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    It doesn't seem to have been well publicised. I spotted a flyer in Barnard Castle when we were at our caravan so I googled it.

    Looks like it might be a good show so I'm hoping to get over. Shame you're so busy.



    Did you go? What was it like? Pics?

  2. Philip. Sorry you missed a really good day out, plan better for next year !!

    dont know if I will make Corbridge now as clashes with another family commitment............still trying to get out of it though.

    Maybe if you don't go the sun will shine on the rest of us for a change!!! :P  Only kidding, we all know it's always inclement at the Fastlane show

  3. Yes, it's nearly that time of year again....

    On: Sunday 12th May.

    At: Tynedale Rugby Football Club Limited, Tynedale Park, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5AY.

    I'm hoping to be there again. Any interest, people?

  4. Andy, so pleased you are OK

    And yes this little 4 pot has given in to the dark side and now has a V8 Sport 350 !!!!!!!

    I will give you a call when I am in the village to see mum and call in if you are free,

    That would be great! And, wow, a 350! Great news! How do you like it????

  5. Andy, thats bad news. you look too young and fit to have heart problems, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery......................but if they take away your license can I have the V8?????

    Never lose your sense of humour, its all that seperates us from the Apes!!!!!!!!!

    get well soon.

    See? Little four pots always hanker after us V8s.....

    Seriously. No.

    Thanks for your well wishes though! I'm not ill, ill, just not quite right. Still getting tests to try and find out why it happened, what it was, and whether it'll happen again (noooooo).

  6. Hope to get there, but having a few issues with heart arrythmia. Started out of the blue in Spain last week, had to come back early. Doc says not to worry (hah!), but I've a raft of tests coming up to try and find out what's up. L8rs.

  7. It's difficult to get everyone together at the same time, so we did pretty well under the circumstances.

    What we need is a long, hazy, hot summer's weekend where we can all get together in some nice location with great refreshments. Oh. That'll be the Fastlane show with good weather then!

  8. Well, it didn't rain! Although there was a biting wind.

    We met up with Martin in his S4 and headed into the show, passing Phil (I think?) on his way home . I counted six Esprits in total including ours (photos to follow) and an Evora. We bumped into a neighbor of mine who had recently bought a blue S4S, and the three Esprits together looked superb, see below. How about a Lotus NEEG flag for next year Bibs?

    There were plenty of marques there, much to see and do. Only the chilly weather cut our day out short.

    The three of us left in a convoy following two Lambo Countachs, making a fine procession through Corbridge. All in all a great show.

    Photos as promised...







  9. @ Martin; Oh no. Hope to see you in the Elan then.

    We will be in Brocksbushes Garden Centre cafe ( On the A68/69 roundabout outside Corbridge) car park at 11.30-12.00pm if anyones passing at that time and wants to convoy in.

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