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  1. As promised; more to follow.... More pics from my Phone.... more to come...
  2. On Sunday 10th May 2009, Hippo and I set off on the short run to Corbridge for the Ferrari/TVR owners club meet, and before long we were in a good natured convoy of exotica all heading in the sun for The Dyvels pub. The pub car park was full, and also the periphery of the Rugby field. In amongst the drifting barbecue smoke was a feast of mouthwatering marques. Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, and Lotus, as well as TVR and Ferrari. There were also a couple of Vauxhall Monaros, and a little Honda race car. I didn't count them but there must have been well over a hundred cars there. Sadly, there were only three (Edit:actually there were four) Esprits; my V8, and a couple of X180s. However, Hippo was in good company as there were many Exiges and Elises. Photos to follow..... All in all a great time was had by all, and I'll deffo be there again next year! Oh yes.
  3. SCC08291THA15039 Esprit V8 1996 I've owned this Ex-Lotus car since 1999. Andrew Allinson Newcastle North-East England
  4. O2 sensor in place, all error codes cleared, running like a dream! I'll be there. @ Hippo; I'll give you a call soon to arrange a meet if you fancy going up together. Now to polish my big red beast.....
  5. Stop press; Actually, I'm away for the weekend, but I could prolly get back Sunday. Also waiting for an 02 sensor to arrive, and assuming I can get the old one off without a prob, and she runs fine, it's a possibility.
  6. I'm away next Sunday. Why, what's happening there?
  7. You'd better park with me ( I might be on my own otherwise). Of course, you will need an A4 sheet of paper with ESPRIT written on it blue tacked over your Exige badge....
  8. A good mod to do before it happens is to remove all the boot floor bolts and replace then with nylon number plate ones. But of course, if you're reading this it's too late! I came to grief after adjusting the boot lid on my V8; it got stuck shut on the latch plates, not the latch itself. Jacking each corner of the car almost helped but didn't quite release the lid in this case. I had to remove the exhaust, and dremmel off the metal bolts from under the boot (wear eye protection and expect to be showered by shards of hot metal...). The bit for my dremmel was
  9. Now I'm back on the road; anyone interested in a little meet at Marsden on the coast? I know the owner of a little cafe there. He's got a Morgan (so he...Understands...). They have a nice car park, and it's on farmland. He's okayed the meet, just the date to sort out. If there's no feedback, me an' Hippo'll set a date and post it here.
  10. All done. Good as new. Ask Hippo!
  11. Sorry Bibs, just seen your post. I've already ordered what I think I need. Some from my local dealer, and some from SJ sportscars Ltd. In fact the parts should be on the way to the body shop to be sprayed as we speak . The work is progressing nicely, I'll post a pic or two, shortly. Edit: Hippo took me for a spin in his Exige on Saturday. What a machine! I'm green with envy. Things won't be so bad when I'm back on the road.
  12. Wow. Looking forward to seeing her. My Esprit's on the road to recovery (at last).
  13. Yeah looks like I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and pay full retail
  14. Just to let you guys know I've started my, er, "repairs". So hopefully I'll be good as new come the Spring. Meantime, any suggestions for a good supplier of V8 bodyparts would be most welcome.
  15. No news yet folks. Still licking my wounds, and trying to get the enthusiasm back. I will get it fixed, just can't bare to look at it at the mo. Thanks for your interest guys.
  16. Funnily enough just where I met you earlier. The aerofoil's knackered, the rear bumper's shot, and one of the exhaust pipes is pushed back. I'll be booking it to F1 for a quote. I'd post a pic, but I can't bare to look at it. I just hope there's no hidden damage!
  17. ...and after you left, on my way home, I spun the car and hit a fence backwards. This is gonna cost me mega
  18. @ Hippo; If the sun splits the trees(!), maybe Sunday (13th).
  19. Thanks Bibs, NEEG lives! The Newest, Best, and Most Active Esprit group in the whole wide world. Probably. Ahem. Okay, where to go for the next meet? Hippo and I have done South Shields/Marsden/Seaburn coastal area a coupla times. There are a few quiet car parks (eg Souter Lighthouse, although someone was gunned down there last year....!), where we could meet up and then go for a run up and down the coast road to give the natives a bit of excitement....and maybe stop for a coffee at a nice quiet little cafe. I know of one, with off road parking, on a farm just off the coast road. I know the owner and could probably make arrangements for part of the car park to be cordoned off just for us Esprit Gods. Just a thought.
  20. @Hippo: You were missed! @Howard: I'd prefer NEEG, but hey, let's put it to a poll.... @Semi42: There was a lot of interest in the cars, as you'd expect, but where we were parked was on the periphery of the main event, virtually out of sight. So it was a gentle passing of onlookers, I'd say. @ Oneshot: Why were we parked in disabled bays? Well. I, er, we, that is, um... Hmmm. But if we... Meh. Okay. Pass. We're just way BAD, man. Yes. The weather was pretty dire, and normally I wouldn't be seen out in the Lotus. It was, however, the inaugural meeting of NEEG (or whatever), and therefore a one-off. But what a job I had cleaning both the Lotus and my Honda Blackbird (which I had to put out in the rain to get the Lotus out of the garage!). Life, eh?
  21. Who ya calling Chicken! We came , we saw, we got wet. Behold! NEEG is born this day. Link to a smaller meet several weeks before at South Shields;
  22. @ Mark; I'll deffo be there, but if it's raining it'll be in my V70R..... Can you pm me your mobile number, or call me?
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