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  1. The silver 400 at B&C does seem to have been on the market forever - surely a good deal to be done there for someone. Silver is not in these days and the red interior is perhaps a bit marmite which may explain it. Personally I like it - used to have an Exige in that combo.
  2. Anyone else noticed that the prices dealers are asking for GT410s seem to have taken a bit of a tumble recently? Several delivery mileage cars being advertised for £80k and a few very low mileage 2019 ones for the low £70s. I wonder if this is stock being cleared to make way for a new or refreshed model, or perhaps it is just the time of the year. A new GT410 at near £100k list looked very pricey; a nearly new one at nearer 70 is much more attractive .
  3. The thing which marks out the Stratton cars as a complete no-no to me is that they appear to use a simply massive hub spacer on the rear rather than the longer wishbones. That is surely going to knacker the rear wheel bearings in short order and I'd be concerned about the possible impact on handling. On an 84 grand car? Eh, no, I'll pass thanks! I fully expect these cars to be still for sale come the spring with a much reduced price tag.
  4. Just been browsing on Pistonheads and there seem to be a lot of nearly new or low mileage GT410s which have sitting around at dealers for a long time. This rather lovely Daytona Blue one has been for sale for well over a year Must be rather painful for the dealers and Lotus to have such a slow market. Perhaps a reflection of the £95k+ list price of a GT410 being pretty punchy to start with?
  5. That car was for sale at Oakmere earlier this year for about £63k IIRC. It then pops up at Centurion a few months later at £71k with the ad saying 'be quick, won't be around for long at this price'. Now they have it down at £60k - hilarious - you gotta love used car dealers Great colour but that rear wing isn't to my taste and the boot lid has been drilled so not simple to remove it. Hangar 111 and Komotec have a good reputation of course, but I do wonder about a heavily modified car which has been moved on by its second owner after only a few months. Hopefully just a change of plans rather than car trouble.
  6. Congratulations. I have seen the Leven orange 430 up close and it is a stunner. May I ask the colour and mileage of your 410?
  7. I know of several people who have survived huge shunts in an Elise or Exige and of course the Evora is of similar construction. So, agreed a safe car. I always thought it a shame they lowered the sills for the 400 though. That can't have helped side impact protection. Interesting how we all can ignore this kind of thing until it affects us personally. I am currently stuck at home recovering from concussion - not car related but it does make you a bit more risk aware generally. I have a Caterham sitting in the garage and you really, really would not want to have a crash it that!
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll ask some questions and, yes, if I'm parting with that much dosh I'll be inspecting the car very, very carefully. At 4k miles you'd expect it to be immaculate, but in the past I have seen very low mileage Exiges which were anything but. The yellow one at Strattons also looks interesting - unfortunately I just missed it when it was up for sale privately on PH a few weeks back. I think the dealer is asking 4 or 5k more that it was advertised at previously. I assumed they must have bought it, hadn't considered in might be SOR. In many ways I'd rather buy privately so I can meet the owner. Anyway hopefully I'll be joining the ranks of Evora owners one way or another in the next couple of months. Oh, and highly amused that my reference to another Lotus forum in my first post seems to have automatically been changed to 'the playground'
  9. My first post here. I am in the market for an Evora and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this yellow 410 for sale at Oakmere . Seem to remember the same car was for sale last year - perhaps owned by someone on here or the playground in the interim? Also wanted to be sure it wasn't one of the ex-press (i.e. ragged ) 410s which seem to be knocking about at dealers. Ta!
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