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  1. @ hippo: Yes, we went into Corbridge for lunch in Jane's car. Think I saw you leaving tho'.

    @ Martin: Thanks for the call. Sorry for the hassle you had. But who knows, maybe you might've piled it up on the way over!

    Anyway, pics to follow.

    I enjoyed the run out, even if it was raining from time to time. I had thought about selling her and printed a "for sale" notice the night before, but I just couldn't put it on her. As the only Esprit there she got a lot of attention. Including a couple of dodgy blokes that were all over her and I thought were going to try and nick her! A few kids put their stinky fingers all over her too. :veryangry:

    It was nice to see three Countaches parked together, a De Lorean, and a smashing vintage Roller and Corvette (pics soon). And it was great not to have to pay to get in with the Esprit.

    All in all I think the show went well, and I'll be back there again next year (if fortune allows).








  2. Okay, guys, it's only 2 weeks away. Numbers? I'm going up in my V8PC and a friend in some sort of fast Jaguar (bless). We will go to Brocksbushes ( Cafe/farm on the A69/ Corbridge roundabout, NE43 7UB ) carpark for 11.00-11.30am, if anyone's interested in going in (short) convoy. We'll be parked on the grass.

  3. Well we got there about 12.30, having left home in the sunshine and driven through torrential rain to get there. Two esprits passed me heading away as we went in. There were lots of cars to look at, but the weather just killed the day. The Lotus Evora was headlined to be there, but I didn't find it. We stopped long enough for a hotdog, then went to Brocksbushes for a hot coffee and cake!

    Then four hours getting the car back to the condition it had been in before I set off!

    If the organisers had guided each marque to a particular part of the car park it would have been better, but at the end of the day, if you're cold and wet, and yer pride and joy's minging, it's not going to be a great success. I feel sad for the organisers and the exhibitors who put in the effort only to be scuppered by the Great British Weather,,,,

  4. @ Petrol feet driven; Your dedication is humbling.....

    No way we could get our show on the road and over there by 11.00am!

    Prolly best just to meet there then.....

    We could all troupe to Brocksbushes for lunch, it's just around the corner with plenty of parking.....

    We were gonna bring a picnic, but it's a bit chilly for that at the mo.

    Just a thought.

    PS. The show officially opens at 10.30.

  5. @ Loose Cannon

    It's not called Margaret's place, I just know the owner, and not the proper name ( Maybe Hilltop Farm Cafe, or something).

    It's near Marsden, just off the South Shields Coast road. It's on farmland with good metalled parking. The owner is a Morgan freak, and agreed to host a meet (er, last year). If they know numbers, they will keep part of the car park free for us.

    The main reason for choosing it apart from the above, and it being local to me, is that it's off the beaten track for finger twitchers, but still near enough to the buzz of the sea front if we fancy a convoy.

    Also, if we arrange a meet, and no-one else turns up. it's easy for Hippo and I to get there.

    Can you make it any day next week?

    Corbridge sounds nice as well. As usual, we just need a date that's acceptable to enough members to make it worthwhile.

  6. By Lad, you're observant! Yes, the Vulva had to go. Too much fuel, tax, and other issues. As long as it's dry the BMW's real world faster, plus it's got great economy and a low tax. Downsides are; less room, heavy steering at low speeds, and stiff suspension.

    You still up for a meet at Margaret's cafe? How about next week?

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