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  1. Sorry to,bring up an old,topic but were these NA diffuser extensions a straightforward install ?
  2. Hi all noticed a small puddle under the car by the front passenger side wheel. can see some water dripping down from the undertray. It definitely looks like water, not coolant so am I safe to assume it is from the air con drains?
  3. Hi all i plan on changing the arb bushes as I’m sure there is a clunk sometimes so thought I’d start with them. I have access to an inspection put so my question is does the car need to be jacked up at all to change these? does it have any effect on the arb or the compression of the bushes if it’s not jacked up? also anyone know the torque settings for the bushing holders ? thanks
  4. Thank you. Exige gone to its new home now sadly. gt6 gives us plenty to be getting on with though !
  5. Glad to be in the SR club !
  6. Yes it’s a mk3 gt6. That’s much more of an ongoing project though at the moment
  7. Well finally got it home yesterday and really pleased with it. weather was awful for the drive back but the car was fantastic. Gave it a wash this morning and have a few very minor jobs to do with it. it’s tucked up with its garage mates now.
  8. Well must be new owner paranoia. lights are off this morning, sorry folks. as part of my tinkering I found the battery seems to be the wrong size but that’s a separate issue
  9. Hmmm that’s what I’d expect too. not sure what’s causing that then
  10. Hi all i have searched this but couldn’t find an answer. is it normal for the IPS P, R,N and D selection buttons to stay illuminated after the car has been turned off and locked ?
  11. Hi all does anyone know the paint code used for the black pack on the SR ?
  12. Thanks! does it work ok with reverse camera ?
  13. What model are the focal speakers please? and which headunit did you choose OP? Any fitting issues ?
  14. Really useful post, thanks. May need to ask you about some of this in near future
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