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    Guy Thatcher
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    BMW 7 series luxobarge, Cooper S Vert, X7 M50d, Exige Sport 410
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    New wheels, exhaust switch, LED headlights, carbon intakes, carbon mirrors, barge boards, AIM dash, harness bar and Schroth harnesses with plenty more to come
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  1. Looking forward to seeing. When do you think you'll be supplying?
  2. Sure, will take some tonight when I get home. Still trying to find the bl**dy link for buying them!
  3. I used tape on mine. Works really well. Will dig out where I got it from.
  4. I think mine might notice the car changing!!! So far carbon mirrors and intakes have gone un-noticed but maybe she's just letting me have my little secret...
  5. That is going to look amazing. Wonder if the wife would notice?.....
  6. Did it wrong as Imran pointed out to me yesterday
  7. Mine was made for me by Maidstone Sports Cars as I couldn't find anything that suited what i was after. It's effectively two Merlin Motorsport Racing Mufflers in a Y configuration. Whilst I haven't put it on a dyno and done before and after, my dyno-arse certainly couldn't detect any difference. Merlin supply them for use of loads of racing cars to get into practice sessions - they assured me they've never had any problems. You can see through it - it's just catching the sound. It's held in place with a bolt - we drilled a small hole in the bottom of the exhaust tip. Done 3 track day
  8. That’ll be mine. On phone so not sure I can link. You mean this?
  9. Thanks. Have heard back from him. Apparently I should have resistors. Rather than send any, he sent me a link to Amazon US that I can't use my account on. Have managed to track down something similar on Amazon UK Prime that should be with me Friday. Given the lights took 6 weeks to be dispatched and chasing up several times, bit disappointed but there you go - not the end of the world. Anyhow, IF you are ordering some from him for your 380/410/430, make sure you point out that you have one of these and question whether you need resistors
  10. Thought it was about time to post my journey over the last 12 months, especially now a whole lot of bits I'd been hoarding have now been fitted. I bought my Sport 410 from Hoffman's nearly a year ago. I'd been after a Cup 430 but I couldn't justify the outlay on a new one at the time and really I only wanted one - the red Type 49 shown at Goodwood. Lotus wouldn't sell it to me (Jamie at B&C did try), saying it would never come up for sale. By the time I saw the ad when it did suddenly appear on Pistonheads, Paul Lewis had beaten me to it. Was probably a good thing as I had set myself
  11. Thanks for that - mine arrived a couple of days ago!
  12. Yup, same as mine and my button also opens below 4,500 revs in Sport and Race as well.
  13. Sorry, I meant WITHOUT mufflers. With the mufflers I've done Brands, Goodwood (noisy day) and Bedford. Car measured 101dB static and I got no warnings on drive by.
  14. I started with a fish tank valve which allowed me to leave the valves open. Then installed the switch (ordered from a Lotus dealer). Couldn't have been easier - drop the steering column cover and the wiring's all there. Installed and replaced fish tank valve with a basic hose connector. All works fine.
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