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  1. Hi mike thanks for the reply. So I have no communication from either obd 2 connector. Front pass side seems dead and rear connector at relay panel also has no communication. however at the rear connector I have power on I think pin 16 and ground on pin 7. so it will activate the scanner which is a snapon solus. but it will not communicate.
  2. So let me first say this is not my car. I am just the lucky guy working on it. First things first , I have no fuel pressure at fuel rail. I Also have no power to the relay from what looks like comes from the inertia switch, so that being said I can power the pump and achieve 60 psi still no start. I have found 4 oxygen sensor wires melted together by an exhaust pipe. I have checked my crank signal and boy does it looks funny no proper ac wave form, looks like im up around the 4-5 volt mark never crossing ground. When I check the ground side of the crank signal it does not stay grounded it gets a reading of approx 1.6 volts. I have a serious lack of information about this vehicle. I also have no check engine light when I key it up..... the guy who owns this says its possible the bulb was removed. I am just thinking the ecu on this car is finished. So is the ecm responsible for maintaining ground on the crank signal side? maybe the ecm is not grounded properly. I have no pin out of the ecu available to me. Another thing I can not communicate to the ecu using a scanner, just keeps saying no communication. Any help would be greatly appreciated than ks in advance
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