japanese Classic Car,and quite rightly so in my estimation greenman
  3. [Anyway, first time out on some windy roads. VERY different driving experience compared to D/C ways and compared to my FWD Audi. I found it quite difficult to take corners at any speed whilst feeling in control. i.e I didnt feel in control. Is this normal when moving to a RWD car?] Handling is where these cars should excel,from how you describe it could be down to one thing (as already stated,tyre pressure) or a combination of several. Are the tyres all one brand ,and recommended for S3? What are the shock absorbers like?not uncommon to pass mot and still be naff Are left-hand bends worse than right-hand or vice versa? Wheel alignment and tracking Not having driven your model I dont know how a good one should handle,but when mine was on the road the cornering was the best part of it, Trevor
  4. Well done Simon! Glad too hear you`ve got your ticket Did the pics get there?
  5. Will try and join you,will a Marcos be accepted ? Trev
  6. Hi Malc A similar set were for sale at the Donington show asking price
  7. Very Nice. I have been looking for this type of wheel, that allows a view of the calliper and disc. Were these a factory fitment option or after-market,what sizes are they including offsets ? Trevor
  8. Will link up at Mier,hopefully my plan works better than last year,when I lost my gate keys and couldnt get out. Trev
  9. Hi Richard When I suspected my dizzy could have a fault,Pete at PNM informed me that they can repair them. Might be worth having a word with him. Trevor
  10. I thought it was somebody that watched birds then remembered they were twitchers
  11. Hi Simon,it might be worth changing the in-line fuel filter at this point.Good too hear your progressing, Trevor
  12. You can't just leave it hanging like that! C'mon - spill the beans. Eurocarb Ltd Find on ebay or google it Trevor
  13. Hi Simon, Welcome aboard, If you send me a PM where you are,or phone number, I have a carb book you can borrow and can tell where the carb kits are half the price quoted above, Trevor
  14. Good to get out and meet up,although my trip was a shorter version it was still very enjoyable. Set out for the long haul but had my parole reprieved whilst at the Gingerbread Man. Split off from the group west of Shrewsbury and made my way up the A5 towards Oswestry,then aimed for Ellesmere passing through a village called Babes In The Wood.Encountered a few drops of rain at Ellesmere but not enough too warrant the the wipers,the roads were good so most enjoyable, arrived home feeling rejuvenated. So Thanks people for getting me out Trev
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