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  1. Exactly. If I was running this forum I would be asking myself why the Emira threads have largely died a death in the last few months in favour of, and I think it is in no small part due to the persistent, negative, petulant whinging from a couple of sad trolls on here. Most Emira deposit holders are sick of it and have gone elsewhere.
  2. I thought the yellow looked fantastic, to my eyes better for being flat rather than metallic as it accentuates the lovely deep mustard tone. Seneca is lighter than it appears in the photo above, but it seems to vary a lot depending on the light. This pic from the factory opening is a pretty good representation of how it looks in bright sun. I was surprised by Nimbus too. It looks a bit beige in some photos, but it looked lovely at the factory. Shadow Grey is my least favourite, but even that looks great with a red interior. There really isn't a duffer among any of the FE colours.
  3. Thanks, really pleased to hear Lotus are actively considering this. So, the bottleneck now for being able to get demo cars out is type approvals rather than the cars actually being available? Does this mean there is a potential risk that the necessary approvals won't have been achieved for the June deliveries to go ahead even if the cars have been built, or are they confident it will be sorted by then?
  4. Any idea what the something else might be - perhaps some kind of roadshow for June delivery folks? I had resigned myself to not being able to drive the car before delivery, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable if I could.
  5. Yup, pretty much exactly the same. Er, apart from the aluminium tub being different. And the front and rear sub-frames. And the wishbones, uprights, shocks, springs, steering rack, crash structure, brakes, electrical system, HVAC and pretty well every major component bar the engine and gearbox. But apart from that it is in essence just a reskinned Evora..... 🙃
  6. Plus everyone knows that black wheels are worth at least 3 seconds a lap 🙂
  7. I share exactly your concerns about the seat height. The GT410 seats were too high for me, and the ones in the blue Emira roadshow car were even worse. I posted this in another thread, but in case you didn't see it I asked Lotus customer services about the production Emira seats, and after a lengthy wait while they consulted the engineering bods this is what they came back with: The production spec seat will have revised side bolster offering increased support. The show car seat is fairly firm compared to the production intent. The show car seat is set too high and will be up to 20mm lower in the production car. The relative H point for the production spec seat in the Emira will be the same as the Evora GT410 Sparco seat in its low position. The seating position has been designed to accommodate 5th to 95th percentile drivers. So, not very encouraging if they won't go lower than the Evora 410 Sparcos and it kinda contradicts what Jamie told you. Seems bizarre to me to have height adjustable seats in a sports car and not enable them to go good and low. I am already contemplating the possibility of having to bin the seats for after market ones, which is pretty crazy really on a near £80k car and would no doubt get into a world of pain with fault codes due to the standard seat airbag and sensors being disconnected. The one ray of light is that if you look at the many picture of JB in the grey launch car he does seem to be low in the car (he's 6ft). So too does Gavan in the recent vid, although I don't know how tall he is. So, maybe, just maybe the prod seats will be ok. Fingers crossed.
  8. Well, it's about the same weight as a GT3, which isn't exactly known for being unwieldy on track.
  9. Interesting. They were talking about 5000 cars a year on a single shift. Do you know what they are aiming at now?
  10. I guess the wait could come down a lot if Lotus decide to do a second shift in the factory, but if it stays a two years there is going to be quite a premium for the few FE cars which will inevitably come up on the used market. Hopefully it doesn't become a silly casino for flippers and speculators as with Porsche GT cars.
  11. I'm with you on this. The seat in the show car was way too high for me with my eye line right at the top of the windscreen. It isn't just a matter of headroom, but also of wanting to feel part of the car rather than perched on it. Lotus customer services have told me that the seat will be 2cm lower in the production car, with the hip point at the lowest setting comparable with the Sparcos in the Evora GT410. I'm concerned this still won't be low enough as the 410 seats were too high for me - again not so much a matter of headroom as wanting to feel lower in the car.
  12. The red would be a real contender for me too if it looked like the renders above. However the sample disc at the roadshows seemed pretty much identical to Fire Red on the Evora and Exige which is a fair bit darker. Still a nice colour but a perhaps bit too burgundy for me.
  13. That is strange - 2575mm is the wheelbase given for the Evora and Emira on the Lotus website. Crossed wires somewhere. One of the Lotus engineers I spoke to at the Hamilton event told me that the Emira chassis is significantly torsionally stiffer than the Evora which gave them a better platform to work with when tuning the suspension. No idea how they have managed that given that he sills are so much lower but their enthusiasm for how good the Emira will be dynamically seemed genuine.
  14. I guess it depends what you mean by a design evolution of the Evora rather than totally new. The current BMW 3 series, the G20, doesn't look all that different to the previous F30 generation and the two share some engines, but there is no question is is an all new car. The Emira shares the V6 with the Evora, but it has a different chassis, front and rear sub frames, all suspension components, steering rack, electrical system, HVAC etc, etc. It clearly is an entirely new car in terms of all of its major components except the engine, even if the external design has some similarities. BTW according to the specs I have seen the Emira and Evora have identical wheelbases at 2575mm? Kinda feels like the Emira's should be shorter given the lack of rear seats, but apparently the rear bulkhead is further forward to allow for space and cooling needed for the I4 engine.
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