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  1. How would Lotus know at this stage who is interested in the V6 or i4? I don't recall being asked when I placed the deposit.
  2. Just had the same email. Sounds like the dealers are being cut out of the whole speccing and ordering process - interesting!
  3. Interesting! I've not received that email. Perhaps staggered by the date booked for the roadshow? Mine isn't until October 16th.
  4. Yup, it's exciting. Also new configurator goes live on Monday I've been told.
  5. It is supposed to be a brave new era for Lotus, but as a serial owner and fan for over 2 decades, so far it is looking to me more like the Lotus of old: great people, great engineers, great cars, clueless sales and marketing.
  6. What a shambles. Even if the link shouldn't have been leaked, what was the booking system doing live on their website too early? Anyway, on a positive note, not long to we see the car, and hopefully pricing and options details are coming next week which will be very interesting 🙂
  7. Hmmm. Once again Lotus looking rather amateurish on the customer communications front. I still haven't heard from Lotus or Parks about the date for the Scottish roadshow. Assuming the 16th October date on the booking page is for non-deposit holders, I am left to infer that the deposit holders date is most likely on Friday 15th, which I can't make, or Sunday 17th. So, booked a slot on the Saturday just in case. There is some stuff on the Lotus site about the 'new retail identity'. All well and good, but how about getting the marketing basics right first, like communicating properly with your deposit holders, eh Lotus?
  8. Where is the roadshow booking page?
  9. I agree - you could tell in the Henry Catchpole interview with Gavan that his enthusiasm for the car is genuine. It is going to be a belter 🙂 Incidentally I have just discovered a very useful feature on this forum. There is an 'ignore user' option under account settings which magically allows you to hide posts from anyone you might find to be a persistently negative party pooper 🙂
  10. If we are going to be able to spec the car and place an order soon, I am wondering if we are also going to be getting indicative delivery timescales as that could affect the decision for a lot of people on whether to go for an FE or own spec car? I assume Lotus are planning to build a fixed number of FE cars, otherwise it becomes a bit of a circular problem.
  11. I'd love to know how the global supply shortages are affecting the Emira schedule. Lotus do have the clout of Geely behind them, but even the big boys seem to be affected. Me too. Still no dates for the roadshow. I am waiting for the email from my dealer along the lines of 'the Emira will be in the showroom tomorrow for one day only' 🙂 Incidentally, one line in the email from Lotus last week stood out to me: 'Our customer care team will be in contact to help guide you through the process' . Does this mean they are cutting out the dealer for the ordering process and we will deal direct with Lotus?
  12. I agree. They have said all along the Emira will start under £60k and I can't see that changing at least for the first few months. My best guess for the sweepstakes: £60k for the base i4, £68k for the V6, and plus £12k for FE spec. Nice round £80k for the V6 FE. If true it would look very good value compared to the Evora GT410.
  13. Exciting news. We should have a sweep stake for how large the price differential between the i4 and V6 will be 🙂
  14. This Evora with a Komotec upgrade would make me think twice about modifying a car from a resale point of view: Used Lotus Evora 3.5 V6 400 2dr for sale | PistonHeads UK It must have been languishing unsold at the dealer for the best part of two years now. Great colour too - I am sure if it was standard without the cosmetic mods it would have sold.
  15. Emira and Cup 430 would give max Lotus bang for your buck I reckon, but then again if you want one for the track you might as well go full mentalist and have an Emira and a Caterham 620R with a full cage and a set of slicks. I think of Caterham as part of the Lotus family and nothing this side of a Radical would be quicker on a track day.
  16. I agree. First there is the simple issue that many enthusiasts, me included, want a manual box. Then there is the noise, which is always going to be miles better on the V6, and we also need to remember the Emira is a global car. The US market market generally still does not like downsized turbos in sports cars. I have an American friend from Florida who has owned a string of Porsches and he wouldn't even consider a 4 cylinder 718 Cayman/Boxster. It is great though that we have a choice of ICE power trains, both appealing in different ways. I had feared we would end up with some horrible over weight, over complicated hybrid. And it has hydraulic steering - there is much to celebrate 🙂
  17. Rather ironic that email landed on the same day some of us were complaining about lack of communication from Lotus 🙂 It is a start, but there is so much more Lotus could be doing to keep deposit holders engaged. How about having Gavan Kershaw explain more about how they have honed the dynamics? Or someone from production talk about quality control? Or have one of the engineers talk about crash testing and homologation? Lotus need to learn from past mistakes on marketing and customer engagement. The Evora was a great car which thoroughly deserved to sell in far greater numbers but it suffered from seemingly non-existent sales and marketing effort to back it up.
  18. I agree the silence after the initial launch is deafening and it does make Lotus marketing look a bit amateurish. If you have a load of people who have put deposits down but are not yet firmed up into orders, I'd have thought it would be common business sense to make sure those individuals are kept informed with regular updates to feed the enthusiasm and give a greater chance of them committing to buy. I am also a little frustrated that my local dealer still can't give dates for the roadshow, even though it is probably less than a month away. Many of us have busy lives and need to plan ahead around other work/family commitments. I am still very excited about the car, but Lotus have clearly still to get their sh1t together on the customer relations front. Plus ca change... Edited to add: I wonder if anyone at Lotus looks at this forum and others like it to see what prospective buyers are thinking?
  19. I'm really curious about this too. Hopefully it will sound as good as the Evora 410 which is pretty epic at full chat, but if Lotus do end up having to mute the exhaust due to the latest regulations I'm sure there will be after-market alternatives from Quicksilver, Larini, 2bular etc within a few months of the first cars being delivered.
  20. For me the fact that the V6 is a 'dinosaur engine' is a big part of the appeal. In the not too distant future you simply won't be able to buy a sports car with a great-sounding, relatively large capacity V6, and certainly not one with a manual box. Early build quality is more of a concern. It certainly hasn't been great on the early production of previous Lotus models, but I am hoping input from Geely and a new factory with more automated production might help with this. My attitude is this: don't over think it, you only live once, get the damn thing bought, and if by any chance you want to sell it on later the long waiting list will ensure very healthy residuals.
  21. The 540ix is a great choice, but if money was no object for me it would have to be the Alpina B5. Rare, classy, understated, practical but bloomin quick and way cooler than an RS6 🙂 Only downside with both the RS6 and the B5 is that they might make an Emira feel slow.
  22. Given the Emira is going to be built in far larger numbers than any recent Lotus model I reckon we can look forward to a pretty healthy after-market in cosmetic and tuning parts. I am sure the likes of Reverie will have some tasty carbon offerings for the Emira, and I'd love to see Litchfield or Komotec get their hands on it for some go-faster mods.
  23. I'll also be very pleasantly surprised if the premium for the V6 over the i4 is only 2-3k. I'm working on the assumption that the V6 FE is going to be £80k+ and anything less is a bonus. Lucky for Lotus we're such an understanding bunch, waiting in line to buy a car when we haven't a clue to the nearest £10k what it is going to cost 🙂
  24. Not heard anything from my local dealer yet (Park's in Hamilton). Anyone else here up in Scotland? Agree I'd really like to see something different to the grey and blue launch cars for the dealer tour - after all, only one of them is a runner, and the blue car is so low it clearly isn't on production spec suspension. Having said that, I haven't clapped eyes on the Emira up close yet, so I'd be excited to see it in any spec 🙂
  25. It is indeed becoming very tiresome now and has crossed the line into trolling IMHO. BTW I love the Evora, but I prefer the looks of the Emira, and no, I'm not suffering from 'collective delusion', nor do I need an eye test.
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