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  1. I'd have thought it must be the latter, otherwise you could end up being bumped down to a 2023 delivery slot. Ardent Red with black pack would also be one of my favourites if it was available on the FE, but I really like Seneca Blue. As others have said though, you really need to see paint samples. Yellow is my second choice at the moment, but not sure how that would look in a metallic rather than flat yellow like the old Elise Norfolk Mustard or the yellow on the Evora 410 Sport. Incidentally are we still expecting more information from Lotus this month, maybe including pricing? Just two weeks left.
  2. Every forum has at least one Eeyore type. Fortunately most folks on here are like Tiger and bouncing with excitement about the Emira 🙂
  3. Including mirrors the Emira is only fractionally wider than an Evora (less than 2 cm), and narrower than my BMW F31 3 series (198 vs 203cm), which I have never found to be particularly wide.
  4. The really interesting thing about the Radford is that the 500 and 600bhp versions are going to come with a 7 speed DCT box according to the article on Pistonheads. The Toyota V6 mated to the Merc DCT box maybe? Seems unlikely but you never know. Perhaps there is a lot more life and development potential left in the Yota V6 in the Emira than many of us had thought up to now.
  5. When I get my Emira that mesh hiding the lovely gear change mechanism will be coming off on day one.
  6. Well, it been a bit quiet on here recently and we already have a thread on the AMG Emira, so I though it might be good to have one on the V6. Things I am interested in: - Is it exactly the same 2GR-FE engine as in the Evora, or do Toyota have a later, perhaps lower emissions version of the same engine available? - Power and torque, obviously, although Matt Windle did say 415hp at Goodwood. - Will noise regs strangle the exhaust sound, or will it be as good as the Evora 410 and the grey launch car? Perhaps there could be two exhaust options as most other manufacturers seem to make a killing offering a 'sports' exhaust? - Will it be the same torque-limited Aisin gearbox? A stronger box might open up the possibility of a higher power version. - Potential lifespan of the V6 Emira. Lots of speculation that the V6 may be dropped in favour of a higher powered i4 Emira two or three years down the line. With the US market's preference for higher displacement engines I'm not sure on this one. - Edited to add the big one which I forgot - price differential to the i4! Guesses, informed or otherwise, idle speculation and musings all welcome 🙂
  7. I agree. I think the Emira looks great as it is - Russell Carr and his team have done a fantastic job, and I bet a sizable chunk of deposits were based on looks alone. I am not a fan of some of Frank Stephenson's work anyway. The McLaren MP4-12C was just plain bland, much like its name which sounds like the warehouse code for a washing machine, and the P1's proportions have always looked a little odd to my eyes, especially in profile. The 570 was a vast improvement on either of them, and of course Frank didn't do that one 🙂
  8. I just hope the production V6 Emira sounds as good as the grey launch car or the Evora 410. With ever tightening noise regs I'm surprised they got away with the 410 or the 380 onward Exiges - they really sound bloomin fantastic at full chat even if they are too loud for most UK circuits. I was at the Ingliston Revival a few years back and in the supercar paddock a couple of sales guys were having a bit of fun doing a revving 'sound off' between an Evora Sport 410 and a Gallardo. The Evora may have been 4 cylinders down on the Lambo, but honestly it sounded every bit as good. If the Emira has a valved exhaust I guess there might be the option to do a bit of naughty tweakery. I think in an Aston Vantage it is a simple matter of pulling a fuse out to have the valves permanently open.
  9. No question the AMG is the more technically advanced engine, but more exciting? Hmm, not sure. Doesn't sound like there will be much weight difference to the V6 when the gearbox is factored in, it is never going to sound as good as the V6, and of course some still prefer a manual. It is great that we have a choice of power trains though. Can't wait to find out what the price difference is going to be. If the V6 is, say, over £10k more than the AMG then it becomes a much harder choice for me.
  10. Impressively long list now. I wonder how much it reflects the distribution of orders for the UK as a whole? I suspect the list here is skewed heavily towards early deposits. There are going to be a lot of very excited people on this forum when deliveries start next year 🙂
  11. Yes, as a keen cyclist, the Lotus enthusiast's weight obsession does kinda remind me of the number of chubby middle aged blokes you see riding around on ultra light high end road bikes. Hauling a kilo of flab uphill takes just as much energy as hauling a kilo of carbon fibre and aluminium. Weight certainly matters, but needs to be keep in perspective 🙂
  12. Isn't the Merc double clutch box heavier than the manual attached to the V6? If so the difference between the two drive trains overall may not be that great, probably less than the difference between your fuel tank being empty or full. You would need Hamiltonesque abilities to sense that kind of weight difference when driving.
  13. I can see there may be a bit of a circular problem for some when it comes to ordering. My preference is probably for an own-spec V6, but that depends in part on how long the wait will be - if it is too long and the price difference isn't too great I may just go for the FE, but presumably no-one is going to know the length of the wait until the FE orders are in. Unless perhaps there are going to be a fixed number of FE cars? Very first world problem of course 🙂
  14. Talking of finance deals, I wonder if the 0% 50:50 deal will resurface? It seemed pretty popular before. I'm normally an old fashioned cash only buyer, but the 50:50 deal is quite appealing.
  15. There was also an official ECU update for the Elise S2 R and Exige S2 to lower the RPM of the cam switch. Had mine done by Hangar 111. It would be nice to think Lotus might offer remap upgrades for Emira owners in the future, especially for the I4, but somehow I doubt his will happen.
  16. Man maths always work out well when you are buying a Lotus 😃
  17. Agreed. I like the big sills. In an Exige they add to the Group C racer vibe. Personally I'd like them to be as hilariously awkward as the S1 Exige to weed out the uncommitted 🙂 On a serious note, the high sills have a real safety benefit. From the pictures above If I was going be T-boned by two tons of SUV I'd rather It happen in an early Evora than an Emira.
  18. Good idea Dave. My details: 7 July 21 - freefall_junkie - V6 manual UK
  19. I placed it via the Website. Something amiss at the Lotus end I reckon as I didn't get a confirmation email after I placed the deposit until I phoned them up to check. Got the gist from Evotion's post, thanks.
  20. I've not had anything more from Lotus. You would think it would be an email to all deposit holders? Nothing in my spam folders. Anyway, good more that more info on specs is coming next month. That surely must mean pricing too.
  21. Yes, no denying the laws of physics, and even an Exige Cup is a bit of a lard-ass compared to a Caterham 🙂 The Emira is still going to be a decently quick car though, and probably few owners, me included, will be capable of extracting the absolute max from it on track.
  22. This is an issue for me too. I hope I am earlyish in the queue too having placed a deposit first thing the morning after the launch, but I really don't want 12 way electric seats, fancy stereo, or any other gubbins that doesn't improve the driving experience. All depends what the FE costs vs my choice of spec and how long the wait would be for the the latter. Another point for those wringing their hands over the weight. The Evora 410 was faster than the Exige V6 350 round Hethel even though it weighs a lot more, and I'd be pretty surprised it the V6 Emira on Cup tyres isn't quicker still.
  23. Yes, cost per unit must come down if they are running at full production capacity. On the other hand the number of early deposits must now far exceed even Lotus's most optimistic predictions, so there could be some temptation to get greedy with the pricing. Let's hope that doesn't happen! I wonder what the extra information in a couple of weeks could be? I wasn't expecting full details on pricing and specs until September at the earliest.
  24. I read somewhere that the Emira has a lower hip point for the driver than the Evora. Electric seats or not, I hope that is correct as the Sparcos in the Evora 410 I drove were perched up way too high for me. Is the Emira roof any higher than the Evora? Both look great to my eyes BTW, but the Emira moves the game on in design terms.
  25. Ah yes, too early on a Sunday, brain not in gear 🙂 I was thinking of Gavan Kershaw.
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