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  1. Looking forward to seeing. When do you think you'll be supplying?
  2. Sure, will take some tonight when I get home. Still trying to find the bl**dy link for buying them!
  3. I used tape on mine. Works really well. Will dig out where I got it from.
  4. I think mine might notice the car changing!!! So far carbon mirrors and intakes have gone un-noticed but maybe she's just letting me have my little secret...
  5. That is going to look amazing. Wonder if the wife would notice?.....
  6. Did it wrong as Imran pointed out to me yesterday 😂
  7. Mine was made for me by Maidstone Sports Cars as I couldn't find anything that suited what i was after. It's effectively two Merlin Motorsport Racing Mufflers in a Y configuration. Whilst I haven't put it on a dyno and done before and after, my dyno-arse certainly couldn't detect any difference. Merlin supply them for use of loads of racing cars to get into practice sessions - they assured me they've never had any problems. You can see through it - it's just catching the sound. It's held in place with a bolt - we drilled a small hole in the bottom of the exhaust tip. Done 3 track days with it without any problems at all. I can't be arsed to change the exhaust so this suits me fine.
  8. That’ll be mine. On phone so not sure I can link. You mean this?
  9. Thanks. Have heard back from him. Apparently I should have resistors. Rather than send any, he sent me a link to Amazon US that I can't use my account on. Have managed to track down something similar on Amazon UK Prime that should be with me Friday. Given the lights took 6 weeks to be dispatched and chasing up several times, bit disappointed but there you go - not the end of the world. Anyhow, IF you are ordering some from him for your 380/410/430, make sure you point out that you have one of these and question whether you need resistors at time of order. Just selecting those specific lights is not enough.
  10. Thought it was about time to post my journey over the last 12 months, especially now a whole lot of bits I'd been hoarding have now been fitted. I bought my Sport 410 from Hoffman's nearly a year ago. I'd been after a Cup 430 but I couldn't justify the outlay on a new one at the time and really I only wanted one - the red Type 49 shown at Goodwood. Lotus wouldn't sell it to me (Jamie at B&C did try), saying it would never come up for sale. By the time I saw the ad when it did suddenly appear on Pistonheads, Paul Lewis had beaten me to it. Was probably a good thing as I had set myself a limit but I was just a little gutted. I wasn't that fussed on colour but my son really wanted a red car. Hoffman's car had been up for a while and a deal was there to be done. I didn't really like the wheels or the black roof but as a past serial Lotus owner, I knew everything could be changed. I got Hoffmans to get the roof sprayed before collection along with PPF. My first mod was to address the exhaust being closed at lower revs. I'd ordered a switch to retro-fit but Lotus had them on back order. I ended up using a fish tank valve bought off eBay on the vacuum hose for a good month before the switch arrived. Removing the steering cover, it was pretty simple to do - just plug and play. After my first track day at Brands, next up were harnesses. I could brake much harder than my core strength could hold my body with seat belts! Both bar and belts were bought from Yvo at Eliseshop and MSC fitted them for me. Next up were the wheels. I don't mind black wheels (and indeed I still have them) but it wasn't what I wanted on this car. Junks (Phil Peek) luckily advertised a set of GP Gold wheels in the classifieds. They were rejects but the marks were so small, you'd need to have your face right next to them when completely clean to even spot. So they went on next. I was having huge problems getting under any noise limits without promising to short shift and keeping valves closed. I approach MSC and asked if they could make some kind of muffler for me. They contacted Merlin Motorsport and after some discussions, they created a bespoke setup for me. We tested it at Brands with great success and I thereafter tried it at Goodwood, not once getting pulled up. Static was 101db. Okay it's not under 100db so I can't get on Goodwood's quiet days but it was good enough for me to do any Brands day and the loud Goodwood's. Following a not very enjoyable Silverstone in cold damp conditions, I got MSC to do a full geo for me. I can't overstress just how much difference this made to the car - the steering was lighter and turn in way better. Next up were cosmetic bits. Too long on this forum seeing other projects didn't help. I'd always wanted to ditch all the plastic on the car when I first saw it. The roof was sprayed but that still left the air intakes and the mirrors. I'd played around with idea of ordering Lotus' own CF intakes but they were prohibitively expensive. I'd spoken to Yvo at Eliseshop about getting some from Eltech but no time was given (and in fact I've actually never heard anything since!!). Then Imran came to the rescue! I jumped at the chance as they looked brilliant and his attention to detail seemed brilliant. Similarly, his and GF Williams solution to the mirrors looked brilliant. I asked George to go on list at the beginning then ran out of budget. I managed to jump on the second batch. I'd already scraped under the front CF splitter. PPF had saved the day but I wanted to find another solution. I love the look of the rubber lip of the Cup 430 so I asked MSC to order one. I also asked them to order rear boards from Lotus which they had sprayed to match the rear diffuser surround. I had thought about CF ones but they get a lot of abuse from crap kicked up and are cheaper and more expendable. I had also ordered a set of rear lights from Greg in the States - I just loved the look of them. Lastly I had a set of LED lights for the headlights to put in. The car went off to MSC last week and I picked it up today. I am absolutely over the moon with it. I pondered over getting Imran's side boards and I think I may well succumb. But otherwise, it's getting close to just what I wanted. The quality of the intakes is just brilliant and MSC have done a great job - thanks Imran. Wasn't completely sure about the mirrors at first but now they are on, totally transforms the car. I love looking out at them whilst driving - somehow the car feels so much more exotic. I've done probably 150k now over 20 yrs in various Elise/Exige guises and having something different there is really noticeable. And they don't bloody move!! So here's the car after picking her up today. Jobs still to come..... I think I'll cave in on side boards pretty quickly. Then focus turns to interior. Top of list is the AIM dash but I am still on the fence how to trim it and also steering column to match. Also I love George's F12 vents..... I promised myself (and the wife) that the car wouldn't need anything doing when I bought it. As expected, that's gone out of the window! I'll probably leave the dash for a bit - partly to save up but also once again, it'll feel like a new car! A HUGE thank you has to go out to people on this forum who make the whole process of ownership (and spending money modding!) so enjoyable. Thanks Imran for your products (and George for the stunning mirrors). A huge thank you to Maidstone Sports Cars - their level of work is without question. One question - on the indicators, they flash very quickly. Is this the resistor issue?
  11. Thanks for that - mine arrived a couple of days ago!
  12. Yup, same as mine and my button also opens below 4,500 revs in Sport and Race as well.
  13. Sorry, I meant WITHOUT mufflers. With the mufflers I've done Brands, Goodwood (noisy day) and Bedford. Car measured 101dB static and I got no warnings on drive by.
  14. I started with a fish tank valve which allowed me to leave the valves open. Then installed the switch (ordered from a Lotus dealer). Couldn't have been easier - drop the steering column cover and the wiring's all there. Installed and replaced fish tank valve with a basic hose connector. All works fine.
  15. About 105dB static. You'll be buggered for most days - think Silverstone Int CIrcuit is the only one I've done with mufflers on exhaust.
  16. Cool, need time to save up following mirrors and c/f scoop purchase 😂
  17. Got to say, I was hugely impressed with them when popped into Autosport show yesterday. Totally sold it to me. How's the alcantara testing going Imran?
  18. Wow! Stunning car - many congratulations!
  19. I'd be interested. Have some on order with Yvo but been told they may well be while.
  20. Quick few photos of mine and Eddie's Sport 410 at Goodwood on Monday.
  21. Having just completed my second track day in the 410 at Goodwood yesterday, I thought it was probably time to report back on the mufflers that Maidstone Sports Cars made for me. I bought the Exige to use on track so even before collecting it, I was trying to find a good solution to get under noise limits. I talked at length with Jim from 2bular - he was steering me down his non-valved quiet exhaust. Nothing became of it and I gave up chasing. To be honest, I actually like having the standard valved system and have already retro-fitted the exhaust switch on the steering column to fully open the valves as I want. For just getting from A to B quickly but quietly I love the fact that under 4500rpm you're not going to annoy anyone with the valves closed. I've used MSC for 20 years now and know them well. They supported my race Elise and have always found ways to overcome mechanical challenges. I approached them with my dilemma, saying I wanted to keep my standard exhaust but needed to take at least 3-4db off my static to get onto the majority of circuits. They went away and put together a solution using a pair of Merlin Motorsport Mild Steel Racing Mufflers joined together and connected to a Y piece that in turn slotted into the current exhaust. It's held in place using a retaining bolt (having drilled a hole in the bottom of the exhaust). I tried it initially at Brands Hatch a few weeks ago and tested at 101db at 5,000rpm on static. I asked the organisers to let me know if I was tripping any drive-by limits and didn't hold back on revs. At no point did I do so. Fast forward to yesterday. I tested at 101db again, this time at 5,250rpm (roughly). Again, I revved up to 7k around the track - no short shifting and not once did I trigger the sound board. What you see here is a prototype that I have been testing for them. It's worked brilliantly for me. You have to let it cool down to get it out and it takes a few minutes to locate the hole for the fixing screw but otherwise it's no hassle to put on/take off. For those naysayers that are bound to say it's bad for the engine and increases back pressure, my answer is if it's good enough for some well known race teams and series for use on practice days (running much more expensive engines than mine), it's good enough for me. It's not like a Supertrapp (which appears to be the equivalent of sticking a banana up your tailpipe) - it's straight through with no baffles but it is enough to just drop the noise enough to get through. There was certainly no drop in performance yesterday - I was hitting over 150mph before braking for Woodcote which isn't bad for a little ol' Exige. Some may not like it from an aesthetic point of view, which is fair enough. You do have to drill a hole in the exhaust which may not be for everyone as well (in case you do get on the floor to check!). But for me, it's allowed me to get out on track (why I bought the car) and spend the £2k needed to buy another compliant exhaust on harnesses, track days and tyres! Just to try my luck, I am booked into Bedford as well which has possibly the most strictly enforced noise rules I have ever experienced. So there you go - I've had a lot of messages after MSC's post appeared up on Facebook and Instagram so thought it was easier to post this up than reply to all!
  22. They are silver spokes with gold behind. Were made for the GP special edition. I also have a set of black ultralights that the car came with. Here are a couple from Brands with the black wheels.
  23. Thought it was about time I posted up here.
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