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  1. Who ya calling Chicken! We came , we saw, we got wet. Behold! NEEG is born this day. Link to a smaller meet several weeks before at South Shields;
  2. @ Mark; I'll deffo be there, but if it's raining it'll be in my V70R..... Can you pm me your mobile number, or call me?
  3. Put me down for the Metrocentre. Directions would be good, as I hate getting lost in there! A longer run at a later date would need a bit more thought and preparation. I don't like gravelly roads or rain....
  4. Was he a bald young lad?
  5. Hey Hippo. Nice to see another esprit so close. I live in Cleadon. Maybe we can meet for a slow procession by Minchellas!
  6. Is this anybody here? Went past Minchella's Ice cream parlour twice. I was outside with my Honda Blackbird and biking buddies. They said; "Hey Andy, there's one just like yours!" Of course, I coughed and said; "'SCUSE ME? MINE'S A V8!". True.
  7. I got the V8 model last November; click to view. Enjoy!
  8. Thankyou all so much for your welcoming posts! I hope that in the Spring we can get together for a run out, especially with local-yokels; Format C, and Mark Britten. I take your collective point about running her more often. In my perfect world I would. There are a whole host of reasons why I don't . -Pride in keeping the car mint. -Security; not flashing it about. -Security; got to get the keys for and move; the Volvo, the Transit, the Blackbird (garaged broadside on), get -the Lotus out, put the blackbird back in, and lock everything up. Then do the opposite when I return!
  9. Hi, everyone. I've had my esprit about seven years now. It's a '96 V8. She is pampered to death and only comes out of the garage on dry sunny days. Did about 50 miles last year, and she's got about 21k on her. She's originally a Lotus Company vehicle, which I bought from Bell and Colville. The only problems I've had are the engine light remaining on ("unspecified fault"), and the L/h drive shaft seal that's been replaced 5 times and still seeps a little. Oh, and I had a wheel bearing replaced some years back. Had the belt change done a few years back, the belt came out looking l
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