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  1. Ah yes, too early on a Sunday, brain not in gear 🙂 I was thinking of Gavan Kershaw.
  2. Really interesting program, although I would have like to see Matt Becker on talking about the engineering side. The thing which really struck me though was that Lotus are clearly still at an early stage in getting the new factory up and running. I can't wait to get my hands on the car, but it does make me question whether I would want one built in the first few months of production. Early quality issues are inevitable so would it be wise to wait another 6 months or so while Lotus learn how to build it properly?
  3. I am based in West Linton so looking forward to the roadshow when it gets to Park's. It doesn't sound like we'll get to drive one though which is a bit disappointing, but I am excited just to see the car close up. Incidentally I hope the early build quality is heap better than the Evora. I drove the first Evora demo at Murray's in Edinburgh back in 09 when it was still running in and the door trim was already falling off 🙂
  4. Yes, the blue car is a non-runner which has just been slammed to look good in photos. The ride height looks unrealistically low for a road car. The grey car on the other hand looks a bit up on tip-toes. Hopefully the sport suspension will be somewhere between the two. Almost certainly the option I'll be going for as I'll never be driving on pockmarked urban roads and I may do the odd track day.
  5. Yes, the temptation for them to get greedy with the pricing now must be very high. The one hope I have is that they have said pretty definitively the base car will be sub £60k before options, so it should be possible to put a reasonably specced car on the road for £65k. If it isn't there will be a lot of very miffed deposit holders.
  6. I though it had been confirmed that the AMG engine was the M139 rather than the M133? Maybe I got that wrong? The M133 would actually make more sense for Lotus from a product strategy point of view as it creates a bit more differentiation to the V6, and there seems little point in having the M139 if they are going to peg it back to 360bhp . It would also make sense if Merc/AMG want to keep the best best and latest spec engine to themselves.
  7. I know there is a lot of uncertainty about specs, testing etc and how many shifts the factory is going to do, but I was wondering if anyone could help settle my impatience by making an educated guess at when I might expect to get a car next year. I placed a deposit at 9am ish on Wed last week, the day after the Hethel launch, hopefully before the big spike in deposits from Goodwood. Probably going for a V6 so I'm hoping it will be spring/early summer next year. Too optimistic?
  8. My local dealer told me they don't expect to have a demo until April. Apparently there may be a couple of pre-prod cars doing the rounds of dealers in the Autumn for viewing but not driving. That means if you have an early deposit down and want a car by this time next year you will probably have to finalise the order before driving the car - not ideal!
  9. Yup, it will look great in yellow, just as the Evora does. Not a lot of love for grey it seems. Way too many black & grey cars on the road already if you ask me.
  10. I can't see any reason why Lotus would release a 400bhp I4 or 500bhp V6 at this stage. For a start Matt Windle stated at Goodwood that the V6 has 416bhp, but also Lotus need to allow some headroom for the inevitable Emira S/Sport/GT4 upgraded models in the future. I reckon 360 for the I4 at the start, 416 for the V6, although after-market tuners like Litchfield will surely leap on the I4 as it should be easy to coax 450+ bhp from it.
  11. All 3 look great to my eyes - Russell Carr and his team have done an amazing job. I can't help thinking how dull and staid a Cayman or 911 look compared to Emira. The Evora really deserved to sell more. It sounds like they have already taken more deposits for the Emira than the entire Evora output for the last 4 years and no one has even driven it yet, not even journos. Yes, the Emira is new and different, but it is clear from the photos above that it isn't all that different to the Evora. Having said that, I'm one of the people who very nearly bought an Evora but didn't (couldn't get on with the the perched driving position in the GT410), and I have placed a deposit for the Emira, so who am I to talk 🙂
  12. I was advised circa £80 for the V6 by my local dealer, but they are probably guessing as much as us. Given the economies of scale with a new factory and Geely's backing for component supply, the unit cost of building the car should be considerably lower than the Evora, and it doesn't have all the Evora 410's carbon bits, so I'm hoping less. I can't see many people in the UK choosing the V6 if it is 20K more than the I4, but of course it is a global car and the V6 is probably a must for the American market. Incidentally, how on earth are dealers going to shift the unsold new Evoras 410s now, not to mention the Stratton GTs?
  13. Currently I'm thinking Seneca blue although Yellow is a very close second, black pack, black wheels, red calipers, alcantara with red stitching. I'm really hoping the V6 will sound as awesome as the Evora 410 as standard. Porsche and McLaren seem to make easy money by making the cars sound dull as standard so everyone ends up forking out extra for a sports exhaust.
  14. Tom, a question if I may since you have sat in the car. Does the seat feel good and low and is it height adjustable? One thing which put me off the Evora 410 was that the Sparcos were set far too high for me. In a sports car I much prefer a bum on floor driving position like in an Exige.
  15. If the price gap is that big it is going to be really, really hard to make a case for the V6. I still want a manual though so it is a difficult choice. If I do go for the AMG version, my attitude will be that its my car and I'll mod the hell out the engine if I want to and stuff the warranty 🙂 The AMG engine is designed from the ground up with forged internals for 400+ bhp, so I can't see a remap being particularly risky anyway.
  16. Thank for the pics and vid. That blue Emira looks stunning, but the yellow Evija is gorgeous too.
  17. A question for folks who saw the cars in the flesh at Hethel. I absolutely love the blue car and having placed a deposit I am thinking that is the colour to go for. It looks like the Evora Daytona blue. The blue on the Lotus configurator is listed as Seneca Blue and looks quite different from the launch car, although it is obviously hard to tell from the website. So, was the launch car a flat non-metallic like Daytona? Just realised someone already asked that above, sorry! Some pics from Goodwood would be great 🙂
  18. I thought the limiting factor for power in the Exige and Evora was the gearbox? Does the manual V6 Emira have the same gearbox I wonder? Komotec built a 500bhp Exige but with a different box.
  19. All good, turns out the confirmation email was intercepted by my office spam filters 🙂 I'd be interested to know how many deposits they take in the next week. Lots I suspect - it such a stunning looking car. Visually a Cayman or 911 are about as appealing as a Vauxhall Vectra in comparison.
  20. I placed mine too this morning via the Lotus website. Did you get any email confirmation afterwards? I have had nothing which seems a bit odd.
  21. The silver 400 at B&C does seem to have been on the market forever - surely a good deal to be done there for someone. Silver is not in these days and the red interior is perhaps a bit marmite which may explain it. Personally I like it - used to have an Exige in that combo.
  22. Anyone else noticed that the prices dealers are asking for GT410s seem to have taken a bit of a tumble recently? Several delivery mileage cars being advertised for £80k and a few very low mileage 2019 ones for the low £70s. I wonder if this is stock being cleared to make way for a new or refreshed model, or perhaps it is just the time of the year. A new GT410 at near £100k list looked very pricey; a nearly new one at nearer 70 is much more attractive 🙂 .
  23. The thing which marks out the Stratton cars as a complete no-no to me is that they appear to use a simply massive hub spacer on the rear rather than the longer wishbones. That is surely going to knacker the rear wheel bearings in short order and I'd be concerned about the possible impact on handling. On an 84 grand car? Eh, no, I'll pass thanks! I fully expect these cars to be still for sale come the spring with a much reduced price tag.
  24. Just been browsing on Pistonheads and there seem to be a lot of nearly new or low mileage GT410s which have sitting around at dealers for a long time. This rather lovely Daytona Blue one has been for sale for well over a year Must be rather painful for the dealers and Lotus to have such a slow market. Perhaps a reflection of the £95k+ list price of a GT410 being pretty punchy to start with?
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