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  1. Well since my subscription has auto renewed, I thought I'd better check out what's happening here. And...Nothing. Wow. Okay, well, I'm still here. Lotus still in the garage which needs a ramp to get it out without scraping off the front bumper. Maybe this year? Hmmm. Is that an itch I'm feeling, or just an errant flea from the dog ratching in my underpants...

  2. 21 hours ago, Hippo said:

    I'm still here...still got the Exige, and I bought a KTM X-Bow last I allowed to say that?! ;)

    Well I had to look that one up. Which version is it? And do you have any dry clothes?

  3. On 02/05/2017 at 12:49, MartinL said:

    Hi, I'm back, sorry guys but due to life, death and all sorts going on around me I've neglected tlf for a couple of years, hopefully more time to play with cars now, my garage has changed since I was last posting here.... Update.. 

    Exige 260 cup track day car, elan +2 show car, elan S4 fast road car, elan sprint awaiting restoration!! 

    Looking forward to contact with friends old and new. 

    Cheers, Martin 

    Hi Martin,

    Good to know you're still about!

    @ Mark; and you too, Loose Cannon!

  4. Well I moved in with my partner and unfortunately she doesn't have space for the Lotus so it's ensconced in her Father's garage behind all sorts of detritus. So until and unless we get a bigger place it's unlikely I'll even be getting mot'd this year! Sob.

    But, judging by the lack of posts here (NEEG), I won't be missing much? Where is everyone?

  5. David, of Fastlane car show fame, is organising a more focused show in Newcastle city centre. On Saturday and Sunday 11th/12th July Grey Street, and the Monument, will be closed to traffic for the show to take place.


    Whilst it's open to all to visit, you have to apply if you wish to show your car as it's limited for space. In particular he would be happy with a couple more Esprits on display.  That's not to say other Lotus applications wouldn't be accepted.


    I've attached the entry form. If you wish to apply please fill in and e-mail or send to Dave at;



    David Harding
    The Crown Inn
    NE46 4AG

    Newcastle Show Entry Form.pdf

  6. So my neighbour David (Esprit S4S), new member Maurice (Europa S), me (Esprit V8), and my back up entourage (Volvo estate, partner, kids and dogs) all met up at the local farm cafe on a sunny, showery, chilly Saturday in May. And off to the Hexham Fastlane Show we trundled.

    The new venue proved to be ideal, although the logistics and directing of which marque goes where could have been better and I didn't feel there were as many exotic vehicles there as in previous years (or perhaps the site is just more compact). Still there was plenty on view from Porsche, Lambo, Ferrari, TVR, Chevy, et al. Land Rover and Range Rover had their place as did the "baseball cap backwards", hot hatch mob hidden in the back lot. There were plenty of Loti, mostly Elises, and some rarer models such as the 340R brought by dealer LotusNewcastle. We chatted with the owner and his mechanics and were impressed with their enthusiasm for the brand. There was live music from a band, plus the usual automotive gear, refreshments, and charity stalls.

    All in all a very enjoyable show; credit to organiser Dave, and his team. The weather was reluctantly just about acceptable this year, and I think the show will improve now they have the measure of the site. I'm already looking forward to next year!

  7. Well I've pm'd everyone on the contact list with the new address, and I'll try not to go to the old venue myself (you never can tell with me...). But yes, no doubt some folks will not have heard about the change.


    I'm looking forward to see how the new venue pans out. The entrance/egress at the Dyvels could be a real nightmare, but there was a lot of space. At the end of the day though, if the weather's fine I'll be happy (and shocked).

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