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  1. Some chat over on this forum that the green sample at the roadshows is incorrect and green on the production car will be a lighter shade. No idea if this is correct, but if is it could affect the decision for a few people.
  2. Useful info, thanks. Personally I'm hoping the Emira exhaust isn't too much quieter that the 410 though ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you just use the customer contact email on the Lotus website to ask the questions?
  3. Ok, thanks. It really is wide!
  4. Just wondering where these figures came from? I thought the 1895mm figure on the Lotus website was with mirrors out? 2092 would be Lambo wide ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. As I have posted on another thread I share your concerns on point 3) re the driving position. After the roadshow I am sure many others will be the same, especially tall drivers. It is a big ask to go ahead with the order when all you have seen is a show car with perched, non-production seats. Of course I could slip down the queue and wait for the demo cars to come out, but that could mean delivery delayed until 2023. At least I'd really like to know exactly how much lower the production seat will be, what the range of height adjustment is, and how the lowest setting compares to an Evora. I am sure someone at Lotus could give a straightforward answer to this.
  6. I'm hoping it is going to be possible to get the seat much lower in the production car. I reckon for me it needs to come down a good 5cm+ from where it was stuck on the show car. Unfortunately Lotus do have past form for ruining an otherwise great car with a bizarrely mounted seat (see Evora 410 Sport) . This pic of JB give me grounds for optimism that the prod car will be a whole lot better. He is 6ft and looks low in the car with his eye line a long way below the top of the windscreen.
  7. I sold my 180bhp Duratec Caterham a while ago having decided it wasn't quite mental enough. If you are going to put up with something as wildly impractical and unusable as a Caterham for me it would really have to be scarily quick. I'd have another one, and in many ways it would make a nice complement to the Emira, but it would have to be the full-on nuts 620 ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW I am sure an Emira would leave any Caterham for dead on your average bumpy B road. On rough roads I sometimes felt that the Caterham was at risk of skipping me into the next hedge. On track it would be a different matter of course.
  8. The electric seats weren't functioning when I tried them yesterday, and the base was so high I am now wondering if they were stuck at their highest adjustment. I never thought to ask at the time, but I'm assuming 14 way adjustment has to include height? The whole seat will be mounted 20mm lower in the production car, but a bit of experimenting today in my own car moving the seat 2cm up and down suggests that alone is not going to be enough to get me in a good position in the Emira. I'm 6ft 2 and my eye line was right at the very top of the windscreen. Can anyone who had a play with the seats at the earlier roadshows when they were working comment on how high the seat felt at its lowest setting, especially in comparison to an Evora?
  9. I was as the Glasgow event this afternoon. The car really is a stunning thing to behold, even better in real life than photos. Russel Carr and his team have absolutely nailed the design. The surfacing is exquisite from every angle. The Lotus staff were great, all very friendly and approachable. I had a lengthy chat about the suspension options which pretty much decided me on the sport suspension and cup tyres. The ride quality of the sport suspension is apparently similar to the Evora 410, and way better than an Exige. I was also reassured to hear that Lotus are very focused on getting quality right from the start, and on improving the whole dealer experience. I didn't get much further with colour choice. The blue is great, but I still really like the yellow too which is a lovely deep colour much like Norfolk Mustard. And to add to the indecision, I really liked the red ๐Ÿ™‚ . The one frustration for me was, as others have pointed out, the non-production seats in the show car were pretty uncomfortable and set way too high. My eye line was level with the top of the windscreen. The production seats will be 2cm lower, but I have a lingering concern that this won't be enough. I am going to do some experimenting in my current car tomorrow to try and get an idea of how much difference 2cm in seat height makes. Overall, though, great job Lotus. Even before anyone has driven the car it has the makings of a sure fire winner.
  10. Yup, let's have some delivery date hopium. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas so want to enjoy it to the max. Wild speculation welcome here ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. I haven't been to Knockhill for years so good to hear it hasn't changed. Last time was in my Exige with a Larini exhaust - the exhaust internals had blown out with repeated track thrashing and it was ear bleedingly loud ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Knockhill in Fife has a limit if 105db which is pretty loud. I'm sure some Scottish Evora owners could confirm but I'd be surprised if the 400/410 is louder than that?
  13. What a great sight. I actually prefer the deep flat yellow to the later metallic ones. It seems more classic Lotus. Would I be right in thinking the Emira yellow is a similar shade to the flat yellow on the Evora 410 or the Norfolk Mustard on the Elise?
  14. Those both look fantastic. Love the Exige spirit. I think yellow with black roof and wheels has just become my top choice for the Emira ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Blue was my first choice but I am now tending towards yellow for the same reason - there will be fewer of them ๐Ÿ™‚
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