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  1. Yes, the easier way to remove and fit would be the benefits. If somebody has ever tried that would be interesting to know. Jukka
  2. Hi, have anybody tried M5 or M6 bolts instead of pins? Jukka
  3. Hello @Hammer59 I put two long strengthening bars between both brackets. It's cheap, strong, simple and stainless steel with the threads. After this you don't need to hammer the brackets ever again. You can see the bars in the YouTube. Jukka
  4. Thanks Andy! Sorry for the HEIC files. Here is the JPG files. The holes bypasses the butterfly at the top. Jukka
  5. Hi! Is there any reason why one of the holes inside of throttle body is clogged. It seems to have a small metal chip or something. Should I just drill it open? Any advice? Many thanks advance!! Jukka IMG_2609.HEICIMG_2607.HEIC
  6. Hi Jason I have the same error code 26 about every two years and I have sorted the problem by cleaning all 3 Vacuum Solenoid Valves from engine bay relay box. One time I also re solder the Resistor Module. Jukka
  7. Wonderful and thanks @rudolphwolvenfor your support! Your SE is nice and beautiful color!
  8. Your wish is my command! Thanks for your feedback! Great and thanks for your support @slay!
  9. Hi all Lotus Esprit enthusiasts! It's been awhile since I've posted something here in Forums, but here is a video for all you Excellent people. My mission is to help and guide people in repairing Lotus Esprit cars! If you want to support by subscribing new Letsee Garage Youtube channel it would be more than great! Here is the link for the YouTube channel. Letsee Garage youtube channel Greetings Jukka Angerpuro, [email protected] ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT! Lotus Esprit Turbo SE_540.mp4
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