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  1. SH


    Can't see it being the F430 - production of that model ceased before the Evora production started.
  2. I haven't. So so close - a deal was almost there (and I'm sure we could have got it over the line), however, I came to the realisation that I'd be forever annoyed by it not having the facelift bumpers of the GT410 / GT430 models, so I've decided to hang onto my 400 for a bit longer and wait for an Automatic GT410 to come onto the market ('howmanyleft' suggests there is at least one out there in the UK!). That said, I understand that AU66 BPX may be going from Hoffmans up to Levens Edinburgh (my local dealer) as they have a potential buyer. I've asked Levens to give me a buzz if their buyer doesn't proceed, so who knows what tomorrow brings...
  3. Thanks for the input guys!
  4. Thanks again @london_v. I'm going to have a good think about it. The 410 Sport has some pro's / con's - thing is, my pro's / con's seem to differ very much to the general markets consensus! E.g. I prefer the 2+0 seating arrangement of this 410 Sport - the market seems to prefer the 2 + 2. I prefer the Auto box - the market seems to prefer the manual. I can now rationalise the extra £10k spend - I couldn't add the carbon roof, tailgate, seats, front access panel, splitter, diffuser and forged wheels to my 400 for anywhere near that figure (probably just over £20k in parts there going by DeRoure's pricing). It's also an ultra-rare model - HowManyLeft say there's just 1 registered 410 Sport Auto (this one?). There could of course be more, but not many. The one thing that I'm really struggling with though are the visual differences. My Evora 400 is super classy looking in silver with black pack, black wheels, black logo-less callipers, and full red leather interior - some pics below. This 410 Sport is a much more 'brash' looking car. Not a bad thing - it's just different... and I'm wondering if I can carry off that look now that I'm in my mid 40's! Decisions decision decision... anyway - my car: And the 410 Sport for comparison:
  5. Thanks @london_v! I'm still weighing-up whether it's worth the £10k on top of my 400. Did you have to put speakers in too, or were they already in situ?
  6. I wouldn't rush to assume that on the basis of this video - it's far from a chronological one-take piece of film-making!
  7. LOL - I just spied my mistake. The Lotus website has pics of BPX... and footage of BPZ.
  8. Wrong spy - thought it was this car... must sort out my X's and Z's!
  9. Cheers guys. Pretty much my thoughts. I wouldn't be bothered buying one (at the right price), but was interested in what others thought.
  10. I see Hoffmans have the launch / press 410 automatic for sale. That fact doesn't really bother me as I work on the premise that it's a Lotus - it's built for hooning on tracks! I'd be interested to hear what others think though - would all the power-sliding antics that are plastered across the Net make it less attractive to you?
  11. Hmmm - I'm not so sure it would be all that simple. The SVA Scheme was replaced almost a decade ago with the slightly more complex IVA Scheme. There are 2 levels of IVA inspection - 'Basic' and 'Normal' - and this vehicle will struggle to be considered under the far more straightforward 'Basic' process. Firstly, because it is not an 'amateur built vehicle' (kit car), and secondly because Lotus will almost certainly not seek a 'Very Low Volume Production Vehicle' authorisation on your behalf (it would expose them to all sorts of potential legal actions should the car be involved in a crash). So I reckon it would be subjected to the much more thorough 'Normal' IVA process which requires evidence of 'type approval' for many key components. I'm sure you could find the necessary approvals for most of the 414E's engineering (it's an Evora after all!), but as this car is a 'one-off' car, then I seriously doubt that Lotus will have already gained 'type approval' for the powertrain (ultra-expensive destruction testing for the battery cells, etc.). It's always worth asking the question though - Lotus could have used another manufacturers already 'type approved' powertrain in the build? Unlikely, but who knows! To me the car is more attractive to someone wanting to acquire the tech to use for their future production use, but then you'd have to ask yourself why Lotus abandoned the project after investing so much in it - it clearly didn't meet the requirements for them as a manufacturer, so is it any good? And if it transpires that the tech is actually useful, then who holds the rights to it? Have Lotus already tied their name to what they've done so far? I like a good challenge, but this is far too much for me!
  12. Its one of these two (pretty sure it’s the first one - up to 400bhp)...
  13. The steering wheel badge on mine (2016 - 400) had a number of prongs located around the edge which slotted into a corresponding circular groove on the airbag module. I binned mine, but found this pic on the web which is broadly similar. You need to insert a strong thin sharply-pointed instrument under the badge and prise off. It's a bit of a pest (very tight) - if I was doing it again, I'd probably leave the OE badge in place and just stick the gel one over the top of it.
  14. Removed the OE one and went with a domed-gel sticker. Looks much better (IMHO ). Wheel centres also done - just have to figure out how to get the nose-badge off, and order black lettering for the back and then I'll be happy!
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