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  1. Was a really enjoyable evening. Some lovely cars there... and how epic was that Atom's supercharger whine!!! 😲
  2. It appears that the short hose is bonded to the one-way valve - I'm not ripping it off. Toyota / Lotus seem confident that the draw in the vacuum system isn't going to trouble the push-in joints / blanking plugs, so I'm not going to lose any sleep about it. The only changes that I might make for neatness would be to replace the T-piece on the right with a 2-piece connector, and replace the bolt / hose on the left with a proper blanking cap.
  3. *Think* I have my answer! DeRoure list a 'blanking plug, Vacuum hose T piece' at 14 on this diagram. I must have knocked it off when faffing about. Now plugged!
  4. Fitted a TRD airbox and K&N filter to my Cup 250. i can’t remember pulling a hose off the T-Piece (in red circle)... nor can I find a corresponding hose ending to plug into it. Is it left ‘open’? - I can hear air being pulled through it.
  5. SH


    Can't see it being the F430 - production of that model ceased before the Evora production started.
  6. I haven't. 😧 So so close - a deal was almost there (and I'm sure we could have got it over the line), however, I came to the realisation that I'd be forever annoyed by it not having the facelift bumpers of the GT410 / GT430 models, so I've decided to hang onto my 400 for a bit longer and wait for an Automatic GT410 to come onto the market ('howmanyleft' suggests there is at least one out there in the UK!). That said, I understand that AU66 BPX may be going from Hoffmans up to Levens Edinburgh (my local dealer) as they have a potential buyer. I've asked Levens to give me a buzz if t
  7. Thanks again @london_v. I'm going to have a good think about it. The 410 Sport has some pro's / con's - thing is, my pro's / con's seem to differ very much to the general markets consensus! E.g. I prefer the 2+0 seating arrangement of this 410 Sport - the market seems to prefer the 2 + 2. I prefer the Auto box - the market seems to prefer the manual. I can now rationalise the extra £10k spend - I couldn't add the carbon roof, tailgate, seats, front access panel, splitter, diffuser and forged wheels to my 400 for anywhere near that figure (probably just over £20k in parts th
  8. Thanks @london_v! I'm still weighing-up whether it's worth the £10k on top of my 400. Did you have to put speakers in too, or were they already in situ?
  9. I wouldn't rush to assume that on the basis of this video - it's far from a chronological one-take piece of film-making!
  10. LOL - I just spied my mistake. The Lotus website has pics of BPX... and footage of BPZ. 👍
  11. Wrong spy - thought it was this car... must sort out my X's and Z's! 😂
  12. Cheers guys. Pretty much my thoughts. I wouldn't be bothered buying one (at the right price), but was interested in what others thought.
  13. I see Hoffmans have the launch / press 410 automatic for sale. That fact doesn't really bother me as I work on the premise that it's a Lotus - it's built for hooning on tracks! I'd be interested to hear what others think though - would all the power-sliding antics that are plastered across the Net make it less attractive to you?
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