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  1. @ Bibs. Just done it now. By the way "paul s1" is on the list but not set up for e-mails apparently. @ Martin. I can't really complain as this is really the only function I go to!
  2. @ Martin. You're booked in. Just the two of us on the form....
  3. Oops looks like I haven't set up notifications. Sorry, Martin, for late reply. As for Brocksbushes, hows about 10.30? Could you pm me your two possible car details so I can book you in?
  4. @ Loosecannon; Whatever you like. "If you can, let me know if you're thinking of attending so I can book space on the Lotus stand. Pm me, or post here your name, model of Lotus, and reg no." Or, if you want to make your own application that's fine too.
  5. Hope you can make it. Need mallet and stakes again!
  6. Click here for info....;
  7. Yes, it's nearly that time of year again.... As we all know it's going to rain on Saturday the 16th of May, so David from the Fastlane show has promised hard standing for all registered cars. As with previous years there's no charge for registering, or turning up in something tasty. Otherwise there's a charge for public entry to the show on the gate. If you can, let me know if you're thinking of attending so I can book space on the Lotus stand. Pm me, or post here your name, model of Lotus, and reg no. As usual we will be meeting at Brocksbushes cafe (NE43 7UB), just outside Corbridge, mid morning for those who wish to convoy in....
  8. Just finished watching part 2 of the Top Gear Christmas special with a Lotus Esprit V8, Porsche and Mustang being driven by the usual crew through some usual, and some more startling escapades. I noticed that the Lotus number plate is the same as my V8's with one digit different! I also noticed that they changed the wheels from the original Oz racing (standard on a '96 V8) to the more modern slab sided ones in part two. They must've damaged them in some of the silliness that went on. I was proud that the Lotus was the only car not to break down, very saddened at their treatment of it, and devestated that it was left in Argentina....Don't they know how rare 1996 V8 Esprit bits are? Anyways, I'm sure the Lotus was the least of their problems!
  9. Excellent pics. I wish I could have made it, but I was motorhoming with the family in Scotland. I did the run for my partner's son last year at Ponteland School, and joined a group of about five exotic cars dropping off kids. They, and the audience, will never forget it. Nice.
  10. I checked the valve clearances on my VFR400 about 6 years ago and I can still remember the bruises on my hands and fingers. Dunno if its pc to say it but the Japanese must have small hands?
  11. I currently have two bikes. A 2006 Blackbird I've had since new, and a 1989 VFR400R I've owned for about 6 years. This is my third Blackie, so I must like 'em. I also had three Varaderos, but the last one was fuel injected, naff, and put me off. Get a 2003, or earlier, people. Had; Honda C100, C90, CB125S, RD200DX, CB125T, CB750FB, NS400R, VFR750FG, VFR750FJ, Transalp XL600V, Africa Twin, CBR1000F, '96 Fireblade, VFR400R, 3 Blackbirds (Titanium, then blue, then grey), 3 Varaderos (Orange, then blue, then silver), Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha FJR1300.
  12. @ Ken; thanks for the heads up. More info here; ps. I always thought we should be the NEEG's! After all there are SLEG's and LEG's... I could be a NEEG. Not sure about NEER's, sounds a bit unpleasant. Doctor:"Game over for you, old chap, youv'e got NEERS. Riddled with them, in fact. Splendid.".
  13. The show started off pretty sunny, but the heavens opened about lunchtime with the anticipated heavy downpour that harrassed us off and on all afternoon. At least it wasn't as cold as previous years! I met up with Martin in his 350 at Brocksbushes at 10.00, and we trundled off to the show. We put the (large) banner up and were shortly joined by Mark (Loose Canon), and finally a fourth early Esprit completed the lineup you see in the opening picture. The show had a good showing of Elises (see photo), as well as the usual top class marques, and the tarted up hot hatch brigade that were shunted to the periphery of the field. When the rain started there was a mass exodus for the exit, which churned up the grass and caused gridlock at the junction as the road is only wide enough for one way traffic, and many were still arriving. It's a shame they don't have an alternative exit. Whilst it is a big show there didn't seem to be quite as many visitors as usual, and I fear that if the show isn't moved to a dryer month it may not survive.
  14. @ Philip. Thanks for letting us know.
  15. @ Martin. Parasailing in a Lotus anyone? Stakes would be good! Can all attendees pm me their reg no. to pass on to the organisers. Not strictly nec. but makes it official.....
  16. Make it 10.00am then. And, erm...anyone know how to erect a 20 foot by 3 foot banner? @ Bibs, I was kinda expecting an A3 card at most! Wow! Thankyou! Photos to follow.
  17. As I predicted, the forecast for Sunday is heavy, blustery showers. No surprise there then. What is surprising is that I shall be there with brass knobs on (metaphorically speaking). Yes, Andy will be there in his "never seen rain" Esprit V8. Lord forgive me.
  18. Okay Guys. Show's on a fortnight from this Sunday. As usual, if anyone wants to arrive in convoy, I'll be leaving Brocksbushes farm shop and cafe car park (NE43 7UB) just outside of Corbridge at 10.30am. @ Mark; I wonder where the Yanks and Streetrods from the Metro centre meet now?
  19. Okay, thanks for that. Might just be us getting wet then.....
  20. As far as I know it's free to attend in exotica. Certainly, I've never paid for entry. I have e-mailed David for confirmation.
  21. Hmm, seems a bit quiet. Can someone (Loose Canon?) organise a pm to those who signed up for local events notification in the sticky?
  22. Got a e-mail from him today. Everything is go. Just need numbers. Anyone else?
  23. Thanks for your thoughts guys, at least no one was hurt (i.e. me). @ Martin; In previous years if you turn up in something tasty they let you through no questions asked. I think Mark (Loose Cannon) knows the organiser, he might want to take over on this? Otherwise, I'll let them know how many we are expecting when the numbers have firmed up.... 1. Andy A 2. Loose Canon 3. Martin L. 4......
  24. See regional group post;
  25. On Sunday 11th May it is probably going to rain all day. That is because it's the Fastlane show. However. I'm going to be there. Not least because I've asked Bibs for an official club placard. Anyone up for a soaking? ps. Just had my BMW stolen off my drive. Broke into my house while I was in and pinched the keys. Watched them drive off through a hole in my porch window. Cautionary tale, folks.
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