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  1. Fun seeing these posts. I haven't tried a Go-Pro on the car yet but Ridge Rd, Twilight, Woodcocks, Lone Kauri - these many of my favourite roads too. As we're just starting to get to know each other, I'm finding the Elise very capable on these 'B' roads although to be honest, I'm going to have to be careful with speed as its so easy to exceed not the grip but the view of hidden hazards round the bend! If you're looking for a driving buddy next time you're out for a drive I'll bring the SC and join you for a blat. F&C run to Kaiaua on a Sunday usually a good fun, or Coro loop. Loo
  2. Hi everyone. I'm the very happy new owner of a 2011SC bought from Trevor Gatland in Kerikeri. The car is gorgeous and generally going very well, except... The instrument panel remains active even with the ignition key removed and an hour of waiting. The alarm & central locking won't activate when like this too. The temporary solution is to dim the instrument backlights to zero. Then the whole unit switches off with the ignition and the remote fob alarm works as it should. After reading the manual cover to cover, I tried the C3 fuse reset process. No change. I've sifted throug
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